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Know your Anasazi bean

Know your Anasazi bean - Introduction

  • The Anasazi bean, Phaseolus vulgaris,  (aka Aztec bean, Cave bean, New Mexico Appaloosa, and sometimes Jacob's cattle) is a red and white bean native to the North American South-west.

Know your Anasazi bean - Cuisine

  • This attractive purple-red and white bean cooks in about 2/3 the time of an ordinary pinto bean to a creamy even pink. 
  • It has a sweet mild full flavor and a mealy texture, perfect for any Mexican, Latin American or Native American dish.
  •  Compared to other beans, it contains only 25% of the specific complex carbohydrates sometimes responsible for gastric distress associated with dry beans- so, less gas.
  • Anasazi beans should be soaked for at least five or six hours.