Your at-DNA

This is one of the projects that welcomes at-DNA members

FamilyFinder and other "at-DNA" test results that have been transferred to FTDNA are helping to tie the various family groups together.
These kits can also
Join the Johnson Project.

If you, a relative, or someone you know is descended from any of these lines, please get tested or if already tested then

    • Transfer the results to FTDNA and then

    • join the Johnson Project.

at-DNA Tests

FTDNA FamilyFinder

New to FTDNA

Go to
Choose FamilyFinder - Click
Buy Now - you might wait for a sale price

Existing Y-DNA members

Login with your Kit number and password
Select FamilyFinder
They will try to use your prior sample. A new kit will be sent if there is a problem

Transferring Raw Data from Ancestry (similar for MyHeritage, or 23andme)

Login to your Ancestry DNA account
Click on Download Raw DNA data
Follow their instruction to verify and download the FILE

Then Save the file to your computer in a known location.

Upload the Raw Data to FTNDA

Go to
Follow their instructions to upload the file.
You will get a Kit number

Then you can Join the Johnson Project