2. John Johnson & Elizabeth Massie

John Johnson

Unknown birth date and place and parents. He died after 6 Aug 1725 in Hanover, Virginia
Elizabeth [Not Lucinda as claimed by Lorrand Johnson] - She was a witness at son John's wedding

Elizabeth and John Johnson were married about 1698 in New Kent, Virginia

John Johnson's patent for 252 acres of Land in New Kent County - Book 9 p 725-6

Grant to John Johnson 252 acres of land lying and being in St. Peters parish in New Kent County beginning, at a corner pine @ running along a line of old market Trees of Whartons west by north two hund & eighty nine poles to a white [726] Oake Corner then south south west ninety six poles west south west Twenty eight pole then South twenty eight degrees West fourteen poles to Black Creek then down on the north side of Black Creek till you come to a Maple Corner in the mouth of a small branch of the creek then by Thomas Sneads [9-46&7] line of markt trees North East one hund sixty six poles to a pine where it began, the said land being formerly granted unto Thomas Reynolds by patent dated the 25th day of October 1695 [9-46] and by him deserted and is since granted unto the said John Johnson by order of the Gen Court hearing day the 17th day of April 1705 and is further due unto the said John Johnson by and for the transportation of five persons into this Colony whose names are to be in the records mentioned under this patent to have and to hold any land is the seal of the Colony this 22 day of November and of year 1705.

{the names were hard to read}

Wm Davis?
Laurent Mitchols
John Chillard
Jan Gibbs
George Abraham

In 1720 their location became Hanover County.
There are no birth or baptism records for St. Pauls parish.
In the 1740s sons John & Charles said they were from Hanover County and St Pauls parish.

All of the baptism records for the children only mention John and not a mother.
[Notes try to show connections between John and the children or between the children]

John Johnson and Elizabeth had the following children:

i. Agnes Johnson - Marriage "Agnes Johnson daughter of John Johnson of Hanover County" Hen. p 112

ii. John Johnson son of John Johnson baptised ye 22 Nov 1702 - New Kent, VA - St. Peters parish p 17

iii. Massie Johnson of John Johnson bapt. 5 Feb 1705 - New Kent, VA - St. Peters parish p 17

iv. Robert Johnson son of Jn Johnson Baptised the 2d of Apr 1708 - New Kent, VA - St. Peters parish p 18

vi. Thomas Johnson son of John Johnson born 7th 11th, 1714 - New Kent, Virginia - St. Peters parish p 18
[Thomas married his Constantina - If Ben & John were brothers then they were 1C1R - allowed?]

v. Ashley Johnson, born abt 1712; died abt 1761, Louisa, Virginia.
[in a 1752 dispute with b
rother John and John's son Ashley - Henrico records]

vii. Charles Johnson Married Sarah Crew in Sep 1714 New Kent, VA , died 1769 Amelia, VA
John & Charles Johnson brothers hath not for a long time been at this meeting
[Cedar Creek p 5 img 12]

viii. Margery Johnson.
Margery daughter of John Johnson was disowned for marriage by Swamp Meeting 6 Mar 1741]

ix. James Johnson of Louisa Co married Lucy Moorman and was disowned.
[Attended Ashley's wedding and Benjamin's]

x Benjamin Johnson Married Mary Moorman 19 Nov 1748 Camp Creek, Louisa, VA.
[James attended his wedding and sold him property at a deep discount]

Next Generation - John Jr & Ashley

John Johnson Jr was born on 22 Nov 1702 in New Kent, Virginia.

John Johnson and Elizabeth Ellyson were married on 6 Aug 1725 in New Kent, Virginia

Whereas, JOHN JOHNSON, son of JOHN JOHNSON of Hanover County, and ELIZABETH ELLYSON daughter of GERED ROBT ELLYSON of Newkent County have proposed their intentions of Marage before two severall meetings of the peopell caled Quakers who after dew Enquire of their Clearness and it appearing to them that theay weare Cleare from all others on acct. of Mariage and that ye Relations of ye Sd. JOHN & ELIZABETH were consenting to their Mariage Did give Consent that the Sd parties should accomplish their Intentions

Wee therefore whose names are Under writen doe Certifie all whome it may Concern that the sd JOHN JOHNSON and ELIZABETH ELLYSON did at a publick Meeting held of ye sd peopell in ye Meeting House in New Kente County 2/3 Sixt Day of ye Eight month one thousand Seven Hundred and tweenth and ‘five.

Then and their take Each Other for Wife and husband He the Sd JOHN taking; her the sd ELIZABETH by the hand and declaring: that before this Meeting I take ELIZABETH ELLYSON for my weded wife as long as we shall both live and she the sd ELIZABETH then and their Likewise Declaring: that before this meeting I take JOHN JOHNSON for my weeded husband as long as wee shall Live and for Confirmation thereof the sd JOHN JOHNSON and the sd ELIZABETH doth seet their hands.


And wee whose names are under are witnesses:

GERD. ROBT ELLYSON Danll Willmoee John Crew John Elmore Thos Elmore John Crew Jur Robert Ellyson Elizabeth Johnson Benj Johnson Mary Elmore Andrew Crew Agathy Crew John Scott Jur Judeth Ellyson Thomas Stanley Judeth Scott Agniss Ellyson Ciscelly Willmore

Taken from the original records of the Monthly meeting held at Henrico, VA, 1699-1756

Elizabeth Ellyson, the daughter of Gerard Robert Ellyson and Cicely , was born in 1706 in Virginia, United States.

John Johnson and Elizabeth Ellyson had the following children:
They are listed in his will date 23 March 1772 (Amelia Will Book 2 page 110)

  • Ashley Johnson > Kit 37648, born 1726, New Kent, Virginia, British America; married Agatha Stanley, 5 Jan 1746/7; married Mary Watkins, 9 Apr 1751, New Kent, Virginia, British America; died aft 1791.

  • Jesse Johnson > Kit 156626, born 1728, Cedar Creek, Hanover, Virginia, British America; married Elizabeth Watkins, 12 Aug 1751, Hanover, Virginia, United States; died 12 Apr 1790, Amelia, Virginia, United States.

  • John Johnson > Kits 418 & 717 & 583699, born 1732; married Lydia Watkins, 13 Jul 1754, Campbell, Virginia, United States; died 31 Aug 1816, Bedford, Virginia, United States.

  • Gerard Johnson, born 1737, Virginia, United States; married Judith Watkins, 13 Jun 1761; died 28 Aug 1785, Virginia, United States.

  • James "Governor" Johnson > Kit 254143, born 1737; married Mildred Moorman, 12 Nov 1758, Louisa, Virginia, British America; Then married Penelope Anthony, 1764, Hanover, Virginia, United States; died 10 Aug 1824, Leesburg, Fairfield, Highland, Ohio, United States.

  • William Johnson, born 22 Aug 1739; married Agnes or Agatha Moorman, 10 Dec 1763; died 1824.

Ashley Johnson (son of John & Elizabeth Massie) was born about 1712. He died about 1761 at the age of 49 in Louisa, Virginia. Ashley Johnson and Martha Wooday were married on 12 Oct 1734 at Friends Meeting House in New Kent, Virginia, United States. m 12 Oct 1734 in St Peter's Parish, New Kent, VA.

(Henrico MM Minutes transcript)

Whereas Ashley Johnson and Martha Woody having declared their intentions of taking each other in marriage before several publick meetins of the people called Quakers in Virginjia, according to the good order used amongst them whose proceedings therein after a deliberate consideration with regard to the righteous law of God were approved by the said meeting in relation to marriage and having concent of pareience and friends concerned. Now these are to certify all whence it concerns that for the full accomplishment of their said intentions of marriage the twelfth day of the tenth month in the yer 1734. They the said Ashley Johnson and Martha Woodey appearing in a public meeting of the aforesed people and others at the meeting hours of the aforesaid peopell in New Kent County, and haye the said Ashley Johnson taking ye said Martha Woodey by the hand and openly declaring as followeth. In the face of God and before you my witnesses I take Martha Woodey to be my wife promising to be unto her a kind and loving husband until death separates us. And then and there in the said monthly meeting Martha Woodey did in like manner declare as followeth, In the face of God and before you my witnesses I take Ashley Johnson to be my husband promising to be unto him a kind and loving wife until death separates us. And the said Ashley and Martha his now wife as for their conversation ------ did then and their to these present set their hands and wee whose names are herein subscribed being present among others at the solemnizing of their said marriage and subscribe our names aforesaid. In witness whereof wee also subscribed our names the day and year above written.

Ashley Johnson

Martha Johnson

John Johnson

Martha Woody

Nathan Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Goodale Rawlings

Peter Massie

Gideon Johnson

Thomas Elmore

James Elmore

Chas Massie

William Bostik

Austin Elmore

John Renold

Peter Elmore

James Johnson

Mary Elmore

Martha Wooday was born before 1716 in New Kent, Virginia, United States. Born: 1714 at: St. Peter's Parish, New Kent,Virginia

Ashley Johnson and Martha Wooday had the following children:

  • Robert Johnson, born 1737 VA and died May 1808 Stokes NC

  • Thomas Johnson was born in 1746. He died 79th year on 7 Jul 1825 at the age of 79.

  • James "Squire" Johnson was born on 30 Jul 1758 in Virginia, United States.

  • Ashley Johnson died on 5 Mar 1820. or 1826

  • Elijah Johnson was born on 29 Dec 1749. He was born on 25 Jan 1750. He died on 14 Aug 1830 at the age of 80.

  • Martha Johnson was born (date unknown). died 13 September 1823 at the home of brother James

  • Cicilia Johnson

  • William Johnson

  • Susanna Johnson was born in 1736. She died on 13 Jul 1830 at the age of 94.

  • Samuel Johnson

  • Benjamin Johnson

  • Elizabeth Johnson

Next Generation

Robert Johnson was born in 1737. The Robert Johnson (s/o Ashley Johnson and Martha Woody) who came from Cedar Creek in 1766 did have a son Thomas of the right age to be the Thomas on the Swift muster (b. March 17, 1761 Hanover Co., VA - d. March 2, 1855 in Morgan Co., IN m. Jane Brooks). Robert "DNA" Johnson and Virginia Cicilia Elmore were married on 19 Nov 1758 at Cedar Creek Meeting house in Hanover, Virginia, United States. 1758, 11, 19. Robert, Louisa Co., s Ashely; m in a public mtg, Cisley ELMORE, dt Thomas, Amelia Co. Virginia Cicilia Elmore was born in 1737.

Robert Johnson and Virginia Cicilia Elmore had the following children:

  • Elisha Johnson > "DNA Kit 144045" born 21 Sept 1759, Hanover, Virginia, British America; married Jane Johnson, 16 Mar 1783, Bedford, Virginia, United States; married Rachel Moorman, abt 1799; died 6 May 1851, Penn Township, Highland, Ohio, United States.

  • Thomas Johnson > "DNA kit 133310" born 17 Mar 1761, Hanover, Virginia, British America; married Jane Brooks, 21 Jun 1785, Surry, North Carolina, United States.

  • Archeleus Johnson > "DNA kits 56060 & 545772" born on 15 Jul 1764 (page will be added soon)

  • Martha Johnson was born on 29 Aug 1766

  • Anderson Johnson was born on 7 Jun 1770

  • Ashley Johnson, born 8 Jul 1772, Deep River, North Carolina, British America

  • Mary Johnson was born on 16 Sep 1774 in Deep River, North Carolina, British America

  • William Johnson was born on 22 Dec 1776 in Deep River, North Carolina, British America

  • Judith Johnson was born on 25 May 1779 in Deep River, Guilford, North Carolina, United States

  • Elijah Johnson was born on 12 Oct 1782 in Deep River, Guilford, North Carolina, United States

DNA Results

Robert's descendants

6 generations via Thomas to Kit # 133310 - 67 markers

6 generations via Archeleus to Kit # 545772 - 67 markers

6 generations via Archeleus to Kit # 56060 - 67 markers - 1 different from the group norm

DYS576 = 19 vs 18 - a fairly quick mutating marker

7 generations via Elisha to Kit # 144045 - 67 markers - 2 are different from the group norm:

DYS449 = 29 vs 30 - a fairly quick mutating marker

DYS576 = 17 vs 18 - a fairly quick mutating marker