Genealogy According to Jeff

A while back I was talking about creating a book based upon my articles with a friend at an FGS Conference and was trying to think of a title. I mentioned that the articles all have a slightly different approach since there were going to be several articles on the same topic in each issue. I said that it was going to be genealogy according to Jeff, when he said that should be the title.

Many of the articles that I wrote for Heritage Quest Magazine and the Everton's Genealogical Helper over the years are being posted here. Newer comments and observations are also being added

Some of the articles will be posted in their entirety while others may be posted in sections, revised, or have comments added.
Many have become Lecture Topics.

Table of Contents


Getting Started

- A Gift That Money Can't Buy

- Home Sources - view the list

- Family Group Sheet - view the form

- Ancestor Chart - view the form

- How Many Ancestors Do I Have?

Vital Records & Events

- Birth Records & Their Alternatives

- Marriage Records - Till Death Do Us Part

- Death Records - What Did Your Ancestors Leave You?

- - Memorial Resolutions - Whereas

Cemetery Records

- Search High & Low, Above & Below

- Cemetery Tool


- Making Sense of the Census

- Are Your Ancestors Hiding in the 20th Century Census?


- Drilling Down for DNA < added Oct 2014


- Immigration

- Naturalization

- They Came on This Ship - Finding Ship Images online


- What's New On the Internet


- Canada

- Denmark

- France

- Great Britian

- Germany

- Norway

- Scandinavia

- Denmark

- Norway


- Extra! Extra! Read All About Your Ancestors


- Historical Maps Can Help

Other Topics

- The "Finding Your Roots" Effect < New April 2019

Problem Solving

- Cousin to Cousin

- Living With Brick Walls

- Finding Alvar A Not So Great Dane

- Genealogy Vacation

- I Can't Tell a Lie I Chopped Down My Royal Family Tree

Lecture "UnChopping Down my Johnson Family Tree"

Research Trips

- Genealogy Vacation

- Connecting With My Grandfather - trip to France

Society Management

- Why Should A Genealogical Society Give Records Away?

Future of Genealogy

- The List

- The Future Revisited - (without images)

- Building a Single Family Tree - Currently posted at Genealogy Blog