Hello, and welcome, Harry Potter fans!  My name is Irvin, though I'm known around the Internet as "hpboy13."  I'm a very prolific member of the Harry Potter fandom ever since I joined it in 2003, and this is a place to keep track of all my creative endeavors.  I've since been branching out into other fandoms, but HP will always be the focal point.

I hail from New York City, where I am a member of The Group That Shall Not Be Named, the largest real-life HP group in the world.  Through the Group, I have become an avid cosplayer, a Quidditch player (Beater, NY Badassilisks 2010-2014), a wizard rock concert organizer (Avada KedavRock! 2012 and 2014), and the leader of the world's first wizard dance troupe, the Dancing Death Eaters.

I have dreamed of being a writer ever since I wrote my first fanfiction in 2005; my dream finally came true as my first book was released July 31st, 2018: The Life and Lies of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.  But during the last thirteen years, I have written an awful lot online; most significantly, as a columnist for MuggleNet, spearheading "The Three Broomsticks."  Recently, I have also become a regular writer at Hypable.  In 2019, I became a regular host on the Potter podcast Alohomora!

In short, I have a lot of Harry Potter stuff going on in my life, and I needed one place on the Internet where all of it could be centralized, and this site is that place.  You can check out my bio, or click on the links page to explore all my stuff.  Here are a few quick links.

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The Life and Lies of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore:  Website   |   Mailing List   |   Goodreads

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Feel free to shoot me an email about any of my stuff at DarkLordofDance@gmail.com or to find me on Twitter

Newest Cosplays

Mad-Eye Moody HP 
Graham The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love 
Alec Lightwood Shadowhunters 
Gazelle Disney (Zootopia) 
Hiccup How to Train Your Dragon 
Fleur Delacour (2.0) HP 
King Triton Disney (Little Mermaid) 
Professor Sprouty Puffs 
Professor Sprout HP 
Poliwag Pokemon 
Albus Dumbledore (2.0) HP 
Troy Bolton High School Musical 
Dr. Drakken Kim Possible 
Rogue X-Men Evolution 
Vanessa Disney (Little Mermaid) 
Xavia Jones Puffs 
Fiyero Wicked 
Megan Jones Puffs 
Justin Finch-Fletchley Puffs 
Cedric Diggory Puffs 
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Recent Writings

Interview with Joe Tracz (NON-HP) A very in-depth interview with the writer of "The Lightning Thief Musical," "Be More Chill," and Netflix's "Series of Unfortunate Events" 
Wormwood & Wolfsbane: The Snape/Lupin Relationship Examines the contentious relationship between the two, and whether their animosity ever abated 
Two Voldemorts Are Better Than One Considers what would have happened if Tom Riddle had escaped the diary in CoS 
Draco and Some Naughty Little Plans Considers all the plans of Lucius's and Tom Riddle's that were afoot in Chamber of Secrets, and how Draco interfered 
Review of "The Big Bang Theory: Musical Parody" (NON-HP) A review of the parody musical based on "The Big Bang Theory" 
Review of "Be More Chill" (NON-HP) A review of the Broadway musical "Be More Chill" 
Interview with Jessie Cannizzaro, your little house-elf friend from ‘Puffs’ (PUFFS) An in-depth interview with an original Puffs cast member who departed the show in February 2019 
The failure of "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" (NON-HP) A dive into why the conclusion of the HTTYD franchise was such a colossal disappointment. 
Heliopaths, Fiendfyre, and a Cassandra Complex Develops the theory that Luna's heliopaths and Fiendfyre were originally intended to be one and the same. 
Pince and Prince Discusses the fan theory that Irma Pince and Eileen Prince are one and the same 
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