March 2012 Updates Archive

Post date: Dec 31, 2012 4:55:53 AM

    • 3/28/12: And I now merge the two fandoms together, with a new essay about how the Hunger Games did everything right when it adapted the book, as opposed to WB doing everything wrong. Where WB Went Wrong

    • 3/23/12: Continuing talk of Hunger Games, a post on Hypable about the lack of a British Hunger Games fandom. Where is 'The Hunger Games' fandom in the UK?

    • 3/22/12: In the spirit of expanding into other fandoms, my first Hunger Games cosplay: Finnick Odair!

    • 3/16/12: Something entirely new this time, an essay published on Hypable comparing Rick Riordan and Cassandra Clare. Rick Riordan vs Cassandra Clare