October 2012 Updates Archive

Post date: Dec 31, 2012 5:9:8 AM

  • 10/31/12: Hurricane Sandy ruined most of my Halloween plans, but not before I got a chance to enjoy my costume. While not Harry Potter related, it's still a fabulous witch costume. Elphaba Thropp!!

  • 10/29/12: Wrapping up a week all about Seven Realms, I have written an essay about my favorite moment in the series: Fires in the Fells

  • 10/25/12: Lots of exciting developments in the cosplay department! First, in keeping with the Seven Realms theme this week, I cosplayed as the series' male protagonist, Han Alister. Second, my Trelawney outfit is a semi-finalist in Mugglenet's Costume Contest, and needs votes to get to the finals! Voting ends October 31st, and you can vote once a day per computer. Please vote for me! Costume Contest

  • 10/22/12: Thanks to my experience on this site, I was able to create a rudimentary fansite for Cinda Williams Chima's "Seven Realms" series. It's very rough (oh, the curse that is a deadline), but might be improved in the future. A Dance of Suitors

  • 10/21/12: I appear on episode 14 of the Alohomora! Podcast, discussing Chamber of Secrets chapters 9 and 10. Episode 14

  • 10/20/12: New filk from the musical Spamalot, based on "The Song That Goes Like This," talking about Harry/Dumbledore exposition scenes. A Scene Like This

  • 10/10/12: New article published on Hypable about "Dancing with the Stars: All Stars." What "DwtS: All Stars" reveals about reality TV

  • 10/2/12: The Dancing Death Eaters are proud to announce the first wrock concert they will actually be hosting - Avada KedavRock! 2012. There will be no better showcase for the Death Eaters - in addition to debuting three grand new numbers, they will also be performing many old favorites. Most of these oldies will be performed with the wrockers live! Visit the concert site for more info, and come watch us perform on November 10th!