April/May 2012 Updates Archive

Post date: Dec 31, 2012 4:57:54 AM

    • 5/27/12: Mugglenet posted a new piece I wrote, a lengthy and extensive guide to attending HP cons - whether to go, what to do, what to bring and wear, and so forth. Guide to HP Conventions

    • 5/15/12: In a complete departure from my usual subjects, I was so infuriated by the finale of my favorite new show "Smash," I had to vent some feelings over on Hypable. How "Smash" Deteriorated from Pilot to Finale

    • 4/30/12: Finally, another new filk, and I'm very excited about this one! It parodies the title song from "Phantom of the Opera," which I had been wanted to parody forever. This is a duet between Quirrell and Voldemort set during Book 1, and is actually the first filk I've written set in Sorcerer's Stone, so I now have filks set in all seven books! The Dark Lord is Here!

    • 4/10/12: Getting back to discussing the HP books, I have a new essay up on Mugglenet about what Dumbledore was scheming in Book 5 and why everyone was so fussed about the prophecy. Dumbledore's Decoy