2/1/19: Updating odds and ends

Post date: Feb 01, 2019 5:43:46 PM

I was very happy to be invited back on the Alohomora Podcast, so give a listen to me discussing a Half-Blood Prince chapter on Episode #263.

Here is something that's been needing to happen for a very long time: my YouTube channel has been organized and curated. With nearly 800 videos, scattered playlists (over 60 of them) no longer quite sufficed for folks to find what they needed. So I went through, and organized the playlists into categories, so now hopefully folks can find what they need. There is a wealth of wizard rock (organized by event and by artist), there are playlists for cons and for Quidditch and a whole host of other stuff. This probably could use more work, especially within the playlists themselves, but it's an important step.

Over on the cosplay website, I have now done enough costumes from Puffs to move them over to a new Puffs category.

There's a lot happening with the Dancing Death Eaters over on their page, including a new routine in the works, and lots of videos being uploaded - most notably, the very first video of our routine to Don't Wanna Be a Death Eater.