7/3/18: Reorganization of Costume Gallery

Post date: Jul 03, 2018 5:20:5 PM

I've finally started adding 2018 costumes to the costume gallery, clearing out a half-year backlog of photos. Upon adding Dash, I realized that the Disney section of the gallery had become far too big and unwieldy for the sidebar, since it was around twenty costumes and counting. So, much like I did for Harry Potter in January 2017, I have created one all-around Disney section in my cosplay gallery - with a helpful listing of costumes by movies of origin, and putting the years in the sidebar.

While I was at it, I have decided to bow to the inevitable: it just wasn't practical to list costumes in the sidebar, even when collapsing the largest fandoms. Past twenty or thirty costumes, it's no longer helpful. So I gave the same treatment to Books, putting only subcategories under it in the sidebar. Other categories will soon follow.

I have realized that my reluctance to redesign the sidebar was due to a need for all the costumes to be listed in one place, for those who know what they're looking for. Consequently, I present a very important page: Master List of All Costumes. Here will be listed every single costume in the gallery (113 as of last count), organized by fandom. Whew!