10/22/19: A Viking Funeral for Puffs

Post date: Oct 22, 2019 8:55:51 PM

To my great sorrow, Puffs closed in New York City this summer. To borrow a phrase from one of the actors, I did a Viking funeral for the show, completely immersing myself in writing and cosplaying and just finding every possible way to express my love for this show. It was one hell of a summer! And now all the Puffs content across these websites has been finalized.

First: to commemorate both the one-year anniversary of my book being published and to honor Puffs, I published a bonus chapter of my book: "Headmaster of the Puffs." It's all about the portrayal of Dumbledore in Puffs, and the insights that presents into his character.

Second, I corralled my friends into doing a Puffs parody for the Lip Sync Battle at MISTI-Con 2019: A Very White Room

Third, I wrote a lot about Puffs. I concluded my series of interviews with the original cast, and wrote about what Puffs has meant to me. It's all organized at the newly revamped Puffs page in my Bibliography.

Fourth, I wore a LOT of costumes of the Puffs characters. For the full story of my crazy cosplay endeavor, check out the Puffs 2019 page. All of the cosplays have been organized in several ways at the Puffs Cosplay Page.

All of these will now stand to commemorate what was a very important thing in my mid-20s, a story that was "pretty cool."