6/1/18: Cosmetic redesign of site, new bio

Post date: Jun 01, 2018 5:16:27 PM

As we are two months away from the publication of my book, I am trying to clean up my web presence (it's like the ultimate in digital spring cleaning!). Today, I redesigned this home page, which I anticipate linking to from the legit website for my book (which is WIP). Because what was perfectly acceptable to share with friends six years ago doesn't quite measure up to what I want my internet presence to be.

First up, I've created separate update feeds above for cosplays and writing - the two main sources of updates. This area will remain for any other updates, like site layout or book updates, but it makes sense to have separate feeds. Hopefully this will make it easier to find what the latest stuff is.

Second, I've rewritten large chunks of my Bio - it was last updated in 2015, and was mostly written circa 2012, so it needed a good scrubbing. It's amazing how much exquisite detail I provided about various Meetup events! It all seemed relevant at the time, I suppose.

Hopefully this feed will soon become more coherent and less scattered. T minus 2 months!!!