10/5/15: Massive update to cosplay site

Post date: Oct 05, 2015 6:45:44 AM

There was a period, mostly May & June, where it seems like I spent more time in costume than out of it. It's taken months to go through all the photos and update the website, but it's finally done (just in time for new costumes this Halloween!).

In June, I partook in a cosplay day devoted to Percy Jackson. There is now a separate section for those costumes (here), and two new costumes: Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Jason Grace

At the end of April, I cosplayed the Weasley twins: Fred and George

At MISTI-Con 2015 in May, I debuted several new costumes: Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and a refurbished Lockhart. I also made my acting debut as Edward Cullen in Fan Fiction Theatre.

For the Mermaid Parade, I dressed as one of the Muses of Hercules.

For an advance screening of Pixar's new movie Inside Out, I dressed as Disgust.

When I went to see StarKid's The Trail to Oregon, I dressed as the Dad.