August 2012 Updates Archive

Post date: Dec 31, 2012 5:3:1 AM

    • 8/15/12: A new filk, this one tackling Rihanna's old song "Please Don't Stop the Magic" (because her new songs are awful). Set in early Sorcerer's Stone as Harry's about to learn he's a wizard. Harry, You Are Magic I also created a new page with all my filks in chronological order of where they fit into the canon. Chronological Order

    • 8/11/12: A new three-part series of essays is up on Mugglenet! All about how awful things are at Hogwarts as a school, covering the inconsistent discipline, ineffectual security, incompetent professors, and with one whole essay devoted to bashing Hagrid! Did Umbridge Have a Point?

    • 8/1/12: BIG NEWS!!! The Dancing Death Eaters' new music video, "If You Didn't Come to Party" is available at long last! For more information, go to the DDE site.

    • 8/1/12: New filk: a parody of "Nobody's Side" from the musical Chess. This is a solo for Snape, about how difficult life is as a double agent, and how his only loyalty is to Lily's memory. Nobody's Side