1/27/20: A major update around conventions

Post date: Jan 27, 2020 6:46:39 PM

2019 was the Year of Cons for me - I attended four this summer, including two HP cons that I poured a lot of creative energy into: Leviosa 2019 and MISTI-Con 2019.

First off, I have finally brought my cosplay gallery up to date, after struggling to keep up all year. It is now up to 162 different characters cosplayed... what a way we've come since the dozen that first began this humble cosplay gallery! I'd also like to point out two highlights. First, my new proudest costume, the most extra thing I've ever done: Lord Voldemort, where I describe in detail how I created a human-sized collapsible cauldron, so I could stage the Resurrection of Lord Voldemort.

Second, Rita Skeeter - along with the new costume, I've been doing a lot of writing of Rita Skeeter's Gossip. In fact, I've been using it to craft a meta-narrative at events, writing articles about other characters I'm cosplaying to create a storyline for them.

As you can tell, I put a lot into these conventions! And all of this stuff - the costumes, performances, writing, etc. - used to be scattered all over the Internet. Well now, I thought there's value in creating a centralized place to present all my creative endeavors at conventions, so I present a brand-new website: Irvin Goes to Cons. There are pages for each major convention, stretching all the way back to Aeternitas 2011, presenting all the photos and videos I have to share from the event. In particular, I'd direct you to MISTI-Con 2019, where you can see just how much crazy stuff I did in a weekend!