September 2012 Updates Archive

Post date: Dec 31, 2012 5:4:45 AM

    • 9/25/12: NEW COSTUME!!! Worn to the NY Badassilisks' Zombie/Inferi Quidditch Tournament (which, incidentally, we won!), I'm very happy to present Inferi Lily Potter!

    • 9/24/12: A second new filk of an old Rihanna song, this one for "Take a Bow." It's Harry breaking up with Cho Chang, with some lines directly from the book. Human Hosepipe

    • 9/15/12: Did a bit of an overhaul on my bibliography page, adding a section for the recaps of various HP events that I wrote for Mugglenet.

    • 9/12/12: Continuing the conversation about the JKR tickets, I take a moment to commend the Potter fandom on how admirably they handled the debacle. Why Potter Fans Are Awesome

    • 9/11/12: Life has been quite crazy, but none of the craziness measured up to this weekend, when I camped out for Jo Rowling tickets, and was at the heart of the drama surrounding them. MuggleNet posted a recap: Camping Out for JKR Tickets