December 2012 Updates Archive

Post date: Dec 31, 2012 5:13:42 AM

    • 12/28/12: A big revamp to the Dancing Death Eaters site has taken place! In addition to expanding the "Current Roster" and "Former DEs" pages, I posted a massive update in my brand new Latest News page. I'm thinking I'll use a similar thing for this site, since it's gotten rather clunky with the "Recent Updates" thing. Hopefully I'll do that in the coming days.

    • 12/27/12: New Potter costume!! This past Friday, at a trip to the Harry Potter Exhibition, I debuted my new costume - the first of many redheads I hope to cosplay. Ginny Weasley

    • 12/26/12: Two new non-HP pieces. First, a review of the new Les Miserables movie posted on Hypable. Les Miserables Review. Let's just say there were a LOT of tears. Second, and completely unrelated, I wrote up a guide to my favorite light and funny Young Adult books, which I figured can come in handy during the hoidays. Light and Funny YA Books

    • 12/6/12: My magnum opus, the conclusion of my trilogy about Dumbledore, written back in June, has finally been posted on Mugglenet! I look at all of Dumbledore's myriad plans in Deathly Hallows: what they were, how they intersected, the assumptions they relied on... and how, when, and why they went wrong. Dumbledore's Deadly Plans

    • 12/5/12: I have neglected updating all the many things to do with the Dancing Death Eaters - all will be updated soon. But for now, I can include the link to our new online store! DDE Online Store