4/16/20: Cosplay Gallery migrated to New Sites

Post date: Apr 16, 2020 4:56:1 PM

Much to my chagrin, Google is phasing out Classic Sites (on which all of my websites are built) for New Google Sites. So I spent the last week migrating my cosplay gallery, with nearly 200 pages, over to the New Google Sites. The result is a much sleeker look for the website: Irvin's Cosplay Gallery.

This was also occasion to comb through the website and bring it up to snuff a bit - there are little fixes, like fixing tenses and adding photos, as well as an opportunity to see some trends and records take shape. I also separated A Very Potter Musical into its own category under HP.

I'll have to migrate the other sites over eventually, but that seems like a thing I will enthusiastically procrastinate for now!