7/5/17: Big Cosplay Gallery Update

Post date: Jul 05, 2017 10:1:32 PM

I've spent the last two months trying to catch my gallery up with all my cosplaying - it's been a little nuts!

I attended MISTI-Con 2017 and wore 13 different costumes. There were five new ones: Basil,Charlie Weasley,Death,Hairy Heart,Olympe Maxime. I also created a handy chart of all the costumes I've worn at the major conventions: Con Summary

I keep being a huge fan of Puffs and cosplaying their characters. They got a new section under HP in the gallery (Puffs) and there's a new costume there: Oliver Rivers

My Disney cosplaying is in full swing: at the Mermaid Parade, I was Flotsam from Little Mermaid, and I got a head start on my Halloween costume, Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. Talk of those events, I added a page for listing costumes by event.

In addition, I cosplayed Dimitri when I went to see Anastasia on Broadway.

As I was doing all this, I smashed through 100 characters cosplayed (Flotsam was lucky #100), and am now all the way up to 103! Didn't even have time to celebrate the milestone.