Back in 2003, when I was only eleven, I idolized the columnists over at MuggleNet, dreaming that one day, I too would have editorials published on MuggleNet and maybe (just maybe) I too could be a columnist. Four years later, I began working toward that goal, and in 2007 (before the last book came out) I had essays published on the three major HP websites - first Leaky, then MuggleNet, and then the HP Lexicon.

Eight years later, in September 2011, that dream finally came true. After contributing so much over the past few years, I got an email from MuggleNet saying they wanted to reinstate the old columnist system and they would like me to be the first. After more squeeing than was seemly, I took them up on their offer, and a few weeks later, The Three Broomsticks was launched under the tagline, "Pull over a chair, grab a butterbeer, and get ready to talk Harry Potter with one of the fandom's most controversial and clever writers."

In the years since then, I have made a name for myself writing controversial articles that generated hundreds of comments in discussion. Branded as the "resident inflammatory writer hpboy13," I got people so riled that MuggleNet's entire editorial section underwent a revamp and resurgence. My essays have even been used as reading material in Harry Potter college courses.

So, whether my articles make you throw butterbeer in frustration or give you an epiphany, I hope they are at least thought-provoking! And I never shy away from debate!

The First 100 Articles

In early 2022, I hit an important milestone: 100 articles published on MuggleNet! It took a decade, but I could scarcely believe I actually got there. In honor of the occasion, I did a retrospective on my entire back catalogue of 100 essays, in a series title "The Three Broomsticks Centenary."

In the main article, The Three Broomsticks Centenary, I talked about the milestone and introduced some highlights. There followed an exhaustive list of the 100 articles, if anyone cares to just go in order through my bibliography. Then, under the same heading of "The Three Broomsticks Centenary," I published four articles that broke down all my essays in categories, to serve as an annotated bibliography (similar to this website, but for a much broader audience).