Registration FAQs

When will registrations open for the XXX brevet on DD-MM-YYYY?

Registrations for all IISc Rando events open approx 2 weeks before the date of the event.

Where are events announced?

The event will be publicised on the "Announcements page" of this site. You can subscribe to posts on this page using any feed reader. Additionally, announcements are also pushed to the Facebook Page and the Bangalore Bikers Club Google Group.

Filling the Form

What ACP code do I use?

If you are in Bangalore, then you should use 601002 -- Bangalore Bikers Club.

If you are outside Bangalore, you can use 601099 -- Independent India -- instead. Note that we do not track records for 601099.

The IISc Randonneurs -- 601008 -- can only be used by members of the IISc Bikers Network.


I do not have online banking, how can I pay?

You can make a deposit to our account from any physical bank branches. You will have to pay the bank charges that apply.

How can I change the payment details I entered in BrevetMgr?

If you have a jersey number already:
  1. Go to the registration page for the event on BrevetMgr (for example:
  2. Click on register as a member and enter your jersey number Enter your jersey number, check the appropriate boxes, and then click on Next
  3. You will get an "ERROR" message which contains a payment link. Click on this and follow the prompts to enter the relevant details.
If you do not have a jersey number, then register afresh (click on "Register as a New Rider") and provide the correct information.

Can I pay on the spot?

No. We generally do not accept cash during start of a brevet.

How can I update my personal details in BrevetMgr?

View the roster on BrevetMgr (if you are from IBN or BBC the roster is here). Search for your name and click "update" next to it. You will get an email on your registered email ID with instructions.

Outstation Riders

What jersey number should I display on my bicycle?

You can display your own club number or the number we assign to you. Either is fine. Your card will have our number printed, you can add your own club's number.