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Resources for German language learners: 
Learning materials provided by Deutsche Welle

BBC website - German learning materials for adult English speakers
BBC website offering revision exercises for GCSE German

Short audio books in German - legal and free to download
German literature online: click on a word for the English translation.
A brilliant resource provided by Bruce Duncan, Emeritus Professor at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

A Review of German Grammar by Bruce Duncan, Emeritus Professor at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

German grammar exercises by Bruce Duncan, Emeritus Professor at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire  
Open Courseware provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (select ‘Humanities’, then ‘Language’, then ‘German’)
Major German-language poets read their works aloud. Sometimes includes English translations. Includes Rose Ausländer, Ingeborg Bachmann, Paul Celan, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Durs Grünbein, Hermann Hesse, Ernst Jandl, Barbara Köhler, Friederike Mayröcker, Heiner Müller, Herta Müller.
German resources online for postgraduate students, maintained by the IMLR in London
Translation database, based on a corpus of professional EU translations 
German learning materials for English speakers
German verb conjugations and grammar
Practice your German grammar with online exercises.
Level A1 = Beginners; Level A2 = Elementary
Level B1 = Intermediate; Level B2 = Upper Intermediate/Higher
Grammar worksheets provided by American teacher

An interactive bibliography for teachers and lecturers
Resources in German:
Free online library of German literature
Free online library of German literature
Sophie: A digital library of works by German-speaking women
A selection of German short stories
Goethe-Institut list of literature-based links
dctp.tv - online TV channel produced by the German filmmaker and writer Alexander Kluge 

WDR Zeitzeichen - 15 minute radio broadcasts on historical events and persons - highly recommended

Online collection of the graphic works of John Heartfield
Leading German weekly newspaper
Online German cultural magazine
Online magazine of S. Fischer Verlag
Monthly magazine for contemporary German-language literature
Literature Portal for Berlin and Brandenburg
Berlin theatre founded by Bertolt Brecht in 1949

Search twelve online German specialist dictionaries
Portal for German literary societies and museums
German National Literary Archive in Marbach
Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue
Digitised page scans of German books from 1400 to the present day, produced by the University Library of Göttingen and the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Digitales Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. Excellent online dictionary including etymology, synonyms and examples of language in use
Book reviews in English:
Book reviews of contemporary German-language literature
Book reviews of German novels
Online introductions to contemporary German literature (in English, German and Russian)
European Platform for Literature
English translations of new German poetry and fiction
European cultural magazine archive 

Published by the University of Iowa

Cultural and Research Centres in the UK:
Goethe Institutes in the UK. Language and cultural centres run by the Federal Republic of Germany

Oxford German Network
Austrian Cultural Forum in London. Cultural Events Programme
Institute of Modern Languages Research (IMLR), London. Free lectures and seminars on German-language literature and culture
Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women's Writing, at the IMLR in London. Contains detailed pages on contemporary women’s writing in German
Ingeborg Bachmann Centre for Austrian Literature, at the IMLR in London
Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies, at the IMLR in London
Institute of Germanic Studies (IGS), University of Birmingham
Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations, Queen Mary College, University of London
Centre for East German Studies (CEGS), University of Reading
Cultural and Research Centers in the USA:

Goethe Institutes in the USA. Language and cultural centers run by the Federal Republic of Germany

The Center for Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Cultural Institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland:
A list of cultural institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, maintained by the IMLR in London
Frankfurter Buchmesse; Frankfurt Book Fair (every October)

Leipziger Buchmesse; Leipzig Book Fair (every March)
German PEN Center
Academic Journals:
The English Goethe Society. Members receive three issues per year of the academic journal Publications of the English Goethe Society.
Membership for residents of the UK is £24 per year (£12 per year for students). Membership for residents of the USA is $50 per year, or $40 per year reduced rate for members of the Goethe Society of North America. Membership for the rest of the world is £35 pounds sterling per year.
German Life and Letters, a British journal for German studies
Oxford German Studies, a British journal for German studies
Austrian Studies, a British journal for Austrian studies
Modern Language Review, a British journal for modern language studies, includes comprehensive reviews of recent scholarship
Forum for Modern Language Studies, a British journal for modern language studies 
German Studies Review, journal of the German Studies Association (GSA)
Monatshefte, an American journal for modern German studies
The German Quarterly, an American journal for modern German studies
Seminar, a journal for Germanic studies, published in Canada
Angermion, a yearbook for Anglo-German literary relations
The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies. Annual critical bibliography of work done in German studies and other modern language studies
Comparative Critical Studies. Journal of the British Comparative Literature Association
Glossen, an online academic journal dedicated to post-1945 German literature
Book Series:
German Monitor: academic series on post-war German literature and culture
IMLR books, academic series published by the IMLR in London
Institute of Germanic Studies publications, published by the IMLR in London 
Poetry Websites:
Major German-language poets read their works aloud. Sometimes includes English translations. Includes Rose Ausländer, Ingeborg Bachmann, Paul Celan, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Durs Grünbein, Hermann Hesse, Ernst Jandl, Barbara Köhler, Friederike Mayröcker, Heiner Müller, Herta Müller.
Modern Poetry in Translation
Poetry Research Network, Cardiff University
Blogs by German literature experts:
Blog by Katy Derbyshire, literary translator based in Berlin
Blog by Lyn Marven, Lecturer in German at the University of Liverpool
Website of Charlotte Ryland, editor of New Books in German
Guardian newspaper columns by Peter Thompson, University of Sheffield
Website of Emily Troscianko, University of Oxford
Website of Seán M. Williams, University of Sheffield
Online Library Catalogues in the UK:
Combined catalogue of UK research libraries
University of London Library Catalogue, including specialist German research library (IGS library). Set the search engine to ‘All Collections’ in order to obtain the best results
Publishers of German-language literature in English translation:
Prague-based publisher specialising in modern classics from Central Europe
Arc Publications. UK publisher specialising in world poetry, including German-language poets
Publisher of poetry, based in Manchester, UK
London-based publisher of poetry
London-based publisher specialising in contemporary German-language novels
London-based publisher specialising in modernist novels 
Academic Publishers:
American publisher specialising in books on German literature
Cambridge University Press, publishes a series of Companions to Literature
Oxford University Press, publishes Oxford World's Classics series of literature in translation
Legenda, leading academic publisher based in Oxford (imprint of the MHRA)

International academic publisher based in Leiden, Netherlands
International academic publishing group with head office in Bern, Switzerland (offices in USA and UK)
De Gruyter. German academic publisher based in Berlin
Königshausen & Neumann. German academic publisher based in Würzburg
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. German academic publisher based in Göttingen
Publisher based in Oxford and New York specialising in history, film and cultural studies
John Armstrong, lecture on Goethe (2009)
Martin Swales, lecture on ‘The Values of Literary Criticism’ (2015)