Information from this website are from Wikipedia and Palaeos, with scales from the ICS, Goldblatt, and others cited in the alternate section, as well as some original changes.

A Concise Geologic Scale

The updated Precambrian timescale used in many recent official ICS book publications is used here.

The scheme used here is not the universally accepted version, but other versions can be found in the Alternate section. Notable changes made include the use of the recent work by Goldblatt, et al. that added the Prenephelean (modified here as Prechaotian) and Chaotian eons (made part of Prechaotian and Hadean here) and revising the Hadean Eon. The dates for the Prenephelean and the Chaotian and its subdivisions are not published in the work, therefore estimates have been used here that may not be otherwise used. On the other end of the line, the Anthropocene Epoch has been added here with anticipation that it may become officially recognized by 2016. Beyond this, few changes have been made from the official International Commission on Stratigraphy Timescale.

Further subdivisions and information can be found for each Eon on their pages, which can be accessed via the navigation bar.

The Theochronic Eon

The Proteimeran Eon

The Hadean Eon

The Archean Eon

The Proterozoic Eon

The Phanerozoic Eon

The Geologic Data Scale

The Geologic Data Scale site is an independent website devoted to the history of not only Earth, but also of the universe, solar system, other inner planets, the moon, and the scale itself, as older and alternative scales can be found in the alternate section of the site. We follow a scheme here in which six eons exist on the earth's geologic scale, as opposed to the scheme of four more commonly in use. Within those six eons, our scale includes fifteen eras.

What's the Catch?

There isn't a "catch" to this resource or data. However, you may have noticed the distinctive lack of the word "time" in this introduction, although throughout the site chronology terms are used frequently. This site is not aimed at determining the exact age of various events, species or planets, nor is the goal to make everything proportionate according to the Days of Creation. What this site does is lays out all available information and uses the unit of measurement (years) for tracing back events used by scientists to give us the best observational measurements that can be given for anything in the past. In essence, all of the information on this website stands valid for an old-earth evolutionist who is a proponent of the Big Bang Theory, while also not insinuating that that is the accurate way or claiming that the order of events scientists can observe or theorize is the true order of these past events. Rather, we whole-heartedly accept Scripture, particularly in this case the Book of Genesis, and God's creation account, but give the patterns evidenced by scientific data to show the moving pieces and complexities that are involved in such a secular field. The Theochronic Eon coined here ("Time of God") represents pre-Creation existence (namely, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) while the Proteimeran Eon coined here ("First Day") represents some of the happenings of the first day of Creation, although events from Days are intermixed as science's scale and theories do not fully match up. To be clear yet again, the claim asserted here is not to the validity of chronology or sequence or the amount of time that passed, but merely what the data currently represents.