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Adjectives for Parts of the Face

The lists are certainly interesting and by and large valuable. However, the software which generates the lists cannot distinguish different uses of the words, so mouth can just as easily refer to the mouth of a river as to a part of a face. So check the adjectives carefully. The lists would be better without the numbers for most students.

Depending on the level, the lesson might begin with a student drawing a face on the board and the class labelling it.

The first task here is for students to say which set of adjectives matches which of the parts of the face listed at the top of the sheet.

Second, they identify the words which do not belong to the face meanings of the words.

Third, they can do internet image searches for ruddy face, runny nose, bushy eyebrows, etc. If they are working on the web, e.g., creating their own blog, wiki, website etc, they could make pages of words with images they select. Very ICT!

This is part of the Describing Someone lesson.

Adjectives for Parts of the Face