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The 20th century was a period of great experimentation and innovation in language education.  These were almost always based on evolving theories of learning, of language acquisition and of language itself. This website aimed to provide some factual and critical information about each of the better-known so-called methodologies. Just as QANTAS covers more of the world than its name, the  Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service, might suggest, this website has grown to become the central repository for most of my work. It allows a wide range of courses, mainly Moodle-based, to reference it here so that resources don't have to be repeatedly uploaded into different places.
This site is an ongoing project. 

The author won a British Council ELTon in 2010. See the About page, should you be interested. has a new website. 
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March 2017 
The second edition of this book has been substantially updated. Many of the improvements to SKE are now detailed.

March 2016 
The author of this website published the second edition of Discovering English with Sketch Engine

and a new accompanying Workbook & Glossary

in April 2016.

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