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April 2018

Can't wait.

The long winter has lead to the emergence, re-emergence and disappearance of a number of players; here is a summary:

New Players:

Name: Curtis K

Number: ???

Classification: ???

Price: £???

Primarily a bowler who makes a couple of good scores with the bat seasonally.

Name: Max Hubbard

Number: ???

Classification: ???

Price: £???

Comes with a good arm from a background in tennis.

Name: Mary Prankster

Number: 131

Classification: Batsman

Price: £0.06

A multiple centurion, so we hear, albeit for Hope Chapel, due to make an appearance at nets in the near future.

Name: Tom Foolery

Number: 277

Classification: All Rounder

Price: £0.08

An all rounder; looks like he can bat & bowls brisk seam up swing. Availability is variable; probably looking for games either day or both when around.

Name: Bonnie Day

Number: 389

Classification: Wicket Keeper

Price: £0.02

A cricketer truly at the embryonic stages of her development, but willing, motivated & keen to learn. Most recently specialising at number 11 for the Sunday 2s, but who knows what glory may yet come?

Name: Shirley Template

Number: 516

Classification: Bowler

Price: £0.02

Slow left armer from Frenchay, looking to play a friendly level of cricket, most likely in the Sunday 2s.

Name: Simon Template

Number: 517

Classification: Bowler

Price: £0.05

Speedster who turned up out of the blue last week; variable availability. Seems like there's something heroic about this one.


All gone.

We have reason to believe none of the following will be playing league cricket for the Cowboys this year and so have not included them in the player pool:

Dave Littleton, Dave Flinton, Gretch Eller, Vish Rana, Jonse Leach, Gary Phillips, Sean Flynn, Alan Cuthill, Ian Page, George & Nick Russell, Ben & Brian Salt.

The following are believed to have effectively left the club or ceased playing cricket, but scored last season & if they elect to return, they may be returned to the roster:

Wayne Kelly, Happy Klair

We have yet to see any of the following; if they, or any of those listed above, appear, they will be added to the player pool:

No-one here yet

The following may make seasonal guest appearances, hence remain on the roster, but be warned; they are not currently believed locally resident:

George Beckley, Moff Betts, Ian Higgins, John Hypolite, Mark Treacher, Bernet Cochrane, Oli Groom, Joe Burgess, Alex Hooper.


Welcome back: GNaz (Nasir Ali), Tim Taylor, Oli Groom, Happy Klair


The following are believed local & able, are listed on the roster & nearly played last year (or did & weren't registered or recorded):

Simon Strange, Alfie Baker, Matt Noodles, Neil Smith, Amir Shah.

The following are believed local & able, remain on the roster but haven't shown signs of playing league cricket for a over a year now:

Dave Toole, Ben Preece, Rich Grove, Rich Olney, Beefy Benewith, Steve Ormesher, Max Bradbury, Stroddy Chapman.

Currently in the players pool as we fully expect them to play, but beware, although the summer is still very young, we are yet to see them in any cricketing capacity this season:

Limited Availability:

The following players are included in the player pool for the season but have limited availability, or are either leaving or arriving, or both, at least once during the course of the summer:

Nick Bannerman says: I'm afraid my diary is really filling up over the summer. I currently already have the following on which would mean I can't play on a Saturday :

x2 weddings

x1 stag do

x1 festival (possibly 2)

x1 visit to Scotland (not definite)

x1 birthday celebration (in day)

x1 gig night organising (so busy in day)

Ideally I would like to be playing regularly for the Saturday team, but since that's not going to be possible, I shall just make myself available whenever I can play whether that's a Saturday or Sunday, and just hope that I manage a reasonable amount of games for the Cowboy's over the season! I shall hopefully be able to make nets more regularly than I can matches.

Angelo Bordi says: I'm planning on having a season off this summer & devoting some time to love instead. And who can blame him. Spread the joy, brother.

Ian Higgins says he's about until June & then heading off onto the continent & seeing where it takes them. Still leaves some potential for May though....

watch this space...

Injury Concerns:

No-one here yet either., although Justin Avery says: My legs have turned into brain over the winter; reconversion may be tricky.

Evan Gibbons is currently questioning his sanity & believes he doesn't want to play anymore.

We can't comment on likelihoods of selection, but as far as we can gather, all other players are likely to be available to play from the start of the season, for the majority of games, fitness permitting

General News:

Ramadan in 2018 will start on Wednesday 16th May & the last day of fasting should be Thursday 14th June.