2012 Match 13th May - Saturday XI vs Timsbury


In order of batting appearance here are some notes and comments

Ben Preece - £9Bn - Batsman

Points scored: 41

Comments: Looked at ease on a slow seamer with some stylish shots until pulling low (but not low enough) to backward square leg.

Verdict: I'm not going to do verdicts; it's all there in the values, points scored & comments; make your own minds up

Justin Avery - £11Bn - Batsman

Points scored: 45

Comments: Stood in as keeper till drinks, but fielding highlight was the unexpected interception of a ball everyone had thought had got past (including the fielder & both batsmen) & after getting over the shock, throwing over the top of the stumps from the ground to Old Ned for the game's second run out. Opening the batting never settled & flipped a leading edge round the corner for a juggled dolly.

Evan Gibbons - £15Bn - Allrounder

Points scored: 50

Comments: Not really tested in the field as everything seemed to go pretty much according to plan, but since everything went pretty much according to plan didn't really get tested in the field. Worth noting that the opposition was dismissed without any overs from Ev, Kahlu or Higgy. Batted with patience & determination, resolute self-control & no small amount of running guidance. Got off the mark shortly before Kahlu's 50 & saw us safely home with no doubting the outcome.


Kahlu Kumara - £15Bn - Allrounder

Points scored: 142

Comments: Didn't feature with the ball, but beware standing within detonation range of the stumps when he gets it in the field. Fortunately Tim & Rob seemed to know what was coming & were continuously sound backing up. Came to the crease at 27-2 when batting had looked tricky for just about everyone that had tried it & decided to just win this. Narrowly avoided having to be given run out early in a too close to call decision, by twiddling his bat around when he should have been stretching to get it in easily, then proceded to take running, the in-fielders & any significant contact with the lush outfield out of the equation by lofting the ball powerfully into spaces impossible to predict ahead of execution, & across or over the ropes 7 times. Match ending amontillado moment 6 was a wonder to behold.

Ian Higgins - £10Bn - Allrounder

Points scored: 25

Comments: Was present for the whole match. Fielded at slip, but there were no edges. Didn't get to bowl. Didn't get to bat. Cheered well.

* includes 25 points earned for playing in a win, except where indicated by **.

** includes 15 points earned for playing in a win for more than 5 overs but less than a full innings or match.

***including 30 points for winning the MOM election

If this had been your fantasy XI for the week, you would have scored 685 basic points, & with Ev as captain, 735 (but it would have cost £127Bn & had 12 players!).

General match notes:

Timsbury batted first and despite some early middle order resistance, were all out for 99 in 31 overs to some effective swing & seam bowling & a good Cowboys performance in the field. The wicket was dying, the square was quick but the outfield was ultralush; It was swinging quite prodgously at times & their umpires were noticeably forgiving on the wides front. Choc-ices were reciprocated.

In reply the Cowboys lost their openers pretty early, but Ev was steadfast & once Kahlu joined him & started to spray the ball about with characteristic abandon there was only one result possible. The game ended in the 29th over with a Gaylesque back foot drive over the bowler's head for 6.

link to the full scorecard

Angelo Bordi - £10Bn - Keeper

Points scored: 15

Comments: Arrived from Lancashire just in time for the mid-innings drinks break & performed solidly with the gloves for the last 10 overs of their innings, standing up particularly well to some extravagant swinging lines from Old Ned. Didn't get a bat but did a lot of pacing

Tim Taylor - £9Bn - Bowler

Points scored: 57

Comments: Delivered some heavy, jagging, accurate stuff first change & bowled the key batsman of their innings. Kept a cool head at the stumps to assist in the game's first run out & was intensely energetic & reliable in the field. Lovely job with the scorebook.

Old Ned - £7Bn - Allrounder

Points scored: 105

Comments: Bargain of the match, some might say a steal, despite not batting. Set the tone in the field for a happy day under clear blue skies, taking the game's first catch with nonchalant ease. Followed Tim down the hill for a little spell just after drinks & with no mercy for the young & tender, obliterated all hope from their innings with a devastating exhibition of slow, tempting outswing & gathered & whipped off the bails smartly for a cool run out assist. Enjoyed an extended shift as umpire, & minced selflessly for the amusement of the crowd when they weren't being entertained by Kahlu.

Rich Garner - £10Bn - Bowler

Points scored: 66

Comments: Made the most of abundant swing, bowling an effective full length, hitting the seam regularly & striking first in a very economical opening spell.

Joe Burgess - £11Bn - Bowler

Points scored: 44

Comments: Was rewarded for some tight, back of a length bowling with a nicely lofted pop up round the corner to Old Ned, but was punished for a few juicy half-volleys & got very little carry through a slow wicket despite hitting the deck pretty fast. Had time to recite the alphabet backwards but ultimately held his focus while waiting for a catch to dismiss a small child who had performed admirably until he encountered Old Ned's wiles.

Rob Tinkler - £9Bn - Bowler

Points scored: 80

Comments: Duly completed the removal of their middle order with some nagging, consistent seam & swing. Denied his 8th over by Old Ned's success. Exemplary in the field all day & kept his head to exploit some confusion & effect a run out.

James Tinkler - £6Bn - Allrounder

Points scored: 15

Comments: Admirably filled in for Angelo as 12th man & fielded without error until drinks.