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August 18

Nasir Ali (G-Naz, a.k.a. Pit) is now available for fantasy selection as a bowler costing £3Bn (493)

August 5

Oli Groom (367) is back & available for the rest of the season.

Jeff Otterbeck (365) reports thus: "I'm gonna miss 3 matches in August 17,24,31st, I know I know, Spain holiday booked without my input. Gutted, but good to be gutted by a pool in Spain drinking little cold San Migel beers."

July 29

Gretch Eller (363) seems to have made sufficient inroads on his house to be able to play a bit of cricket on weekends from now on.

Kahlu Kumara (236) is back by personal request, until we transcribe the real surname from the scorebook, at which point he'll be that instead.

July 23

Ian Higgins (240) seems to be fit & raring to go at the weekend.

3 Sayed brothers, Ahad (249), Samad (124) & Sadiq (250), new to the club, may make their league debuts in the near future & have been added to the player pool accordingly. See New Players below for details.

July 13

Rich Grove (106) has ricked his back & paralysed himself; medical opinion suggests a 6-8 week recovery.

Angelo Bordi (362) seems back to full fitness & is off the concerns list, whilst Ian Higgins (240) hopes to return to action this weekend or the next.

July 9

For convenience, old friendships & glory Sahil Patel (237) has effectively left the club & joined the Bristol Knights. Sad news, but wasn't it good while it lasted...

Grant Forrester (112) has now moved into full scale perinatal mode, where he'll probably remain for the rest of the season, excluded from league cricket. All the best.

Oli Groom (367) really has now gone back home for an unspecified length of time; estimates range from a couple of weeks to a month.

Tom Taylor (361) will miss the next couple of weekends because of gigs.

Ahad & Samad have appeared on the radar, had a net session & are due to play in a friendly or two, & Trevor Forrest seems to be considering easing himself into the season some time in the near future, so watch this space for additions to the player pool.

July 2

Barnaby King (476) is back from Ghana & available for the foreseeable future, but SteveO (241) is off on his hols for a couple of weeks & Tom Taylor (361) is known to be missing for weekend 11 (July 14).

Reg Shaw (366) has asked to be removed from the cricketers contact list, so we anticipate no further participation in cowboys cricket.

June 28

Mark Treacher (490) has arrived from China & should be available for a few weeks at the bargain price of £3Bn.

June 25

Oli Groom (367) is actually still here for another couple of Saturdays before he goes home for a month.

Sahil Patel (237) has changed shift & will be unavailable on Sundays until further notice.

June 23

Ian Higgins (240) has torn his calf again. With rest & sympathy, he could be back playing around early August, or earlier if he just wants to skipper, slip (without bending) & bat (on one leg; boundaries only).

Pete Ray (117) is again available for selection.

June 19

Oli Groom (367) is off home now that term has finished. We don't expect to see him again for at least a month.

Pete Ray (117) remains sidelined with a rib & boot condition. Angelo (362) is back playing twice at the weekend, while Sahil Patel (237) is now bowling with a run up & Rob Tinkler (474) & Alfie Baker (482) are both now back off the injury concerns list.

June 4

Anurag Bhatnagar (AB) (492) a new £5Bn bowler, who can bat & field a bit too, has joined the club from the Bristol Indians. See new players below.

June 2

Dave Flinton is back; & available for an as yet unspecified but not insignificant number of weekend fixtures, so we've added him to the pool as a batsman (123) costing £4Bn.

Angelo played a full 40 overs in the field & a brief cameo with the bat without adverse incident to any of his 3 hamstrings. If he can manage something similar next weekend we may have to take him off the injury list.

Alfie Baker (482) pulled out of his first Saturday 2s selection of the season having ricked his back playing bladdersports. This could mean anything, but he's young so we expect a full recovery within a couple of weeks.

May 29

Wayne Kelly (478) is back on the path of the true sport & is now available for weekend games.

Angelo "I heard it go snap" Bordi (362) has made himself available at the weekend again; the vultures are circling to see how he runs with no legs at all.

Dave Flinton is available this weekend & is selected for a Sunday game. If intelligence reveals this to be more than a one off event he will be added to the player pool in time for next week's dealings.

May 28

Joe Burgess (474) plays his last game of the season this weekend, before heading off on his cycling tour of the world. Bon voyage Budge.

Barnaby King (476) will not be available for selection again until the games of the last weekend in June at the earliest, as he is off to Ghana until 27th June.

Rich Grove (106) doubts his future availability due to family concerns & we wish them all well.

May 27

The June Transfer window is now open. For the form to submit your changes, go here.

We have 5 more new players added to the pool for you since the start of the season: 2 batsmen, Sean Flynn (121) & Duane Allen (122); 2 All Rounders, Andy Bowen (247) & Muhammed Asad (248) & a new Wicketkeeper, Oliver Groom (367). Since they are new, relatively untried & untraumatised they are all available at bargain prices. See New Players below for a quick assessment.

May 21

Lalith (236) our dear Sri Lankan demon, will henceforth be known on this website by his real first name, although until one of us gets a pencil & notepad together we're stuck with the surname Kumara for the time being.

New Blood

4 uncapped players who appeared at training have been selected for league games this Saturday. We shall be evaluating their performances this weekend, with a view to entering them into the player pool in time for the opening of the June transfer window, hopefully with all surnames accurately documented.

Sean Flynn (a friend of Angelo's) has been selected for the firsts, probably as a batsman, whilst there are 3 new additions to Jeff's XI: Oliver Groom who appeared at the Rage in the Cage, can keep & looks like he knows the right way up to hold a bat is a new addition to the club, as are Muhammed, a potential all rounder & a friend of DC1 & Malik, & Duane, a friend of Joe, who swashed a bit of buckle in the Farmboro' pre-season friendlies.

May 19

Angelo Bordi (362) has pulled his 3rd hamstring in 2 weeks. This time it prevented him from batting for more than 15 overs & also made him retire completely from the field, once the game was safely in the bag. If he lets it heal properly now, he should be out of action for around 6 weeks, but that's a speculative if. Meanwhile, he's added to the injury concerns list.

Sahil (237) was run over by something people-carrier to minibus size, but it seems not to have adversely afftected his batting or throwing.

Brentford's challenge for something or other to do with football is over for another season, so expect to see the re-emergence of Wayne (478) in the not too distant future.

May 18

Simon Strange (109) played much of Saturday's game with a fractured leg & now expects to miss the rest of the season.

Stroddy (486) also expects to miss most of the rest of the season due to a prenuptial arrangement.

May 16

Andy Bowen (247) is a player new to the club, who bowls tidy slow left arm, bats straight & will be available for weekend selection somewhere around the start of June. See below for more details.

May 14

Dave Toole (110) is now away on his hols to scout out tour possibilities in China & is not available for selection until the weekend of 1st/2nd June.

Sahil Patel (237) has become available on Sunday in a purely batting capacity.

May 13

Saturday's cold weather has sent some muscles into spasm. Rob Tinkler (473) seems to have done some quite substantial damage to a hamstring & is likely to miss the next couple of weeks. Angelo (362), having seemingly healed his hamstring tweak from the previous Sunday, now seems to have tweaked the other one. Both legs are still attached however, so he will most likely still be available to play next weekend. Ian Higgins (240), having also let his thigh recuperate somewhat, now has a bruised toe, but it too seems unlikely to keep him away from any league cricket.

May 5

Over the course of the weekend & cage rage Ian Higgins (240) tweaked a thigh & Angelo Bordi (362) a hamstring, but neither regard the damage as sufficient to rule them out of any competitive league cricket.

Further Afghan Tragedy

There is unconfirmed talk that Omar's text (see below, May 2) was sent by his girlfriend in an attempt to dissuade him from ever going out again on a Sunday. Irrespective of the veracity of the text, either way, he's not in a great position to commit to playing league cricket for us again anytime soon.

Hidayat Sayed (239) committed another morning-of-the-game no show for Sunday's game, then proceeded to turn up at it, & bold as you like & with no apology or sense of having done anything wrong, gibber endlessly to harangue from the sidelines those of his clan who had turned up to play, thereby countermanding all efforts of the captain of the cricket team to organise his players. He also suggested we had erred by not cheating whilst empowered as umpires. It is uncertain whether any of this behaviour is at all forgivable, but given this is not his first such misdemeanour, his reluctance to balance his long outstanding debt to the club & his preference moreover to seek to increase said debt, it would seem that he is taking the club for a ride & it would take some serious work to overcome the evident absence of anything approximating respect so as to be playing league cricket again in the forseeable future. Sayed Miakhail (483) quit Sunday's game for some alternative committment immediately after his 8 over spell was finished, which has affected his chances of future selection adversely, whilst Sayed Sadiqi (484) seemed to think this was now the appropriate way to behave & shortly afterwards did likewise, albeit his bowling was insufficiently accurate to warrant more than a 2 over spell, & he proceded his departure with a threat amounting to something along the lines ofconsidering not departing early for as long as he was kept on to bowl. He left the team with 10 on the field & no further substitute available (except Hidayat who was now wondering why it was so unreasonable to consider that he should be invited on as replacement) to compete against the Old E, & also managed to avoid paying for the game, so his chances of future selection are likewise tarnished.

Obviously your fantasy league administrators are not empowered to second guess the selection preferences of any of the cricket team captains regarding these matters, but anyone who has foolishly selected any one or more of these players in their fantasy team, such as your correspondent, is doubtless regretting such a selection & will be removing them from the team at the earliest opportunity.

May 2

Omar Miakhil (476) has dropped out of the game on Sunday and has indicated to Bolts he will not play this season, his reasoning is not clear but it has been speculated it has something to do with money. Verbatim last text:

'I dont wana play cricket anymore thanks for everything'

'Dont call my social worker I am not coming anymore'

April 30

Gretch Eller (363) seems to be of limited availability this year, especially early in the season, due to a particularly extensive home renovation project.

The long winter has lead to the emergence, re-emergence and disappearance of a number of players; here is a summary:

New Players:

Name: Gary Fawle

Number: 116

Classification: Batsman

Price: £4Bn

The sole success (so far) of the cowboys flyer recruitment campaign; yet to appear. In his own words: "used to be reasonable up until 18 (opening bat and legspinner). seemed ok after a summer in the nets a few years ago..." Only available after 20th May.

Name: Pete Ray (Aussie Pete)

Number: 117

Classification: Batsman

Price: £4Bn

Arrived from Hope Chapel and has netted enthusiastically over the winter

Name: John Marshall

Number: 117

Classification: Batsman

Price: £3Bn

Had his first net for many years on Tuesday (23rd April) availability unknown.

Name: Don Taylor

Number: 119

Classification: Batsman

Price: £3Bn

A third Taylor brother joins the cowboys. Never played much as a child so is all raw talent and no technique at the moment. With the other Taylors scoring heavily, is this the chance to pick up a diamond in the rough for a bargain price?

Name: Sahil Patel

Number: 237

Classification: All Rounder

Price: £10Bn

One of 4 Bristol Indians players who have appeared this season. A proven performer for another team hence his high price; has a hamstring strain at the moment. Can only play Sundays.

Name: Kalpit Patel

Number: 238

Classification: All Rounder

Price: £10Bn

One of 4 Bristol Indians players who have appeared this season. A proven performer for another team hence his high price; he is actually the captain of the Bristol Indians Saturday team so can only play Sundays.

Name: Simon Davis

Number: 244

Classification: All Rounder

Price: £4Bn

Mate of Eddie Bridges, played one friendly last year, yet to show his face but is on our system as a potential player

Name: Preash Patel

Number: 364

Classification: Wicket Keeper

Price: £6Bn

One of 4 Bristol Indian players who have appeared this season. Was given the gloves in a pre-season intra club friendly and impressed, but otherwise may bowl too.

Name: Malik Saqib

Number: 486

Classification: Bowler

Price: £4Bn

Appeared at nets on Tuesday (23rd April) and bowled some handy off breaks; friend of DC1; unlikely to be meaningfully available at weekends at the beginning of the season at least.

Name: Hardy Singh

Number: 487

Classification: Bowler

Price: £4Bn

One of 4 Bristol Indian players who have appeared this season. Leg break bowler who got good turn in winter nets and picked up some wickets in the first intra-club friendly, can only play Sundays.

Name: Azahar Shah

Number: 489

Classification: Bowler

Price: £4Bn

Brother of Amir Shah, who also bowls left arm seam. Looked decent with the ball in at least one nets session, but batting remains unknown & Jeff is yet to be sufficiently impressed to select.

Name: Sean Flynn

Number: 121

Classification: Batsman

Price: £5Bn

No newcomer to the game; by all accounts a decent proper batsman, who can also turn his arm to a little offspin, & took a wicket with his first ball for the Saturday 1sts. Unfortunately has limted availability this season & is only likely to play a handful of games, hence the low price.

Name: Duane Allen

Number: 122

Classification: Batsman

Price: £4Bn

Swashbuckling batsman & sharp fielder. Yet to feature in any competitive games but is on the radar for Jeff's squad, & Iggy also seems impressed. Mate of Joes & we are short of information on availability.

Name: Andy Bowen

Number: 247

Classification: All Rounder

Price: £5Bn

Bowls accurate slow left arm, bats straight, can hold a catch & according to reports, appears to know his stuff. Now available for weekend league games & should be pushing for promotion to a first team.

Name: Muhammed Asad

Number: 248

Classification: All Rounder

Price: £5Bn

Bowls reasonably quick right arm seamers & bats aggressively. Should be available for weekend league games & would be pushing for selection in one of the 1st teams if he didn't live in Glos.

Name: Oliver Groom

Number: 367

Classification: Wicket Keeper

Price: £4Bn

Youngest new recruit, he wields a straight left hand bat & looks pretty polished with the gloves, so Jeff is considering having him keep for the Saturday 2s.

Name: Anurag Bhatnagar

Number: 492

Classification: Bowler

Price: £5Bn

Yet another new recruit from the Bristol Indians. AB is primarily a bowler, but from all reports he can bat & field too. Seems to be available for either day.

Name: Sayed Ahad

Number: 249

Classification: All Rounder

Price: £5Bn

Eldest Sayed brother & most successful in friendlies played so far. Bowls awkward right arm medium pace & bats big.

Name: Sayed Sadiq

Number: 250

Classification: All Rounder

Price: £4Bn

Youngest Sayed brother. Bowls right arm medium pace too & bats straight.

Name: Sayed Samad

Number: 124

Classification: Batsman

Price: £4Bn

Middle Sayed brother. Big hitting batsman, controversial bowling action but likes to keep too.

Name: Nasir Ali

Number: 493

Classification: Bowler

Price: £3Bn

G-Naz (Pit); operates with some mystical success as a bowler. May feature in a number of late season Saturday 2s games as regulars become unavailable.


We have good reason to believe none of the following will be playing league cricket this year and so have not included them in the players pool: Jimmy Pitcher, Alan Cuthill, Dave Bryant, Martin Blackmore, Simon Wilson, George Russell, Ray O'Reilly, Ben Salt, Brian Salt and Gary Phillips.

We have yet to see any of the following; if they appear they will be added to the player pool: Dave Hewish, Paul Moylan, Sean Parkin, Chris Arrigoni, Neil Richards (Babble), Zabeullah Orikhil, Abdulmalek Khugiano, Shaz, Roger Ball, Aaron Rogers, Ben Carter, Pete Davies, Trevor Forrest, Harry Gowling, Aran Gharyal, Gabby Amiel, Jim Robins, Eddie Bridges and Ian Page


Currently in the players pool as we fully expect them to play but beware, we are yet to see them this season:

Nelly Musgrave (114), Simon Davis (244), Gretch Eller (363), Dylan Otterbeck (489)

Limited Availability:

The following players are either leaving or arriving or both at least once during the course of the season.

Gary Fawle (116): not arriving until 20th May.

Bernet Cochrane (246): is available only on Sundays & may be returning to the caribbean later in the summer.

Gretch Eller (363): is involved in an extensive home renovation project & is likely to have limited availability, particularly early in the season.

Joe Burgess (474): leaving on a cycling tour sometime in June and will not be returning before the end of the season

Barnaby King (476): around at present but will be spending June in Africa and expects to return to become available from July until the end of the season.

Dave Littleton (479): available for very few Saturday fixtures & otherwise can play only on Sundays and if not selected may seek to play for a different club.

Mark Treacher (490): returning from earthquake ravaged China at the end of June, this is all we know, but will probably return to China without playing too much cricket...

Injury Concerns:

Neil Boulton (105): Off-season knee surgery successful; currently rehabilitating successfully.

Simon Strange (109): Fractured Leg (18th May); ongoing, highly unlikely to play again this season.

Ian Higgins (240): Calf tear (22nd June); ongoing.

Rich Grove (106): Back (12th July); ongoing.

We can't comment on likelihoods of selection, but as far as we can gather, all other players are likely to be available to play from the start of the season, for the majority of games, fitness permitting

General News:

Ramadan in 2013 will start on Tuesday 9th July & will continue for 30 days until Wednesday 7th August.