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2018 Evolving Club Roster

This is the inclusive to the point of total madness version. Participation in summer 2018 is a more fantastical likelihood for some than others.

Hopefully fantasy spies will keep an eye on developments over the winter & there should be some rationalisation before the season kicks off.

The availability news may have to clarify in some cases; you can't rule anything out, but obviously beware of investing too heavily or exclusively in anyone who has currently left the club or hasn't played in a while or whose mates are all still to get married or who intend to continue reproducing in the immediate future or have to work summer weekends or who simply have to go to every festival available or who don't really like cricket or whose home county is Devon, Radnorshire or Yorkshire or who intend to reside in Spain, Thailand or China for the majority of 2018.

2018 Fullest Roster

2017 Performance Summary, with 2018 Classes & Valuations

Weekly Performances for virtual 2017 season available here:

Only data for league batting, bowling & basic fielding scores is consistent; one of the Sunday 2s scorecards is completely missing. Details for golden ducks, run out assists, teas, Man of the Match elections & bans are included only where recorded on play-cricket or readily memorable, which is very sporadic, so cannot be relied upon to represent any predictable pattern for 2018 assessment, nor have I scoured past emails for details of who may have been selected for those games that were cancelled or abandoned; most such details, plus those concerning match reports, no shows & inconveniencing lateness have not been included as I can't be bothered, but use your own discretion & bear in mind some members of the club are more likely to score positively & others negatively in these fields. The player names should be clickable to link to ecb play-cricket histories for each.

Classes are based on a small amount of common sense & the relative contributions of batting, bowling & fielding points to the total.

Values are based on a strange function of total points scored & points per game, a twist of historical precedent, a dab of crystal ball & a secret, magical ingredient.

2017 Virtual Scores for 2018