Q: Is this for cricketers only?

A: No, this is for anyone and everyone as we are raising funds for the club, please tell your friends.

Q: Can I enter more than one team?

A: Yes! Please do.

Q: What is the email address again?

A: fantasycowboys@gmail.com

Q: What are the cowboys cricket club bank account details again?

A: Santander Bank; A/C Name: Easton Cowboys Cricket Club Sort Code: 09-01-50 A/C: 05093589.

Q: When does my team have to be in by?

A: 4th May. Although there is no absolute submission deadline, if you do not enter a team before then, for each week you are late, you will score only a nominal weekly total.

Q: I’ve accidentally submitted my form twice, what should I do?

A: We will consider the most recent submission (assuming they have the same name) the one to count

Q: How can I see who is on everyone else's team?

A: Ask them, we think it’s for the team owners to choose whether or not to divulge their lineups.

Q: How can I see who is on my team?

A: Use the form or email us for a reminder & we'll get the details back to you as soon as we can. We considered personal log-ins to view individual teams, but then reckoned life was too short.

Q: What if a player gets injured?

A: You will have to use one of your transfers to select another or wait until they are fit enough to return to action.

Q: Why don’t you include a consideration for batsmen’s run rates in the fantasy league scoring system?

A: As much as we’d love to reward higher strike rate, balls faced are very rarely recorded accurately and consistently (like when the one guy that records balls faced goes in to bat).

Q: Why are there no penalties for Jug Avoidance?

A: We think the landmark bonuses are incentive enough to make them unnecessary.

Q: Why don’t you score points for mid-week T20 games?

A: Our scoring system is designed to reward good play in a 40 over match. Including T20 runs scored and wickets taken, not outs and maidens or, more importantly, ducks, golden ducks, and runs conceded while bowling, & excluding strike rates, under a 40 over scoring system would not reflect T20 objectives properly.

Q. Why don’t you score points for friendly matches?

A: Friendly matches are problematic for 3 reasons

1. Scoring and statistics are less reliable and harder to get hold of

2. The essence of the friendly game is one involving altruistic decisions & co-operative behaviours that must be retained, yet necessarily compromise scoring rewards developed for personal performance in league cricket

3. Fantasy cricket shouldn’t affect decisions made on the field, this is very unlikely in league matches but may be more prevalent in friendly matches

Q. Do you really want us to enter passwords through Google Forms?

A: No. You will appreciate our sense of humour given a decade or two