2013 Season


Welcome to the dedicated web site created for the Easton Cowboys Fantasy Cricket League

The 2013 fantasy cricket season is now over.

Congratulations to JeffO & D.Taylor's Glasses, our runaway winners.

The best performances for the season are summarised on the Top Stats tab below, but the full details can be found primarily on the Players page & its sub-pages.

The composition, captaincy changes & transfer activity over the course of the season for all teams entered has now been published & is available to view within the League Table page.

2013 Prize Fund Fixed Values

The Players page contains all the information to build your team, speculate on form, stay in touch with injury & availability developments & decide your strategy for transfer use. Don't be uninformed: new players are qualifying all the time, whilst others are breaking bones, tearing muscles & going off to Ghana & back. There are tables, stats & charts for cricketer performance & progress; 2011 & 2012 history & league links and latest news on cricketers; new player announcements, current injury concerns, a summary of availability & intentions, & archived availability news

For a definitive breakdown of how cricketers score fantasy points & to see the rules in depth visit the Rules & Scoring page.

Team Changes is the place to execute all modifications to your line up; change captaincy weekly, make up to 3 transfer requests each month or ask to be reminded about the status & make-up of your team.

Fixtures lists all the scheduled 2013 league, cup & friendly matches confirmed for Easton Cowboys CC & has recent news on their status

Any questions or feedback? Send an email to fantasycowboys@gmail.com or fill out the form anonymously on the FAQ page