June 2012 Player Availability News

JUNE 2012

2nd June 2012

Omar has a friend who we currently believe is called Zabiulla & who we also hear is an all rounder, but again a conclusive evaluation for the season awaits his first appearance. Ben P has a friend called Ray O'Reilly, who we also hear is an all rounder, & evaluation awaits, although despite his appearance on Saturday it seems Golden Ray is unlikely to be looking to play much more cowboys cricket this summer.

5th June 2012

Simon Strange (112) has been announced as available for the coming weekend. We suspect this means the finger is knitted & he is no longer injured; just in time for the free transfer window. Alfie Baker (260) has sprained his knee; popped it out & in again, leaving a lump, a bit of swelling & stiffness. He's young, so, given that it isn't hospital & 6 months, it shouldn't be more than a couple of weeks.

10th June 2012

Dave Hewish's (123) automailer sent this when we sent out our transfer notifications: Dave is on leave - not back until Tuesday 26th June 2012.

11th June 2012

Simon Strange (112) is confirmed back to full finger fitness & has been removed from the list of current injury concerns

Somehow Tim Taylor (481) has managed to type emails in which he says he has scratched both of his hands picking gooseberries; sadly we anticipate he will most likely lose them to tetanus or some other clostridial mislocation & we have been warned, further fruit & vegetable based injuries are possible.

12th June 2012

Lamby Arrigoni (122) has been in touch to clarify that he is realistically unable to make practise on Tuesdays, so would only feature as an emergency selection, if at all, for the Sunday 2s.

Mark Treacher (492) has made an appearance at practise & will be available from now until July 16th; you have a 5 week window if you want him.

Matt Davey (258) has returned to the country with an absence of pain in the shoulder, but he's going to leave it for a week or two before testing it in a game of cricket.

3 new cricketers showed up at practise: Sajid (126), a mate of Dave Toole from Hope, classed as a batsman costing £4Bn, & 2 Afghan mates of Omar, Sayed Sadiqi (266) & Malek Khughiano (265), both all rounders, £5Bn apiece.

19th June 2012

Reg Shaw (374) has suffered a twisty ankle issue, which manifested not long after he became due to make tea last weekend & as a result he won't be available this coming weekend either.

Regrettably, Daeve Cullum (110) has formally stepped down from the Sunday 2s captaincy forthwith; which leaves James running the show & a vacancy at vice. Further appearances this season are not ruled out but would be a bonus.

Evan Gibbons (242) has bust his right pinkie during fielding practise, which will probably be about 4-5 weeks to heal completely, but in no way does he intend this to mean he will miss any weekend matches.

26th June 2012

Reg Shaw (374) has recovered from the twisty ankle issue, but has now started to suffer from as yet unspecified digestive tract issues & is again unavailable for at least the coming weekend.

Dean Carter (490) has some sub-diaphragmatic stuff going on; a liver, gall bladder & bile duct situation, which is expected to be diagnosed as gallstones later in the week. Will almost certainly miss the coming weekend.

Alfie Baker (260) is now available for selection, as his knee seems to be sorted.

28th June 2012

Mackie (491) has a back issue & expects to be out of action for about 3 weeks.

29th June 2012

Matt Davey (258) is now approaching full fitness, played a T20 shield match with no signs of shoulder issues affecting batting or bowling, is now available for Sunday selection & has accordingly been removed from the listed injury concerns.

Dylan (son-of-Jeff) Otterbeck (499) has stepped in at short notice as a potential bowler valued at £3Bn.