Quick Start Guide

To get going:

  1. Choose a team name
    1. Pay your money (£10 per team) either:
    2. Directly to the treasurer, Pete Spavin, your skipper (check with Spav, Adam & AJ; Ang, Dean, Jorma at the Plough) or Justin Avery or....
    3. To the Cowboys bank account (Santander Bank; A/C Name: Easton Cowboys Cricket Club; Sort Code: 09-01-50; A/C: 05093589) - please identify what the money's for and, if not obvious, who you are.
    4. Team selection
      1. Each player has a value between 2p & 16p, and has been classified as a Batsman, Bowler, Keeper or All Rounder (see also the Players page)
      2. Your active weekly team of 11 must have at least 2 batsmen, 2 bowlers, 1 keeper and no more than 5 all rounders
      3. Select a squad of 15 players to represent your team, but bear in mind your active 11 is constrained by a total budget of £1 every week
      4. Indicate 11 of your squad selections to be active & 4 to be benched, for the coming weekend & until further notice.
      5. Choose one of your active players as Captain, they will score double points
      6. If you would like any of the selection process done randomly, please indicate so below.
      7. If you can't fit everyone you'd like into one team or active 11 you should probably enter more teams.
    5. Send your choice of team selection, including your team name, your own name and how you intend to pay, to fantasycowboys@gmail.com, or enter the details into the form below
  • You can also use the form below to make pre-season changes to a team you've already submitted; just select Free Changes as the payment option & enter all other details, including your new team line up, as usual
  • You can change your captain & squad activity weekly & you are allowed 5 free transfers over the course of the season.
  • 50% of the money collected will go to help pay for the 25th anniversary celebrations; 50% will be split into 10 prizes as shown on the front page
  • For more info on the rules and scoring see Full Rules & Scoring
  • Any questions? Try the FAQ or use fantasycowboys@gmail.com; likewise email us with any requests for team details, captain changes & transfers or use the Captaincy & Roster Changes, Team Details or Transfer Request Forms during the season