2014 Season

Welcome to the dedicated web site created for the Easton Cowboys Fantasy Cricket League

Before going any further, please go here first to help free Ahad & his sister Anum; then come back again.

The 2014 fantasy cricket season is now under way & the Transfer Form is now ready for use.

This year's noble cause is the club's 21st Birthday celebration event at Thornecombe, so please indulge generously.

This season the scoring system is no different to last season & the rules are likewise similar to 2013, but the weekly submission deadline has been moved from midnight Thursday to midnight Friday, so managers now have an extra 24 hours each week to submit changes before the games each weekend. Some may also be pleased to hear that neither administrator will be submitting a team this year so we suffer less reality distortion & can both focus our OCD on the actual game & maybe even get some sleep between Thursday (well, Friday now) & Monday each week. We also now have 4 league teams competing, at 3 different levels; so please bear this in mind when selecting. Unfortunately, as a result of endemic corruption, budgets have had to be slashed this year, so it will be more like a 1978 trip to the sweetshop than global domination, but the players are fortunately willing to play for very little more than their love of the game.

This year's Players page summarises the key information from the 2013 season & presents the current classes & evaluations applied for the 2014 season. All the information; scores, tables & charts, from the 2013 Fantasy League season have now been archived, including, for those who are interested, the published details of the composition, captaincy changes & transfer activity over the course of the season for all teams entered, on the 2013 archived League Table page. Whilst selected best performances for the season are summarised on the Top Stats tab, now on the welcome page for the 2013 archive, more comprehensive details can be found primarily on the archive Players page & its sub-pages.

For a quick summary of the standings & key performances of the season, click on the Top Stats 2014 tab, below:

Prize Fund 2014

League Table shows the final status of the fantasy league teams, with tables & a linked progress chart.

The Teams that each Fantasy Cricket manager selected over the course of the season are now explicitly available to view.

See the Players page for cricketer performance & progress stats, 2011 history & league links; for more detailed analyses there are progress charts, weekly performance archives & Match Reports & a page dedicated to the latest news on cricketers; new player announcements, current injury concerns, a summary of availability & intentions, & archived availability news

For a definitive breakdown of how cricketers score fantasy points & to see the rules in depth visit the Rules & Scoring page

Fixtures lists all the scheduled 2012 league, cup & friendly matches confirmed for Easton Cowboys CC & has recent news on their status

Any questions or feedback? Send an email to fantasycowboys@gmail.com or fill out the form anonymously on the FAQ page

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