July 2012 Player Availability News

JULY 2012

4th July 2012

Omar Miakhail (485) is reported to have hurt his knee. Intelligence is currently vague as to the specifics & severity but fortunately he is not no spring chicken.

Dean Carter (490) is available, although not in absolutely full fitness, for the coming weekend deluge.

10th July 2012

Dean Carter (490) has been more accurately diagnosed as having a thyroid issue which has been affecting him for a number of months; fitness to play will be variable & depend on getting energy levels balanced & stabilised.

16th July 2012

The window for Mark Treacher (492) has now closed & he's wingeing his way back to China again. So long & thanks for all the fish. Jokes. Fish walks into a bar saying doctor doctor sure I smelt something funny...etc.

Simon Strange (112) has announced he "could be away for a few weeks".

17th July 2012

Afghan Tragedy: None of the Afghans look likely to play until after Ramadan at the earliest, if at all. This means Zabeullah Orikhil (263), Sayed Sidiqi (266), Abdulmalek Khugiano (265) & Omar Miakhail (485) are realistically unlikely to play again for us until September, what with the Tournament & all.

Matt Caven (117) has twisted his knee; we are currently uncertain about its severity but hope to keep you posted.

James Mackie (491) has now played his last forseeable game for the Cowboys & moved. He has already got himself a new club & we wish him well.

Gabby Amiel (257) has been seen & correctly identified in the Tuesday nets. Although we have classified him as an allrounder, we can't make any judgement on his batting capabilities, but he appears to bowl an accurate & very acceptable type of legspin. He is currently doubtful regarding immediate term availability however.

19th July 2012

Afghan Tragedy Stop Press: Hold that moon; Zabi has been selected & appears to be available for this coming Sunday (which follows the start of Ramadan). It is entirely possible that the blanket categorisation of all Afghans being unavailable during Ramadan is a complete nonsense, although it seems pretty certain that Omar is not going to be playing, but that would be primarily as a result of his knee injury. If we can get any clarification we will post it here, but if Zabi's 1s debut goes well, who knows what might come frothing out of the bottle. Size....of an octopus! Shabash!

Whatever the state of Matt Caven's knee, it does not appear to be a sufficient hindrance to prevent his selection on Sunday, so he has been removed fom the injury concerns list.

Mackie is still gone forever though; that one's horse's mouth.

29th July 2012

4 New players are available for selection:.Neil Richards, a.k.a. Babble (127), seems to be a batsman, valued at £4Bn; Pete Davies (500) returns as a bowler valued at £5Bn; Barnaby King (501) returns for the rest of the summer as a bowler valued at £6Bn & the latest Afghan sensation is Shaz (502), a proper bowler also valued at £6Bn.