The Story of O

Winter 2018, starting around halloween.

Game of Thrones stylee.

Keep kissing that kismet stargazers; I think any great saga or tale leaves the reader with a sense of participation in the writing of their own story. I got this particularly from reading the tales of the 1001 nights entertainments over one long particularly dark winter getting on for 25 years ago. It's supposed to take the best part of 3 years if you want to really synch with the story, but the tales involve so many levels of tales within tales sending you journeying through the veils & have a way of saying, not today, many faced god, they're deliberately seductive; it's hard to spin it out that long once you dip your toe. The best version available in english is the recent penguin translation with the Robert Irwin intro (hardback would cost an arm & a leg, but the trinity of paperbacks are about a tenner apiece). Unlike all its predecessors, this one is done by someone with a proper compassionate imagination for the tales; cultural bias & colonial propaganda has been effectively transformed, albeit any absolute or definitive translation is impossible; the arabians enjoyed punning, mystery & ambiguity no less than ASoI&F fans. Great if you're in the sort of culture that believes not suffering a witch to live excludes any option to transform prejudices about witches. I've read the Frey Grimms, enjoyed the Hal Hartley saga & & love that Gilliam movie, & I've watched the show a couple of times through, but I know nothing of GRRM directly, it's all been derived from the community that's sprung up while he's working on wordsmithing in the underworld, so this is to honour, but primarily to humour the ancestors. Spolier alert then. Pay particular attention to the science & porters; the Ayes & Noes; Is & 0s; Hs & Os; Dragons & Woes.

This particular incarnation of the myth has snowballed but maybe this is where it will stick. It all weaves together though, make of that what you will. It's enlightening to show some compassionate imagination for the others & their perspective, their relationships to the children, trees & first men. Mama Aveva Nyx. That's a healthy way to go here I feel Andi. There's also the matter of a little dragonglass in the heart as part of the alchemy. I think the petrifying white state of the trees is also significant of the presence & state of the others; not chicken or egg necessarily, but synchronicity; in the spring they should be green & engaged in the transformational cycle. They aren't currently photosynthesising too much, but are in animal mode; most of their energetic input seems to derive from animal sources, like carnivorous plants, or triffids; & everyone's got to get their N & P somehow. Under the sea, the fool's number is 0 & like a butterfly, knows nothing, yet under another sea, O is element number 8; o oo.

The story of O; alchemy style (cryptic fuller version hidden in plain sight), in the key of earth (also right under your nose), with all due respect the infinity of gurus, but especially for this, archmaester Jim Lovelock & my school Chemistry teacher, Larry George. In an oxidising atmosphere, iron rusts; deep under the sea, in a reducing environment, rusty iron turns shiny, but lay aside the macho yet maternal metals & the stannic bucket hats just for now & focus on the organic. Once upon a time, back in the earth's history, probably the most catastrophic toxic event ever to befall life was the evolution & liberation of oxygen. Starting any saga like that, the egg should be implicit as the origin & oenvironment, & in this case the subject, but all due respect the ovum, folks generally want to get straight to the dragon hatchling, & watch it play & chase its tail, less wonder how it got in there in the first place. Reed my lips, the vocalised w at the very origin of the word remains unritten, but not even modern evolutions of english ain't gonna drp the O frm the start of that wrd. In the beginning you have to appreciate it's wyrd. Wo there mittwoch; change the name if you like; the spirit remains, but hidden in the telltale heart. So, you & you, at the start of the spelling, before any toil or trouble, there's traditionally something barely tangible & fluid, more generally overlooked & now we are 3, via satellite, again, for nothing takes place in a vacwm, right Cass?

Looking back through the murk, all the way east, along the silk road to the shadowlands beyond asshai, the first phase of the earth's history ran from about 4.6Bn years ago until about 4.1Bn YA & was known as the hadean; it's all too hot & chaotic to put a membrane around anything & get it to maintain any consistent integrity, but there's thunder, lightning & rain, a lot of electrical potential being whipped up & discharged & it's a crucible for elemental faery alchemy. In the archaean things are cool enough for a little solid land & stability, though it's still a hydrogen based reducing atmosphere & toxic from the perspective of modern aerobic folks. Now everyone's woken up as a bacterium of some type or another, & although there are a number of differentiated tribes, all with different relationships with each other, everyone's sharing materials about freely & when they have a useful idea, they enjoy communicating those too; they aren't particularly bothered about competitive separate identity & although no tiny individual lives long at all, as an anarchic culture, continually transforming, they live lives of giants; some are still with us. As the sun reveals its face at last, the photosynthetic blue/green tribes thrive & from under the sea, O is evolved from H2O using the light energy, then sugar based alchemy really takes off creatively for the first time, so for them, life tastes sweet, but for the ancestors, there's a bitter aftertaste. The daughter of fire & water, O sets off eager for adventure & goes around in total innocence bleaching & polishing everything up, clearing the skies & turning them blue, at the same time making the sun yellow. Who's been, polishing up the sun, polishing up the sun today? They must have known just how I like it, everything's coming my way, as my grandad used to sing with a lunatic rictus grin on his face. It goes on & becomes self reinforcing. Hang on though grandad, roll back a tad & lo there was light under the sea, before the skies cleared & when there was virtually nothing around in the way of light pollution; it's based on some ancient bioluminescent bacteria making innovative use of some potentially toxic accumulations of O, calcium & phosphates. Luciferins are effectively shadowbinders & use reducing potential to recombine O into water & in doing so may communicate through light emissions, which is when the eyes begin to proliferate. Lucifer's right there back in the day, bringing the light from under the sea. So as the skies clear, the jade cyanobacteria, having gathered some magnesium & phosphate & figured out how to make chlorophyll & synthesise carotenoid tetraterpenes, are convinced they have just created the sun in their own image, so it's just for them. It's cyanthropic hubris though, for the great majority of the archaebacteria (the old ones), this represents a cataclysmic devastation; O is fundamentally toxic to life, extremely gregarious, if not downright promiscuous, yet loyal & passionate & so transforms most anything she interacts with through her scintillating love. A pact is inevitably reached, O is nothing if not compassionate & it upsets her deeply to witness the devastation & chaos she wreaks in her wake, & although from the ashes something inconceivably amazing & fantastic emerges, as if by magic affirming the wonder to all, & ultimately it is evidently better for life as a hole, the original life forms poisoned by O now have to take refuge in the underworlds of bubble & squeak, extreme low oxygen & O free zones of the earth, near smoky vents at the bottom of the ocean, in salty, acidic or alkaline lakes, hot springs & mud wells, deep under the soil, in the swamps & stagnant pools, inside the digestive tracts of animals or more covertly inside other living cells, where they base their alchemical processes around characteristic lipid hydrocarbons & regard O as toxic waste, whereas maesters regard these originals as extremophiles; doh.

Yet, by imaginatively getting together as 3 linked & dancing sisters, O helps limit the energy of the incident destabilising radiation & adds stability to the depth of the blue, thereby supplying the atmosphere with a protective o zone membrane, but mostly under the skin, she operates as a pair of sisters, one of whom tends to go off dancing indiscriminately with whomever she's most passionately attracted to, while the other usually dances with a pair of dragons yielding water, love is blind, but splitting the sisters into 2 radicals makes everything get violent. Superoxide sounds like a comic book character; only dismutaseman can sort her out so that she doesn't destroy everything will ye nill ye. Fair is foul & foul is fair; hover through the fog & filthy air. Release the genii fisher king.

Until O is liberated, life is limited to prokaryotic life forms, but with the huge increase in potential free energy, by 2.5B YA as the archaean ends & the proterozoic begins, all sorts of things become possible for the material expressions of life, including eukaryotic cells, specialised, albeit interdependent cooperating kingdoms & multicellular forms, cooperating in increasing diversity, all still interconnected through the internal (nervous fire & hormonal humour) & external inter organism chemical & elemental faery webs, but it's oxygen that ultimately necessitates more rapid cycles of transformation for all of them; now, if the dragon doesn't consume & transform them, O gets every mortal in the end; valar morghulis. And it was the maester Lynn Margulis who came up with endosymbiont theory in their version of the natural history. The diverse elves representing the different kingdoms of life communicate chemically to cooperate & levels of O have been balanced around 21%, while her passionate ways are buffered by a gaseous environment predominantly comprising more stable Nitrogen, making up almost all the rest. Simultaneously, the earth moves into a state of evident atmospheric disequilibrium, characteristic of something alive (on dead or dormant planets the atmosphere is always reflected in a state of overall chemical equilibrium; life surfs the waves of entropy & weaves them into improbable complex organisation), but the foundations of it all still involve potential differences in hydrogen concentration, & before O was liberated energy transformation was more about sulphur & its archaic underworld relationship with iron; S & Fe; the brimstone serpentine Dragon & the faery George, & at the deepest strata, it is yet. This phase is moving from a state of balanced equilibrium, analogous to libra, & maintained through lemniscate like negative feedback loops, into a transformational otherworld characterised by self reinforcing positive feedback loops & a rapid transition from one definitive state of balanced being into another. This is going under the sea of fixed water & into Scorpio; things get cool with O, but the dragon keeps an eye on it. Negative feedback regulation is the norm; positive feedback signals are the general exception, until you look deeper into the rapid & immediately irreversible transitions in natural systems. This transition was since named the Great Oxidation Event, or GOE, not to be confused with the George Empire of the Dawn & their LED irises, or with geodes, by more contemporary maesters, but previously unavailable metals & minerals now started to become apparent.

Most organic elves can be generated using just C, H & O, elements 6, 1 & 8; adding N, element 7, increases the diversity enormously allowing for proteins & nucleic acid bases & range of sophisticated communication faeries, but S, 16 & P, 15 are no less fundamental, they're deep in the bowels, skins & spines of things, if less common or generally perceived as significant. Depending on nature & environment, more complex life forms have greater or lesser requirements for additional mineral ions, in proportions still representing the original oceans, primarily Natri Um, Kali, Calci, Chloros, Magnus & Fey George, a little Ioda & Flora, tiny amounts of Lilith, Bors & Bromo, Silly con & serene Selene plus a bunch of typically colourful micronutrient transition faeries, like spectral Chromium, Van & purple Man, N cracking redox Mo, blue Cobalt (B12), yellow Nick, verdigris Cu jimmy & Zinc for shellfish fingers.

C forms the essential skeleton of all organic faeries; it likes forming giant tetrahedral lattice structures as diamond when subjected to dragon pressure, or layered giant hexgonal rings that slide easily across each other as graphite, it's not lead in yr pencil, & more recently we have bucky balls; not to mention coke or soot, its simplest & blackest form. C's essential nature is covalent; it likes to share 4 bonds in strong, reciprocal relationships & experiences little tension in its relationships with H, who match each other well in terms of electronic passion; together they generate a great diversity of hydrocarbons; characterised by their highly fluid & light nature & the sensitive delicacy of the interactions that operate in their associations with each other; they are essentially anarchic & require reciprocal freedom of expression. In order to form the strongest relationships they need free will & liberty, it may seem paradoxical, but the more order is imposed, the more relatively fluid & dissolute they become & more inclined to band together in an apparently oppositional orientation, hence the surface tension; mutual emotion is integral to their relationships & water forms its most ordered & fixed structure in the solid state. Under the sea, pushing towards the object of passion drives it further away. In relationship with water they are collectively hydrophobic; they don't mix well; H2O is anomalous & forms highly ordered polarised structures of sufficient energy to allow an extremely light elf like water to operate in liquid forms at most earth temperatures & otherwise as a solid or vapour, but the bohemian nature of hydrocarbons makes it an intolerable environment for them. Water is the more passionate, rigidly organised agent in the relationship; most elves show preference for one fluid medium or the other; ions & polar elves prefer to dance in the aqueous realm; the more electrically neutral & sensitive dance with the air spirits or hang out with other free spirits like themselves in oils & fats, resins, sterols & waxes, often in some underworld or other, away from the imposition of water's order.

Adding O, the most polar of common faeries, to the skeletons generates alcohols, organic acids, sugars & other carbohydrates, plus linkages to form larger associations & structures; S, less polar analogues of these (either as -2, seeking peace through balanced or trine angled paired relationships like O, or +6 covalency); N & P also add polarity, typically as -3 tetrahedra or +5 respectively; & the more polar groups any elf carries, the greater its affinity for water, but the heavier & bulkier it becomes; H fills in all the gaps but in comparison to the other organic participants, N, O, P & S, only ever contributes relative lightness & manoeuvrability, affinity for the hydrophobic media & all its relationships are univalent & particular; it can't form covalent bridges between other faeries by itself.

In the goldilocks green zone are the walkers between the worlds; ethyl al cohol is one of the lighter spirits, firewater, but the essential manifestation is as membrane phospholipid, which operates at the boundaries compartmentalising different bubbles of life; it's got a charged phosphate amine head, orienting it towards the aqueous medium, a neck of the trivalent alcohol, the triple headed elf glycerol (a most excellent natural antifreeze, which also serves as the nexus of the trident in triacylglycerides, alias, triglycerides; the usual form in which fats & oils are stored) & in this case, having a definitive head, it links just a pair of fatty acid tails, orienting into the hydrophobic medium. The most common phospholipid is phosphatidyl choline, now generally mass produced in monocultures by enslaved zombie glycine max as lecithin. Most plants make saponins using large terpenoid & steroid hydrocarbons attached to a variety of polar heads, including such stars as digoxin, from foxglove, or glycirrhizin, from liquorice, although saponaria, soapwort, is probably the most renowned. Primates synthesise pulmonary surfactant in their lungs, which helps newborns negotiate their new aerial respiratory environment, bile salts in their gall bladders, facilitating lipid absorption from digestive intake, & detergents, emulsifiers, spermicides & soaps, for making everything squeaky clean & banishing evil dirt, not really understanding quite how deep they're messing, but you can blow bubbles & generate intermediary compartments or fuse separate worlds with all of these.

Under the sea, bubbles have the hydrophobic side internalised; the polarity is reversed, captain, & the heads of these dragons always face the water & their tails are always leaving, but they don't do flip flop. Water is the smallest thing about in the aqueous medium & moves freely across any membrane, to water, the web is full of big holes, but everything too large or too polar requires a chaperone of greater or lesser selectivity if it is itself to traverse the fluid boundary; small lipophilic faeries enjoy swimming in the membrane bilayers at their pleasure however. Biological cell membranes incorporate a range of protein receptors with greater or lesser linguistic translation skills to messenger faeries arriving at the surface of the web, keeping each cell in chemical communications with its cooperative whole; not all maesters understand raven & very few have that valerian link, but short symbolic specifics may still be conveyed fairly rapidly this way. Cells are supplied nutrients, oxygen & hormones via the aqueous general medium, but more specific directed communications are maintained via insulated electrochemical networks. Maesters have investigated the aqueous elves quite extensively, but it seems the college is light years adrift & out of its depth when it comes to understanding the boundaries, their significance & the unreconstructed directness & particular unadulterated character of the chemical senses; that's primate priorities for you. Under the sea though, chilly means red & too hot, & peppermint means violet & too cold, & vanilla & THC mean mmm & just right. Analogues of these include black pepper, ginger, cinnamon & cajeput, or camphor, eucalyptus, wintergreen & kava; noxious heat & noxious cold, but nothing is aflame or in danger of frostbite; sweating keeps a man cool & driving the blood deeper inside keeps a man warm; it may seem inverted at the surface, but under the sea there's no paradox. Vanilla is very expensive though.

But not being fishing polar bears, whose livers contain toxic concentrations of carotenoid A vitamins, enough to turn a man's skin orange, it had better be colours then. Moving towards you; heating up it's bright white & ultraviolet; departing & cooling it's dark black & infrared; & there's a whole spectrum of richard of york giving battle in vain in between, which for us balances out in green; or it could be the other way round depending on how fast you're travelling & in which direction you're observing, hunting or being hunted, chasing or being chased, H or O, Herne or Orion, but it's always a pacific green in the middle of the scale. That's the garth chakra; other sweet corn is available; too Zea Mazey? Midgard, Middle Earth. Not ME surely. Know what the best elf for that is?

In primates, most of the visual senses involve multiple inversions; right is left, down is up, inside is outside, & silence indicates a photon has arrived; monochrome vision is discriminated through rod cells in the retina stacking photosensitive pigments called retinal, derived from carotenoid A vitamins, as visual purple associated with proteins known as rhodopsin; they're like vegetative photosynthetic cells, but they're purple & inhabit animals; the retinal cells stop a repetitive process of firing when the energy of a photon is absorbed; but this is interpreted & may be perceived as signifying light. Eating carrots (tomatoes, chillis etc) can really help seeing in the dark; back in the day, carrots were purple; the elves that first sorted out pigment production made pretty certain how to communicate visually. In brighter light, differentiated cones resonate with red, blue & green photons; in cooperation, a whole rainbow can be discriminated by these 3 & their overlapping sensitivities. Violet is off the scale for both red & green pigments, it's how blue is imagined when there's no green resonance, the complementary colours are magenta, cyan & yellow; acclimatise to any predominant colour of light for a while & step into a balanced light & everything will be washed with the complementary colour until the cones recuperate. Synthesis of the whole generates white; under the compound eye of the apis bee, invisible to primates without using enslaved faeries, many white flowers have seductive uv landing strips to advertise free lunches, & under the silvery D, the new moon is waxing, & starts to bathe in the rays; under the sea, bold as love, where it's all about pigments, absorption & complementary emission, the primary colours are red (madder/merah), blue (woad/indigo) & yellow (weld/kunyit); they leave in common purple, green & orange as secondary colours when mixed in pairs; red pigments absorb mostly the blue & green photons, blue ones absorb the red & green, & yellow, the blue & red extremes. Add white to reflect more & generate pastels; mix them together & it's brown, ochres & earth tones, absorbing a bit of each. To get darker than sepia takes sooty carbon, char coal or al cohol; kohl, the spirit of stibium, antimony; blackening the eyes with liners & mask aura cools light reflection but enhances the passion for the mystery.

Just ask the axis. Balancing Sea & Delta in the pigment department is balancing predisposition to melanoma (C) with potential cholecalciferol synthesis (D). Less pigmented & redheads one end of the scale, darker pigmented at the other end of the light intensity spectrum; as long as the 3 O sisters are together ok up there at the polar planetary membrane, otherwise uv radiation starts to change the game in favour of denser pigmentation all over. Feathers & fur similarly warm & insulate an internally heated body according to density, in a converse relationship with the capacity to perspire & cool; darker skin, fur or apparel is better suited to crypsis in the night, absorbing daylight energy & staying warm or overheating; metallic coats reflect most incident energy, & lighter tones likewise keep a body cooler; crypsis relates more particularly to daylight environment, unless coming from a full moon direction. These factors in turn generate a diversity of compensatory considerations in the suitability for any particular type of characteristic within any given environment. Bleaching functionally destroys pigments & albinism denotes an absence of operational melanin; red & white being a repeating pattern of the weirdwoods & in nature. In white hair, the keratin of the fibre becomes occupied by reflective air as opposed to melanin, whose density in the fibre largely determines depth of tone along the scale from lightest blond to black; red hair represents a predominance of the rarer type of red melanin, which is more normally generated in lower proportion to the more common dark brown pigment & may remain relatively veiled. Wouldn't be too sure any of it's any sort of reality in ASoI&F though. In the skin, this red version of the pigment is largely concentrated in the areolae & nipples, the acorn of the phallus & both types of labia, & being kissed by fire reveals the general underlying lipid lilywhite & blood red as creamy rose pink & shows greater transparency in natural physiological expression; in gingers there's less in the way of a natural screen to employ for deception or crypsis; red is sensitive & white reflective.

Melissa is lemon balm; characterised by its ethereal & freshening citrus scent & for lifting the spirits when melancholy, but she's a djinn that resists bottling & is far better related to alive than stuck in any eau de cologne as melissengeist; this one needs to be a free spirit & olfaction desensitises incredibly quickly to continuous exposure. Mel is often dulcit & honey sweet but can relate to black or darkly pigmented, hence melanin (dark skin pigment, also found in CNS), melatonin (inverse indicator of light intensity in pineal & hypothalamus), melanoma (black tumour) or melancholy (black humour), but through association with the darker notion of malfeasance, malevolence & malice, it also warns against seduction by or prejudice towards that pigmentation, as what Mel prefers is only bright & shiny & in an apple tree. She's got to go all the way back & face the dark sting in the tail.

Whether under the B, C or D, what primates perceive as black & yellow stripes are a universal signal of toxic potential; it takes discrimination in a modality beyond the visual to distinguish the truly venomous or poisonous from the mimics; trick or treat? Venom or honey; bitter or sweet; amara or siouxsie; mary or susan; polly or suki, scary or sporty.

The 3rd type of photosensitive cell in the primate retina signifies light exposure & feeds back via the locus coeruleus in the brainstem to modulate synchronisation between the biological clocks in the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus & pineal, themselves now blocked from direct appreciation by an obfuscating skull & too much hemispherical overgrowth, & the external cosmic rhythms. Hence daily & seasonal availability of natural resources, mad march hares & lambs frolicking in the spring, & death & transformation at samhain; adrenal & thyroid hormones burst out & suppress sensitivity in the morning; pancreatic, liver & growth hormones restore the balance & initiate repairs in the late evening. There are obviously monthly menstrual variations too, more closely associated with fluid, sugar & mineral cycles than light per se, & modulated by subtle unseen factors, although any absolute distinction of one influence from the other would be an eclipse phenomenon; & there's always a corona, it's an ego dominated world view these days & full of light pollution, but otherwise a perfect correspondence between the spheres somehow.

In their consistent repetitive cycling over a full year, humans are relatively exceptional; most animals ovulate only seasonally & some according to immediate physical reflex or pheromonal influence. Starting afresh at imbolc, oestrogens from the ovarian follicle represent the submarine waxing anabolic phase, under the D, primarily under the influence of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) from the pituitary, & stimulating endometrial & mammary growth. At oestre stroke beltane; under the sea, the balance shifts at full moon through a transient change from negative to positive feedback, in the hypothalamic gonadotrophin control department, mediated via sustained high oestrogen levels & generating a tsunami of pituitary gonadotrophins (FSH & LH), ovulation, & luteinisation (yellowing) of the follicle. Under the influence of luteinising hormone (LH), the progestagens then generated represent the waning phase, under the C at lughnasa, attenuating oestrogenic influence & stimulating vascular & glandular development & nutrition of the mammaries & endometrium, preparing both for gestation. At the dark eclipse of the samhain moon the follicle disintegrates & the endometrium is shed unless a mayday fertilised easter ovum implants & assumes the role of the follicle in communications with the rest of the body. Obviously menstrual & lunar cycles don't generally correspond much these days in the general population, but these cyclic fluxes remain intimately related on a symbolic, mythical & transcendental level; women that spend a lot of time in each others' company will tend to entrain with each other & become synchronised either towards full moon or dark moon ovulation; primates are largely oblivious to their own pheromones though, perhaps unsurprisingly given the general olfactory pollution or deliberate if unconscious crypsis, but they don't tend to get generated out of context either, so a tricky one for the maesters to recognise; there are high tides at either pole depending on perspective. In male men, an analogous cycle of hormonal negative feedback occurs with androgens substituting for the female sex steroids, but with a vastly accelerated & simplified daily & general seasonal rhythm.

Sugars & polysaccharides, like mucilages, have strong affinity for water & if further polarised, more minerals & more water, & they bind these to themselves; they are characteristic of vegetation but in the aqueous media of aminals they form cartilage & other connective tissues, mucus, fill in all the gaps inside & between cells, protect everyone from dehydration stress & make everything smooth & moist, the most highly charged being released by particular wandering leukocytes (white blood cells) as an anticoagulant when required; & many reptile venoms, vampire bat saliva, leech & blood feasting arthropods employ something analogous, with the more subtle needle workers of titanian acupuncture including a local anaesthetic. Horseflies, gadflies & tsetses don't bother with any of that though; they just try for a quick in & out. Some of the darker practitioners, whose blades are sharp, may deliver a special gift from faeryland, like plasmodium or trypanosomes, yersinia pestis, or vampirism; masters of the art of skin changing, flea, rat, primate, bat.. Wot, you egg. Lipids symbolise the complementary aspect of animation, without them everything gets too heavy to get about efficiently & they carry their water in a light, occult form that only becomes manifested upon combustion in O; hence the camel's fatty hump.

It's not that the tree, the growing one & the flame, the transforming one, don't have intimate need for each other & indeed, many trees, especially those under the sun, generate inflammatory hydrocarbons to catalyse the regenerative cycle. The vegetative one performs photosynthesis, liberating O from water & using its energised 2H to bind CO2 into sugars as a longer term energy store or be otherwise alchemically creative; that requires plentiful water. In darkness, the vegetative one switches to animal mode & respires accordingly, conserving & regenerating water until the light returns. The burning one needs the O to transform & in doing so liberates water, storing its energy primarily in lipids & bound phosphates. Animals characteristically reserve lipids & preferentially burn carbs; vegetables tend more to expend & disseminate lipids & store carbs.

For the animate stages of its life, the vegetative one provides lipids that carry their own water & are light enough for the journey; it may even seduce animals with sweet temptations in order to get them to perform the distribution or even propagate or take care of them. The animate one has a vegetative organ in the skin & its internalisation as the nervous system (embryological ectoderm); this is a network fundamentally based on lipid, so in order not to consume its own insulation & membranes, it consumes only sugars, for which it generally has to ultimately consume vegetation or carbohydrate rich organs in animal forms, like the liver, glands or digestive little brain (embryological endoderm). For animals, the mesoderm evolves primarily into muscle; voluntary skeletal (more animate), involuntary smooth (more vegetative), a little bit of mixed & also cardiac (somewhere in the middle, but slightly to the left, between the ribs). These will generally metabolise either principle type of energy source depending on what's about & how much O is available; skeletal muscle comes in 2 principle flavours (also with a bit of mixed); fast twitch, anaerobic white, & slow twitch more sustainable & aerobic red; to an extent the proportions adjust according to whether they are used explosively or more sustainably. Those with crocodile & cheetah genes tend more to employ white muscle, & need substantial recovery to settle their O debt with the liver, whereas hyaenas & horses are more about the dogged & slow burning red. Aves tend to be divided; lighter, smaller aerial ones are better suited to animal consumption, are energised nigh exclusively by lipid & get plenty of O flow, so they can afford to go white, like many fish; the more terrestrial varieties however, tend more to the red, generally carrying greater sugary, plant based bulk. I know GRRM loves tortoises, but march hares would spoil the hatter's language & everyone already knows it's not time for T yet, nor jam for that matter; it's not nunc mr death; maybe it's still under the sea. Only the blue/greens & their higher organisations as photosynthetic eukaryotes & plants, in which they feature as chloroplasts, do the chlorophyll based O liberating photosynthesis, but animals without fur can transform sunlight to make D-vitamins from cholesterol & help regulate their Ca, & terrestrial forms can liberate themselves inland & uphill further from dependence on the oceanic fish oils or the teat; they'd need nuts & seeds to keep the membranes light though & maybe a source of salt, no shortage of that these days. Refugee bacteria in the anaerobic underworlds include the essential N-fixers who live in association with legume (peas & beans) roots & with leghaemoglobin, a pigment which sacrifices itself preferentially to buffer the oxygen (as do C, E & K vitamins; which are similarly termed antoxidant). However, most living things use O to generate water & energetic currency from H energy potential in the mitochondria, a plastid common to all eukaryotic kingdoms & a place where a little bit of copper, plus iron & sulphur cooperate & it's not fool's gold; where they're concentrated it's deep red, liver coloured; iron at its most useful, plus it's good for red blood cells & connective tissues; magnetic orientation, lots of things really; like many such handy elves. Its main reserve is in the liver, somewhere inside the Braavos nederlands & served directly from the digestive blood by the dedicated portal venous system, & they always get their due; cheetahs always pay their lactate & oxygen debts & if they don't they get cramps until they do; how did the rains get out from there though, clever Titania; it's leopards that never transform, the song itself & subtle no-one should keep the genealogists puzzling.

Fungi mediate animal & vegetative kingdoms, but represent a separate realm themselves; their role is transformative & interconnecting; some can digest wood, as can some protozoa, termites & woodworm (not a worm, a beatle larva), all characterised by analogous internal symbiotic prokaryote elves; another ancient skinchanging form. Some fungi are aerobes & use O for energy generation; others are obligate anaerobes & only inhabit dark, deoxygenated places; brewer's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is a facultative anaerobe & can go with whatever's on tap; if there's O it will convert sugars into CO2, grow & proliferate & make its medium fizzy & light; if not it will switch to anaerobic mode & use its sugars to generate alcohol, but it doesn't get as much energy that way & although it is more tolerant than many of its fellows, it ultimately poisons itself if the medium it's in is limited. The porter's scene is about as good as description of the pharmacological effects of ethanol as you'll find anywhere; Bill knew his onions. This is Bacchus, or is it Tyrion. Mushrooms, pluto, hydrogen & dragons are totally unrelated if you don't make the elf connection, ok, dwarf, but let's not get hung up on classification; it's all alive, so there are dragons, aegs, targs & wargs all over the shop, under the soil especially. The best way to ensure landing in a nice fresh pile of dung is to get eaten in the first place by whoever's supplying the dung; one man's waste should be another's fertiliser.

A mushroom is the fruit of underworld faery sex; you can recognise psilocybes by their cyan colour upon bruising, but fly agarics give themselves away somewhat, with scarlet caps & white round windows, but, & don't go berserk or get incensed about Jojen paste, it's better he doesn't come inside, but transforms through agency of another green wood worker. Fly agarics are best filtered through a reindeer to remove the emetic muscarine; milk for the shamen & deliveries of muscimol & ibotenate to all at xmas, hoh, hoh, hoh, but don't take the piss, everyone deserves milk (play psychonauts & guess what the others aren't getting from kraster's grotto & then consider NQ Lady M's attitude to any potential children, or so she explains it to MacB); although you'd imagine the chimney access is necessary, & the door to be useless in a snow drift; unless it's a jar; hold that thought. Trap that golden honey in amber. GRRM, this is genius.

Sand running through fingers, idle hands, on goes the wrist witch watch; the cock crows, it's time, enter saturnine Macbeth, stage left, at the appointed zero hour, chronically ravenous for son light, the clock comes down the stairs, chthonic ravens transform, summer's heading full steam under the sea, along with leaf, using a bomb of transformation magic & directly reabsorbed for the sake of the whole tree & the holy trinity. Leaf fall is mediated by abscissins & coordinated, like the ripening of fruit, by the release & appreciation of the tiniest volatile organic communication elf known; ethene CH2=CH2. Odour gets badly interfered with if the passages are blocked & anosmia is akin to becoming elf blind; doesn't just mess with light & dark, this messes with the whole imagination of memory, & the map of time & space, or is it the memory of their imagining. Roll the snake eyes but time comes around full circle here, kills a cyclops snow peaked godhead & births another blind raven, & X marks the spot, nadir, polar north, midnight, 00.00, winter solstice, right there; Yule; bring the log inside & burn it; Ragnar & Athelstan; Richard & Salah al Din; Robin, Marion, Solomon, Sheba, Visnu, Siva. This is absolute zero; one time travel nexus where everything connects. WOAH, which is what Tintin's dog snowy says, a lot, but who mediates, warg now she implores, from the cervix, that's one vocalist in the neck; oxytocin get us out of here & into the light. This is lead into gold ladies & genitlemen. Parthenogenesis; Virgin birth, Jo & Mary are the parents, & the ass is the porter, but with elf blindness the gold, frankincense & myrrh may seem obscure. Titanic, hod carrying or brings gold, Au & awe, ore, ours is the pooh bear, ursa major or the plough or the saucepan or big dipper; follow the blade of the plough, from merak to dubhe, up around 5 x its length to reach polaris; due axial north in ursa minor. Willis enjoys nothing more than romping naked & shameless in the hundred acre woods & doesn't enjoy being pushed into a tiny corner of the mind, to winnie like some sort of eeyeore, yolkboy or plough ox, but he's also more or less untransformable, soft & malleable & pure as the driven O, but time must have a stop, & if his umbilical loop is at last begun & ended, no-one would begrudge him that bittersweet gift. What is taken from him is finally returned & what returns is finally taken from him. Whole at last; separating & together forever. Under the sea beds of blood & post-partum placental haemorrhage may be averted by use of fungal ergot alkaloids, most notably ergometrine; from the dark purple spot in the rye, Claviceps purpurea. And mirror becomes obvious too; a bitter diterpenoid tree sap gum oleo-resin that stimulates glowing immune healing. Myrrhis odorata is sweet cecily, but beyond anethole, the real thing comes from Commiphora molmol; brings you through the mouth with it, soft & smooth. Liquidambar styraciflua is the sweet gum & has fragrant benzoin latex, styrax or storax; a diterpenoid resin it yields upon bleeding, starting clear but maturing to darker amber; its leaves often end red, though most such trees enjoy cycling through a spectral conflagration along the way. Find yourself an image & you'll recognise these folks well; although far smaller in scale than any weirwood, these are home to green zombie saturniid (giant silk) moths; bright green nocturnal lunas & browner prometheans, for whom the pheromonal scents derived from their host trees characterise & influence deeply their sexual synchronization, whilst the fruit are like spiney elf bombs. It all comes via the tree whose resident spirit is axed by the others. One might imagine that paste bringing greensight home, crossing the styx requires pennies on the eyes, although maybe sapphires will suffice for charoen the faery man (fr ankh) in sense; joss. Sharon is the faery persimmon, diospyros, fire goddess, some saturniid moths express her too but if there's a female incarnation about in this saga, I haven't spotted her; mostly its about the blokey weirwoods, although maybe she's sat in callanish making tweed & trying to wash the blood out.

OMG a GMO. Under the sea though, chromosomes are not coloured bodies; they manifest only when it's time to serve. Om eye robin goodfellow; puck in hell. Yes, you know the killing wyrd; even Will S didn't evoke the pothers to do his transformations for him; didn't want to puck anything up for any Dharma embittering Roller in weaselly fur. As it starts, so shall it end. Kill, maim, disfigure, reap grimly & weave a lemniscate knot into eternity; Sorry about the hospitality Duncan, there you go temple haunting martlets, Bye bye Banquo; Wot, you egg; fleance again. But I just want some soma. Never herod of any gunpowder plot? In one end out the other; for giants, gestation can take its sweet time. Parturition can be postponed by opioids or alcohol, but not indefinitely. There's an end to the equivocation & time's arrow can fly only S, yet remember, from this moment winter is always coming, but without it, there's no song at all; serve to die or die to serve. Out of the dark cloaca & into the light with no little gravity. Woah there again neddy; who's got the ass's head on now puck? Well, when there's no more Jo, it'll just have to be Ben; nice scythe. Carpenter bees & their coats of many colours. Oriental whispers; turn them all, birnan tall; burn the mall, burn the wall; fern the fall; learn to crawl; heed the call; horn the heel, etc.

I can't believe magdalena Elia Kendrick (under the sea, she's such a deer) isn't returning to demulce that constipated bowel; she's ferried him merrily along through the dark night & hidden away, spored in that richard the 3rd is a frozen fun guy doomed to carry humour in its turn; waterfalls as w inter fell. Meanwhile she takes her song to the neck, for some laryngeal vocal chords. What reed beds do is sequester the otherwise toxic components in the water, purifying it to be fit for drinking; but if they get oversaturated & congested, the way a liver gets after chronic alcoholic dependence, expect to get a little green around the gills.

Silybum marianum is Mary thistle; her name takes some forgetting for a salty sea dog. Pay attention orthodox or sinister. A cabin is not a hammock, lady stork plays her part & sets the trap. Sing an aria of Eurydice Orpheus, on your turtleshell lyre; this season about alchemy, the chemical sense, freedom & conscience, gut feelings & not straining with the qualities of mer sea. Morpheus makes the whole little brain seize up, useful in cases of saltatory & uncontrollably running bowels, food poisoning or a dodgy faecal-oral bug like salmonella or cholera where dehydration becomes the greatest threat; a crane under the sea, to haul a baby girl into the milky lands, a solid enough stool, but indiscriminate prejudice finally sniffs her out & brings her low; the queen, my lord is dead; but hang on, alive she played a crucial part illuminating & discriminating the primate bias through fresh eyes, arising in the play within the play, representing a compassionate imagination of Cersei & challenging her suspicions of Sansa & Tyrion; as the ultimate test of black & white, Arya must expose her vaulting ambition, recognise & slay her prejudiced & cruel imposter with mercy, not cause her to suffer & trust her karmic insight & the intuition so revealed. Witness dark sister, forged, tempered & perfected in the netherlands; well, u dinnae get to c that last mystical gnostic union part, except in the mind's eye, but all the clues are there & there's always been more than one way to skin a Cat. Doom & will; all must die & all must serve; all men are faceless & serve the same god & what do we say to him; jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, but nunc today. Before the spinning room, AB sings; waltz into the flame, play your favourite game; I'm your freedom, not your keeper; I'm desire, not denial. Who knows where we'll stray in what's left of today; court some danger; use your 6th sense. I'm temptation, not your conscience. When you take a sip from the poison yew, will you toast the times to come. When you feel like death in the cool dawn air, your life has just begun. In your head my baby crawls, heed his drunken calls, you go with him, now, don't deny him, he knows exactly what you're dying for. I'm your freedom, not your keeper x3; I'm desire, not denial. (Adrian Borland; 5 a.m. 97) Shame. A centaur has many gifts, but the last way to do the job with minimal suffering is a solar plexus gutting; right in the gemini. Frey disney c it coming. And all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death. Out, out brief candle, life's but a walking shadow; a poor player who struts & frets his hour upon the stage & then is heard no more. It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound & fury; signifying something, no, it really does, it's right there in his face, but it's pretty clear MacB has some broken heart & broken mirror issues. Sandor may have pissed on LS(d), but his rebirth mirrors she who removed him from her shortlist of nominations; they've got unfinished business; anticoagulant net ball; get hype, expect clotbusters; heparin; ACE. Rickon may have been a wild shaggy dog, but well played Mr Parkinson, now he's upped stumps & retired to the pavilion. Bit of a disputed call I'm afraid. It appears he died twice. It's no art to find the mind's construction in the face, he was a man in whom I'd placed an absolute trust. Now, irony by moonlight, cream of tartar & that rat cook. For any who've never engaged with a cryptic crosswyrd pyzzle; cook is a classic direction to anagrama. To a man of the languedoc, that is, the frankish lingua, poisons & gifts are one & the same. Hear me roar; Ars gratia artis; ultimately, cheeky hob goblins, always the artists, it's just a gut feeling, it may sit there awhile, but you never know, it may defaecate gold, albeit not until one acknowledges base caliban & reunites protagonist props ero with silent sycorax. Applaud, but let's not get into gonococci or hereditary syphilis, if we go there now we'll lose the plot; the 2 genital butterflies will do just fine. Keeping looking for your buxom aerial sky gods, but GRRM is naturally writing modern medicinal alchemy; read her lips. And what an arsonist; literally exploding at both ends simultaneously; granted the maesters seem the last to catch on to winter's arrival & release those blood ravens. Logical causality is slow; intuition is instant, just a jiffy or as long as a piece of string.

We should maybe get into aperients, laxatives, purgatives & cathartics, eh, o, hi vera, ok then, no ovation, raxatives: Cascara Rheum Aloes & Phenolphthalein, was how the mnemonic went, but frankly I'd rather substitute Psillium or Prunus at the end & there's also Cassia or Rumex & Rhamnus; lots of permutations, but avoid the heroic medicine; no-one's handbag is really like a digestive system; gently swelling bulk with some water binding indigestible fibre is usually the way to go; as found in real food. Sandor probably takes his oats well boiled, with a pinch of salt, like in the adverts, but our gentle giant loves them green, Avena is the best of the As & sativa is its wildest form, to keep the spirit burning through the winter; add fruit & nuts & warming spices (you should know these instinctively, but don't overdo the cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves or they'll overwhelm the whole thing; a touch of ginger & star anise are highly recommended, maybe a smidgeon of black pepper or cardomum) for extra colour, prune family again, or rhubarb, as they say in the dramatic arts. By the time it's readybrek, the oats have pretty much lost all their ooomph; if you can get them cold rolled or juiced green, you'll get a better preservation. Top of the milk (yeah right) or cream for extra silk & joy. More sweet, less spice, depending on youth. Special K is not a dissociative anaesthetic & if I wanted flavour enhanced glutamate poisoning I'd go to my local Hong Kong Garden takeaway (hey, hey, woe woa woah). Gotta take the rough with the smooth & read the runes barn owls & primates, faery eugenics or vivisection can be explosive; from both ends simultaneously. Remember the electric kraken; stays on the retina; it wasn't just purple haze, eh Joe? We've already got a perfectly decent sun & a perfectly decent home planet; let's not confuse the two or it'll be mushrooms for breakfast, lunch & supper. Honourable & inclusive ospitality is no small potatoes.

Fungi are specialists in divining water & mining minerals; being essentially animals in tubes, & they are suckers for the candyman, just can't help themselves, but for any plant to be healthy, not only does it need something to help supply N & P (delivered by animals, more or less directly as ammonia, urea or urates, from decaying matter, as unhygienix fishy smelling amines & diamines like putrescine & cadaverine (guess what they smell like), or special relations with anaerobic bacteria in need of a safe harbour & a warm meal in the roots), it does better in association with the underground network of fungi as a mycorrhizal symbiosis, from which relationship the fungi get to drink ambrosia; milk & vine; not a bad drop of tea as far as nectar of the gods goes; olli reed, what a vulcan. The ultimate size of any plant is dependent on getting water to its upper extremities & this is limited by the cohesive physicochemical properties of water & how far it can go by capillary action & transpiration, but fundamentally depends on its relationships with a healthy fungal netherwork. Tracing this relationship further back can show the role of bears (& of otters) in transferring the salmon & trout spirits back into the woods; this is a major way to bring P back from the sea; bird guano helps too. Water ultimately sets the scale through surface tension & its order is clearly visible in snowflakes, even if no 2 are ever the same, except on Sam, Gilly & Sam's carriage.

The saga only considers the false spring in retrospect & vision, Right + Left = 0 being where the conceptus originates, but with luck it'll all come back around in the resolution; the midwinter events complements sweet summer child's fall, from its climbing zenith, which starts winter coming at the false midsummer; now we got an ass & some honey, the madam says, warg, & listen to your friend quoth the raven. The E schatological transformation represents a definitive top edge to the chronological octagonal jigsaw. For D, it's cleanse & purge & phoenix from the ashes time; while T fans Asha's spirit with his bellows. As for J it's a small matter of assisting the transformation of an S without a feminine animus, from little dove into a black widow & reestablish a solid home network with arthur's seat at the original odin's brrr, although he knows nothing about that, JS leads the way in S6; from nowhere to nothing to no-one; that's how to prepare a gifted body with respect in the HoB&W if you want to employ that face. JS just follows his heart, plays his catalytic compassionate, complementary role as ever, is reborn again amidst dunsinane's ant hill & hits the bastard skin stealer in the face a lot. Gestation is over & everyone can get down off their Ts, Xs or Ys. TY X? No-one's particularly grateful; there is no longer any being without access to conscience. AD Now it begins; ES No, now it ends. I wish you good fortune in the wargs to come. All for the sake of the widow's son; who let the freemasons out; mr kipling does bake an exceedingly good cake. It's beyond sin & guilt; leaf was solid gold, Arthur was sword of the mourning, cleansing the bowel is one thing, but a need for rectal enemas means the moon has lost touch with the little brain through the direct sacral channels. We looked for you on the trident; Rhaegar wanted us doing tantra for the hippocampus, etc. He's not just beneath the ground ned, he's in the very water. A knife in the back of the neck from a chameleon & the day is done for. C3, 4 & 5, drives the breathing muscles.

Wonder what's to follow from the house of the undying, where before B is on the north pole soma, D is flying on eclipse samhain nightshade, passing beneath the shadow of the dragon, across the sea, where east is west, irri, & Jaya is Timur. Janet & Tam Lin. Weave a circle round him thrice, & close your eyes with holy dread, for he on honey-dew hath fed, & drunk the milk of Paradise. Why not transpose the himalayas to indonesia to resonate the ultimate shadowy underworld.

And before the spring it's time for corny voodoo dollies & the image of goats; it's always the goats getting scaped; lugnasa & imbolc; waning & waxing; anyone could mistake all that for sublimated devil worship. It's probably rude to look too far into that one, but a titanic spiteful mockingbird has now had his comeuppance, so that's what happens when no-one's got your back & you imagine you've got every angle covered, but when you start weaving webs & you've only got one material dimension along the ladder, seriously mate, how did you not see that karma coming in the unicorn tapestry. The higher you climb & it's only gravity, after all, what's not to expect. Fool. Astarte's teeth lining absolute zero; wrong eyes, wrong mouth, that's fundamentally disrespectful; what a nob, but without him, let's face it, there'd have been none of this fabulous tale, but no-one likes a sore loser, just ask johnny mac or serena or tonya, long john silver or jude the obscure & his 30 pieces of 8. Jealous lions. Confused; it's something in the milk; even the dark one plays his part well, even if it is always carcetti. The white mynah is critically endangered & symbolic of the pure east; maggotpies fall somewhere in between; these corvids are far more effective operating in charms or parliaments; jaya on the other other hand is the pure west; jabberwocky, maybe but the colours get so well diffracted with these prismatic fellahs' feathers & black is not black at all, but a beautiful iridescence of deep spectral shades; so imagine how they look to each other given they have an extended visual spectral range in comparison to primates). Mockingbirds are just mimics; Mimus; Garrulus glandarius is the original J; as bold & passionate as it sounds. J is the egg healer; D is the egg hatcher; the union is where east meets west; each sun evokes full moon in the other; on the sea stallion meets world; such as might regenerate a faery queen. Janet & Tam Lin; well, gender isn't fixed in some organisms & we've all seen what becomes of whomsoever J touches where & how.

H the dragon starts chasing its tail, aiming for the heart & blowing bubbles rhythmically, right from the get go, & in order to fully enjoy the recreation, it's important to imagine the tail as belonging to another & respect the first rule of the club. It must be a duel; even if in reality; well, let's not spoil it just yet, spin it out a bit, manufacture some soap. Hydrogen generates water, pop; oxygen generates acidity, which is aqueous protons, triskelial hydroxonium ions or low pH & characteristically sour. pH measures hydrogen ion concentration in an inverse logarithmic scale; pure neutral water, at pH 7 has equivalent hydroxonium ions (H3O+) & hydroxyl ions (OH-) & their molar concentration product always equilibrates out at 14; only one in 10M water molecules is dissociated & ionised at any given time; if the pH is 1, it's all hydroxonium & no hydroxyl & extremely acidic; if the pH is 14 it's all hydroxyl & analogously basic; this is a universal constant feature of water & oxygen tilts the balance by passionately embracing the protons, being itself a base, but the acid/base equilibrium is generally described from the perspective of the H, nor is O the only faery to do so. Primate plasma is buffered with phosphates & carbonates to remain as close as possible around pH 7.4; roughly equivalent to that in the original oceans; too acidic & things start getting digested; too basic & lipids start turning to soap & that's just the extremes; every biochemical interaction & protein is pH sensitive & everything only functions properly within its natural finite pH range. It also affects pharmacokinetics; drugs are absorbed across membrane barriers only when neutral, so free acids like aspirin or barbiturates are absorbed well from the acidic gastric environment, a protonated acid is in its neutral form, but in that environment, bases are protnated & charged, whereas bases like typical alkaloids become free & cleared for travel when the pH is basic, & in the digestive system, that doesn't happen until the duodenum & early jejunum;, typically an hour or two's processing later. To facilitate alkaloid membrane transport different cultures have evolved different ways to modify the environmental pH of the respective alkaloidal elves, usually using naturally derived alkaline earth limes, carbonates, bicarbonates or if that's what's available, urea fermented to ammonia or lyes from caustic ashes.

From fire's exploding star perspective O is generated before water; in this vignette, the egg precedes the chicken; & O is at the heart of hydrogen & what the dragon has been chasing all this time; so H20 is the alchemical daughter here, but on earth, it goes beyond love at first sight, this is a recognition of complementarity & passion from beyond the void. Depending on perspective & scale it could be about electromagnetism or gravity; either way the light, quicker, ethereal dragon & the dark, weightier, complementary magnetic Fe rich kore, born of neutron star supernova, have each been on an epic journey just to get to this moment & becomee engaged in a dance, but each perceives nothing but the love in each others' eyes & they have no sense of any passing of time or of motion; this is how it has always been & always will. That would be the visually biased interpretation. The earthy one says, come on in, the water's lovely, the firey one dips a toe & says, looks a bit hot for my tastes just now, mind if I come back a bit later. No, the firey one says, o wow, Madam, I'm overwhelmed, if anything, but there's no need to put anything into words; they both just resonate in that complementary way; imagine it how you will; they have chemistry. As they say in the cambridge latin course; the wyrm is the father; the metal is the mother & the 5th is the incarnate sun. By the time life awakens in its bubble after the fertilisation of heavy supernova kore with light gas spirit, O is already bound, in water & CO2 & other relationships, & if any gets free it's immediately whisked away to dance with the shiniest knight in metallic armour available, often bipolar lilac Lilith, intense wee Al (in a tight glowing embrace as rubies & sapphires; but featuring in many long term & stable relationships), Beryl (emeralds & aquamarines), Bors the 3 legged ant ax, golden glowing Nat soda, ultrabright Magnus, plum dark Kali potash, crimson Cal (a lot), even non metallic Silly sandor, the spectral transition elves, especially Fe George, or some of the rarer electronically interesting earth elves like Galahad & Germane, even a bit of occasional heavy metal as with Stannis & Plumb, or Arstan, & although the noble metals always show restraint, our gent shy silver does not resist forever, even if a chaperone may be required to catalyse the union. O is so gregarious, charming & innocently passionate, they can't get enough of her, but eventually the buffering is exhausted, hence rust turns to black, then shiny iron. Most animals use haemoglobin, Hb, & whether O gets on or off the bus depends on pH, but, under the sea, cyanobacteria use cyanoglobins, arthropods & molluscs often employ haemocyanins, which bind O more avidly, better suiting these elves to lower ambient levels; they use copper, & nereids use chlorocruorins, so, under the sea, all these organisms have green or blue blood like vulcans, illogical royalty or hindu godheads; anyhoo, it's from the earth's perspective that O is the incubated offspring, & not water the daughter.

CO is fire not getting enough O with its C & it binds more strongly to Hb than O & also messes with the analogous transport in the red, red Mitochondria, Cyanides do similar, except guess what colour, no, trick question, from Rosaceae, like apple seeds or the Prunus range, & are useful in cases of neuralgia or persistant futile irritant coughing. There's only one type of hedging tree that a goat won't munch its way through, & that's blackthorn (P. spinosa; sloe, dark violet drupes; pick them now, prick them, add to gin with sugar, stash it somewhere dark & come back a year later; warms in the winter, but avoid in pregnancy or galactating), the giveaway is the almond (that's the amygdala, neuroscientists, rage, rage against the dying of the light) smell, marzipan or frangipan, but this is what you're getting from your cherries, plums & apricots; the sweeter, faster, less bitter or galling developments in sloe for a modern generation, come from taller, less spikey trees, don't contain quite so much cyanide, but all come with a good hit of VitC & pectins to help sluggish digestion. That's one way to contain an insubordinate goat, or there's caprifoliacaea like elderberry or viburnum, or valerian. Rotenones, as found in Piscidia erythrina (Jamaican dogwood), a red barked, woof woof legume with a tradition of use as a fish sedative or poison, interfere with mitochondria deeper under the sea, but O finds it quite upsetting, a bit like a red wedding, or a broken promise. That's going to be problematic for the spider should Dany & the realm become opposed. The tiger option with scapegoatfishing is probably an outmoded way to go.

Vitex agnus castus also has the colour coded berries; it's another one for horn control, but gets all the way deep into dopamine, opioids, & prolactin, which is all about nesting (whereas oxytocin is more about bonding). This one has complementary effects according to gender; it's known as chasteberry or monk's pepper & the latin relates essence of life with vines (lianas), lambs & nuts, if impure thoughts are your thing, shame; for women though, it's less about roots & stems & cherries that have no stone than cosmic synchronisation; needs to be used according to phase of the cycle in order to help get it running silky smooth. O could just as well be a son; it's oestrogens that produce brain masculinisation changes (albeit by aromatising androgens generating a delocalised ring) & oxytocin is shared & positively reinforcing during orgasm, childbirth & lactation; these are positive feedback relations, leading to rapid transition, initiated through physical vibration from the other & mediated via the hypothalamus, & oxytocin mediates contractions in the myometrium (only when gravid) or mammary ejection, when lactating. Don't wake the dragon, but not even a dragon can tickle themselves. Prolactin is the hormone responsible for superordinate regulation of gonadotrophins & thereby sex steroids, glandular mammary development & milk synthesis. This is what Lady M tells Macbeth he's too full of & proceeds to describe what she'd do to a suckling, whilst threatening to emasculate him; they're in it together those two. Milk represents Astarte's cosmic love; a mammalian thing primarily, but it has its analogues throughout nature. While prolactin synthesis remains stimulated, oestrous cycling is suspended at the hypothalamic level, so for as long as suckling continues at sufficiently high frequency & quantity, milk production is maintained & reproduction is suppressed; this is the original form of contraception, a phase known by maesters as lactational anoestrous. It only works if breast milk is used as the exclusive nutrition for the offspring & only effectively endangered nomadic hunter gatherers really get it to work; each child may stay on the breast for 4-5 years, naturally spacing the frequency of generation, but the whole process is subverted by any supplementary feeding as insufficient prolactin is then generated to maintain the suppression of the gonadotrophins even if milk production continues until full weaning. Oxytocin comes with each delivery though. It's also possible to use yams & cohosh & their steroidal derivatives, but I'm not getting into that. Modern culture hasn't gone anywhere fast with that one.

Sweetrobin is a bit of hyperbolic sop; a nimism, that's some extreme milky nesting, but in our culture the notion of having children exclusively on the breast for 4-5 years is hardly mainstream; if it's a point worth making; enough said, but if it sustains through a long night Robin may have a part to play in the wars to come; if he hasn't got diabetes. C weed is handy for getting blood sugars stored in the liver, but it may produce whiteouts, what with all the vascular relaxation, & typically carb oriented munchies. The components of moon tea on the other hand, or milk of the poppy tend more to engender energetic contraction or numb but tense paralysis of smooth muscle. Heirofalcons, like the gyrfalcon are large & interbreed freely to produce fertile hybrid offspring; carl linnaeus goes through the moon door once again; make the bad man fly. I think LF mistook his son here, he should know he's no arran jumper & more of a fey & deeply traumatised, tearful milky titan, whose lachrymal secretions contain catalytic & passionate lysozyme; & immunoglobins, aye gno, I no. It's a bit like eyebright, eh, euphrasia nemorosa; helps keep the ghost grasses respectful & in balance. This lad seems more a falco columbarius; don't blame muttley, catch the pigeon dick dastardly, try archery bob, the decadent libran monoculture is dying for diversification, or maybe he's little more than a subbuteo; flick to kick, or even crazier, he's cuckoo; I'd hope not though; it all depends on who puck puts the ass's head on, but the chicks are always ravenous little messy dinosaurs in the raptors & the transformation of the duckling is familiar to all fans of the early disney. PJ may yet be half right. Since that band with the fish vocalist went silent, it's all been brewing in the dark; things might take off once he's weaned off the valerian dragon suppressants; sweet sleep my ars. bronze yohn should help him metamorphose beyond the andal layer & read the runes; Fe & Cu, a bit of Sn & Pb; apply to Ag in the sun, add a touch of mischief & that's some first men metalwork if you can find the dragonfire from under the sea; maybe Dany should take him for a ride on her magic carpet.

Any exclusive gender to these fey is just anthropomorphism or cultural bias or convention; water & cosmic love are hardly sexually exclusive; if in any doubt check out what chronic antipsychotic tranqillisers do to blokes. PIF; prolactin inhibitory factor, is dopamine; cogito ergo sum, eh rene, sigmoid? There is such as thing as too deep under the sea; should be glad it's not frontal lobotomies & ECT any more. No need to get all vagina dentata about Astarte, not if you truly serve the realm & wear silk & pixie boots, although careful if you make promises & your promise brings you into conflict with the realm. Under the sea Missandei is the cunning linguist & no-one breaks a butterfly on a wheel. Water is the essential medium for all living organisms, but also like St Nick & a bit mickey mouse (hoh, hoh, hoh). Under the sea, little bear is a name given to mermaids, but they're silkies in the british isles, usually seals, but in their nautical adventures many a manatee or dugong was mistaken by sailors; grazing like seacows on the seagrass where the seahorses, seadragons & pipefish gambol. Bipolar bears then, those Mormonts, but loyal beyond the grave. But what does this mean for the penguins under the sea, I shudder to imagine such unhappy feet & does this also mean everest Tormond is going to have his own cleganebowl with a mendelian monstrosity down under. Brienne is not the messiah, she's a very naughty girl. Strikes me that Ned's spirit is represented by his sword, but it goes a bit back & forth between air & fire, wands or staves or clubs are in short supply in relation to spades & doom, & depends on Ty archetypes (Ares = Mars = Tyw = Tue = Tyranny) but the smithing combination ends up discriminating a widow's wail & an oathkeeper as a pair of kinetic children from out of the ceremonial ice. Dark bringer; swords of the levelling.

Everyone knows what bears do in the woods, but don't neglect the phish; under the sea, we'd see the sea weed, but never eat yellow snow. Overground anemones are characterised by the seductive black pupils & colourful irises; in all colours. Adonis is scarlet & known as pheasant's eye; a true belladonna tonic for the heart; Pulsatilla nods her head; she's the bright white & violet one with the fallopian & uterine sympathies; they're both gorgeous in the spring & all part of the buttercup family, as is Aconitum, monkshood, alias wolfsbane; deeper than indigo, probably the most profound violet of all flowering elves & maesters have proven the himaalyan tormond giantsbane version about the most poisonous elf of its kin on the whole planet. For surface application in intractable neuralgia, when all else fails ok, but beware, this plant is absolute zero; you need only touch it lightly to appreciate the pins & needles, so take that as fair warning; aconitine opens Na channels everywhere, so the electrical potentials of excitable cells simply dissipate. Ova & out.

With Hartsbane, Sam & Gilly can read the runes holistically. Where the bifurcated horns divide, the unicorn heals. That's a proper archer for you, like Arjuna or Karna, perceiving only the thing in itself, devoid of this wall based discrimination with prejudice.

Mistletoe, viscum album, is a parasite of trees & viscotoxin destroys the core of the heart slowly, there are less subversive ways to vanquish a green giant who's turned stony; those druids, ever the artists, but if you're getting nipped on the heel by karma, you'd better give the faerie queen a tad more love & respect. Heartsease on the other hand is the pansy, viola tricolor; comes highly recommended as the basis of a gentle saponin wash for cradle cap. Gilly flowers relate to a range of fragrant scented elves, such as carnations & pinks, stocks & cloves, in which the faery eugenol is common. Cloves are flowers dried from the tree, Eugenia syzygium; eugenol is generally applied in dentistry to numb trigeminal (5th cranial; Leo) nerve endings or suppress intransigent toothache. Sam, Gilly & Sam seem to constitute 3 heads to the archer centauress, but the fate of the heart analogously seems destined to be resolved at the i heart faces. Though maybe delving deeper into the love heart reveals I love faeces, land of pils, seems mush roomier from the inside, like a tardis, or toad's tool (don't shit on the throne; kiss the ring), better suits a laughing tree with an earthy sense of humour. Juno watt? A fun doll. Always pay attention to flowers; in xwyrds, these commonly indicate rivers.

The growing one is like Visnu, the preserver; the vehicle is Garuda, the eagle, or Krsna, there are lots of avatars, some of whom have blue skin, but not due to cyanosis, & so do most of the pantheon; the burning one is like Siva the transformer, whose vehicle is Naga the weed. Visnu's pretty much parthenogenic or propagates vegetatively, through budding & clones, blowing bubbles; that one is the turtle, Georges everywhere. Siva prefers sex with diverse Shakhtis though, Parvati, Kunti & Kali are godesses in their own right, but usually the stories are from his perspective; the shakhtis are too busy actually doing stuff. Only kidding, personal yoke. Brahma is the quintessence of the complementary living godheads; life itself; abracadabra. Something's wrong in the relationship between the burning one & the growing one; it's like they're operating as separate & competing entities; the growing one should ultimately want to burn & the burning one to grow.

At the bottom of the tree is a serpentine thing that has been discriminated into 3 weird sisters. In water merrily dancing round the may pole, these 3 devas, graces or charisma represent faith, hope & love, fish, crabs & scorpion & in xianity are all called Mary, I suppose all women should be really otherwise it would be anichy, gets those maids all in a row. In fire these are fae or sidhe, ifrit or djinn, rakshasa or asura; rams, lions & centaurs, but as with the 3 Ms, the 3 Ws characteristically resist simple logical categorsation; the 3 nerds in norse (n is an essentially negative phone; so 2 ns gives you mu (ancient Tao maths & greek joke); nissa nissa is the mother; nennymoans, Dear Prudence; the 3 initial cranial nerves of the 12 are olfactory, optic & oculomotor, or in the mnemonic, o o o; ozone; what you smell, see & look for, train your pupils to focus in on & cry over. Mary, Mary & Mary transformed; chill out little miss muffet; they aren't big as direwolves, are they Nan? but there's only O, o who's that hiding under Mama, & Nym left, & Nym's away with the faeries; magical mysterious Mama's been gutted by a herned one, Summer's been completely overwhelmed by the absolute zero & Lady, Grey Wind & Shaggy have borne their sentence & gone dark apparently senselessly. The chemical sense is the original modality, olfaction is number one;; albeit no modlity at all, but direct communion (the whole brain is founded as a chemical processing & communications hub, for depth to the memory & altitude to the imagination), but in the greco-roman these are furies, fyries or the fates & in Shakespeare these are unnamed & intentionally obscure in my opinion & any heirarchical relationship by which they are supposed to be subordinate to Hekate is a conceit of its times, as if Hekate's out in the open, who's playing queen of the underworld. As for the fates, these are lachesis, clotho & atropos; atropos acts to wield the scissors, I think we know her, belladonna she may not be to everyone, although she's always had many faces, but she is to me & I'm only a tiny bit shortsighted even with the lens set to infinity & pupillary dilatation; lachesis is the viper who apportions the length of the thread & determines the identity of the incarnation, this sister is more obscure but karmic & possibly in the mirror; I could imagine it to be a sister in law, in time or in space, not even necessarily a female, anyone fits but I suspect the one we're supposed to be overlooking is Gilly; frozen stark maybe, but whatever, she appears to be the one actually interpreting the runes properly, surely spots a sybil when she senses some, even if sidhe doesn't know the conventional pronunciation of Rhaegar, & guess who helped her with that through a feat of daring insubordination, not the lovely lepered leopard girl with the foxy back story. It keeps on transforming from the shadows this one, like leprosy & dragonglass, but you can trace some things via Nix, Nymeria, Nim, Nimue, Nemesis; Merlin's NQ, or the knights that say, Ni. Ni is yellow, but a bit of a hypersensitive serpent; don't eat that onion & bring me a shrubbery. Now put me in the shame cube until yoou figure out how to do necromancy. But don't do that either; just take these stone tablets thrice daily. That'll be £10. Next. Ultimately I'm left with Nico tiana & the sisterhood in general, as everywoman, this allows for Ashara & Meera, Asha, the increasingly venomous Dornish girls, Dany, Missandei, Lyanna, Mel & basically any woman still left alive to fulfil that role cooperatively. Someone in the WTF archeyeves or brewing in the wholly grail down under (Kernow), the scillys are not as they sound. Look at Liz's arms & there's a lion & a unicorn ok, & a wee harp, but where are all the dragons; it's hard not to notice that it's mainly gone lions; even the winter mustelids are shown bolton style. There's roses, shamrock (clover) & thistles in the gras, but where did the daffodils & leeks go, these folks don't know their onions & not a fish to be seen. Lions then; is that really all that's left of the UK; don't be fooled by the propaganda, we're seriously more diverse & mongrel than that. No, really. Not everyone's slumbering in the sun either & eventually the lion may deny his dwarven, gender conflicted or dishonoured offspring, until they all conspire, consciously or otherwise, to take the patriarch down in the sewers, under the sea & bring on the milkmaids to bring the gift to the unicorn. Good job, faery king.

The cranial nerves comes as 12 pairs. O o o is Aries, Bullseye, Gemini; olfaction, optic & oculomotor; cancer the 4th is trochlear & looks down & out (via a pulley up there; some of us are looking at the stars); leo the 5th is the trigeminal; this lion has 3 heads; sensation from the face & teeth; virgo the 6th is the abducens; moving the eyeball out to the horizontal axis; to go east you must go west; look out. That concludes the first 6. The 7th is libra, which controls the muscles of the face, senses sweet, salty & sour savours & stimulates salivation; there's no art to read the mind's construction in the face; tony blair was a man in whom i placed an absolute trust; no, only kidding, he's was a bleeding cia plant; you can tell by that have a nice day shit eating macleans monkey grin. The face though; it's big in this saga. 8th is big too; the vestibulococclear of silent scorpio; 3 rings arranged perpendicularly & a spiral invaginated ram's horn or ammonite shell; balance & auditory sensation; you need this to dance in rhythm & avoid falling off your horse; deep music runs still. 9th is sagittarius; the glossopharyngeal; dart that tongue out aroids, lillies & arrow worts; ambiguity speaks with a fork; Sanaaverria is mother in law's tongue; this is lingua franka; the charming speech of the serpent, glossy & glottal; the dragon singing in flight to its bulleye & conveys the sense of flavour. It feeds bitters back through reflex to the vagus to enhance salivatory output & kick start the digestion in case there are no pavlova's available. The vagus is the wandering 10th; driven into the underworld where it slows the heart & induces glands to produce secretions & smooth muscles to up their rhythms all the way down the respiratory & first 2/3 of the digestive tract & its associated glands & muscles; it's the major vegetative synchroniser for the little brain. Aquarius is the accessory, shrugging the shoulders, directs, cocks, nods, shakes head, whatever, milky bar kids, & Pisces is the hypoglossal, under the tongue holding activity, dowsing the fire of the dragon's flames with the water of bittersweet song.

Maybe like the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus after the FQ blasted Heath Jokerman off the tightrope. And you've got to include Cersei, you know what happens when you don't invite the 13th faery; someone gets pricked by valerian or rohypnol & misses all the fun. May have to include some token broken things to get a proper coven together. Clotho likes pretty dresses & spinning; & the black widow's got her needles; elves have a long history with tailors & shoemakers; there's a spider weaving a mystical unicorn tapestry & obviously I like 3 alchemists having a brew from their cauldron double double from under the sea or the 3rd is the whole that the stark cooperative partnership represents. Mmm spooky music, but so enchanting; spellbound?

In virgo, the M contains a harp in the mirror; in Scorpio it's transformed via karmic libra at that alchemical wedding into the sting in the tail, which becomes the arrow of Sagittarius; ah the horses; om mani padme hm; pegasus; the unicorn.

Artemis is very green. Artemisia dracunculus is Tarragon the dragon, a culinary elf that enjoys dancing with chickens & fish; vulgaris is common mugwort, likewise a "lady's herb" & used in acupuncture in the form of moxa (not too dissimilar to moksha, the enlightenment mythically manifestated from the east), annua is a sweeter highly effective malaria remedy; absynthium is wormwood, but under the sea it's woodworm; the original vermouth aperitif is the green faery & very deep green & very bitter. Vermouths being classically developed as aperitifs to stimulate a sluggish appetite & uncorking the bottle gets the digestive system ready to rumble. More modern monastic specialities feature a range of bitter herbs, but absynthe has been generally censored or eliminated completely. Amaras less extreme down the scale include yellow gentian root, Gen tiana lutea (angostura), hops (humulus lupulus, a homophone for wolves, not bunnies, loony), burdock leaf Arctium lappa (not the domesticated culinary one) or various Citrus peels, ginger, turmeric, galangal or acorus calamus, sweet flag iris (not an iris). They are generally available all over the shop. Bitterness doesn't define itself easily chemically, but these elves are generally lipohilic or often basic. Wormwood's a component of moon tea, though violet juniper is not oddly enough; & Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) seems less appropriate than feverfew, T. parthenium, for the virginal. It's all about the thujone, menthone & pulegone; Vincent van Gogh used absynthe to induce temporal lobe epilepsy, not unlike Jojen's green episodes; the dutch brought a love for their london dry djinn, but it's all mothers' ruin & not for use during lactation either. (Tarragon & Belladonna are both online as episodes of The Herbs, there's also Pashmina Bedi, whose name seems to have been transformed for political purposes, but he's a snake charmer). For Artemis, see Diana, Titania, Gloriana (Liz 1 & Bess 2 like that one), Maeve (mormont from westworld; love that migrant fish), Mab from the Mabinoggion & Mahabharata; Queen of Faeries, Saraswati, Nissa Nissa, Amethyst Empress.

Sponges bake cakes under the sea, & don't burn them like Alfred, but they are giant repeating units arranged as a colony, with everyone doing the same thing in an organisational pattern, whereas Cnidaria bring the jelly to the undersea tea party (let's not go recycling AC3 history) & start life with the sea silently, the first group of animals to adopt specialised roles in a greater community. Nennymoans are medusae in their animate phase; sedentary polyps like hydra when vegetative; combine symbiotically with a bit of blue/green, add a little love to make thriving coral, wait a few millenia & you have sedentary rock in the form of calcium carbonate; giants become dormant when petrified; transformational animism is older than all of the names but deep violet & bright white are the principle colours of Ti, whose magic is watery, nature based & transformational, or have I said that already; the two Mamamas are in Virgo & Scorpio; time to come out now mystery otters & cuttlefish. What a sunset, under the sea.

Otters are matriarchal water martens; just starting to make it again in british rivers; we only have few mustelids & only a single type of venomous snake being the viper or adder, but the original snake charmer is Rikki Tikki Tavi, the mongoose; & it's not just cobra hypnosis, they like playing with eggs too & scorpions, it's the sort of thing mustelids like getting up to, but the otters like fish, rude crayfish, shellfish, all types of fish, even ones that aren't classified as pisceans, like oysters, clams & cockles. Fish can be cryptic without even trying, or ghoti, but otters have a sense for these things. The Onion Knight is ok; Daves are the male Marys, but I'm sure LML knows all about Dewi the fisher king, Davy Jones (hey hey; sea monkeys are Artemia) & Devas (we can leave Huey & Louis out of it, ok, the colourful & vibrantly lurid bilious green one driving the porcelain dragonfly can come if he sobers up, or is that salmonella, but not that light ferrying horny chap, he's evil, but include Daffy; they're all drakes, & avian elves under the waxing moon who enjoy nothing more than an earnest day's recreation in the paddies driving all the snakes away & eating vermin. Golden ducks are generally to be avoided in cricket, especially down under, where it's more than life or death, but impossible to evade for ever, & it's a form of recreation in which it is necessary to die, a lot, until you get your attitude right; bowling a maiden ova, however is perfectly acceptable. Careful with the alarm geese though, especially if they're laying golden eggs for you & those swans will have your arm off if you're not respectful; some serious dinosaur karma going on there; just ask the sidhe; white & mute in the british isles; black in western australia. These aerial submarine folks are always well insulated & usually about bringing the watery goodies back to the land, or helping recycle the landfill if you haven't bothered doing that yourselves; herring gulls operate mostly as vigilante gangs inland these days; they just love to paint it white.

My favourite sea magic is the flambuoyant cuttlefish; this one can communicate with primates in a language most can understand; cephalopods are headfeet molluscs, the ones that really developed proper jet propulsion, although metasepia basically just makes its skin leggy & wanders around on them checking out the land under the sea, bouncing about playfully; their brains are all over the skin, at the base of each arm & a big torus internally; the pod bit is a little understating it. They were masters of the universe, then ammonites mostly went extinct after some toxic dragon based hydrogen sulphide catastrophe, but nautilus is still down there zooming about, otherwise they've mainly gone for an internal Cal & POlly solution to manage their buoyancy & make caged birds a bit less norwegian blue. This also gives their chromatophores free licence to get creative; but generally they dance in the same hypnotic interpersonal electromagnetic rhythm that happens when you witness the aurorae. High energy protons. Having been about for the best part of 500M years, they have a clue about how to keep a sustainable balance; no individual cuttlefish lives much past a year, but primates still haven't figured out how best to articulate the necessary questions to determine whether or not they're actually intelligent, not even the maesters, who may have photon vision but have not adequately developed their innate proton vision; fortunately, they've taken that into account & are completely tuned in. They only reveal themselves to anyone if they want to make a point, but that's where sepia comes from & that's what they use to create mucoid phantoms which are generally sedative, under the sea. Sepia reveals a common ancient history though; photography's not just about dragons & silver & check out that ink. No, really. They're the under the sea anima of the pirate; life surfing nature's beautiful chaos; cuttlefish are really gregarious, like Asha, & now, ultimately the broken one, without an e, but mostly folks are distracted & seeking krakens or leviathans. Cuttlefish love transforming & using nature magic; they're in the green holon, so at our scale in that sense; not too much of a stretch for the primates to recognise some imaginative compassion for the other. Maybe the starks are more readily recognisable; under the sea, wolves are known as Orca & they're pied, so no crypsis going on here, a man might suppose, big, bold & booming, but where's the pure white or should it be black one, but blow a few bubbles & abracadabra. If ever there was any doubt about the point of it all, these fellahs know how to do cooperative recreation, to them the herring, silkies & penguins are evidently playthings; whales & kraken traditionally love to duel; there's a coevolutionary relationship there; an asexual exchange of stark & greyjoy that makes each of them something greater than their bloody genes. Cetaceans & cephalopds under the ce, but the broken orcas & cuttlefish have each got what the other needs to heal. Under the sea, Daenarys is godhead to the nymphs, with their royal vulcan blood; Cu is more cupricious & passionate than Fe when it comes down to it; she rip'd the O right off him, & as for U, yellowcake's crusing for something mushroom cloudy; water makes the transformation into Plumb warm up, not cool down. Emilia is sublimating deliberately; it may seem wooden, but it's not bad acting. U is supposed to be base & get on the sun's tits. He's also supposed to get himself castrated by his son Chronus & in doing so generate Venus from the foamy genital union with the ocean. Whilst Theon, Varys & a whole bunch of unsullied vermin have undergone the emasculation characterising the tales of uranus & in turn & karmically, chronus, Euron remains unrepentantly horny & ironically, Jupiter escapes to become the remaining living sower in the realm, but they've all claimed the role of primary & exclusive sky godhead at some point or other, bringing the storm, titles, titles. Odysseus is the guy whose wife Penelope stays at home weaving a tapestry with which she puts off potential suitors by its nightly unravelling & whose odyssey brings him into direct relationship with Circe, who enchants his men with a psychedelic brew under whose influence they believe themselves to be base beasts & lose all sense of time, space & memory. Although the circaea or enchanters nightshades have an attractive name, their pharmacology is inconsistent with the properties described, which better suit those of the solanaceous nightshades, like henbane, belladonna, mandrake or datura.

Circe is the aisle & aunt of Medea, from Colchis, the crocus, Jason's witch; & those wights outside bloodraven's cave reminded me of nothing so much as Ray Harryhausen. I suspect NK may be a younger sibling, just like Euron & Jamie & Tyrion & Arya & that he's going to fall head over heels for a Queen's Landing; those skeletal soldiers were sewn dragon's teeth (2nd suns); it's just a hunch, but Harryhausen was on seasonal festival after seasonal festival for years; aardman eat your heart out, but stop motion animation is just too good an analogy. I'd highly recommend Rex the Runt; it's about the adventures of some plasticine dogs living in bristol; pure genius; same bunch that came up with shaun the sheep, except this is a bit more grown up & mythical, & extremely funny. Under the sea everyone knows what dog means & the city is a large submarine titty; salty sea dogs bringing milk chocolate cosmic energy to the universe, or as Coleridge termed it, Xanadu; you don't need any milk of the opoppy to see a star fall, or Lundy, but does anyone want this bleeding albatross from Weston-super-mare.

I suspect, not unlike Euron, saturnine NK with his 29 year sickle, may be seeking transfornation & it's stranger than teke; it's the nature of mind (cough, cough, in ASoI&F), even if he doesn't think he wants it consciously (or the mutineers don't, but if there can be mutineers, there must be a degree of individuation amongst the others; they don't all share the same unified normalised perception), but if you try sometimes, you might just find, & it's the same for the white trees; they don't really want to live for ever in an eternal calcified loop watching ancient repeats with ever deteriorating fidelity, like xmas in the Python Meaning of Life heaven, except in this case it's the purple wedding, white one (her again), black one, blue one, or the red one, or complementary cyan one (with the electric kraken), depending on what channel you're watching, except it's all in monochrome using visual blue & they all involve the same bunch of actors, or at least they all look the same to me through these sapphire tinted dragon eggs. That was just a mistake, they want reuinion with the burning one & some joy & enlightenment, last time they had a sense of humour was in the false spring. The queen, my lord, is dead. She should have died hereafter, says Macbeth, There would have been a time for such a word. Tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow, but no-one's listening; he's norman no mates, so it's a soliloquy; if you only read one soliloquy from the scottish play, make it this one, it says it all if you want to understand the others; killing Duncan happened an eternity ago & ahead lies only the yellow leaf, mouth honour & the like. Analogously, the trees are individuated, but fundamentally interconnected, under the soil. Nor does the burning one want to simply destroy everything in its path; it wants to put down some roots & take on some mass after its long journey.

Needs an Aeg to make humpty whole & the children happy. Someone who knows nothing, whose duty is to love & who loves their duty. In Shakespeare, the fool, although knowing nothing, is generally the wisest character in the play & through illogical truth brings transforming enlightenment to those who need it. Check out the Fool in Lear & Merlin's prophesy, Touchstone in As you Like it, or Nick Bottom in AMND; Oberyn pucked himself right up there. Prospero takes a while to acknowledge caliban as his own, but he gets there in the end. Tywin, mmm. Hodor.

These guys have seriously missed each other; it's been a long opposition. Battle not with minsters lest ye become a munster & when you stare into the absynthe, the void grazes back into you. (Fritz Nissa) Never nether. Love in a void, it's so numb; avoidin love, it's so dumb; love in a void (Janet & the Icebergs, '76). The voice asleep, the voice has vanished, from the top of the sky, to the place below, touch the surface & the mirror fades, the words resound out of control; freeze into time now...oooh, steel inside, yet dance & rise, it all begins beneath the skin, no-one is near, no-one will hear your changeling song take shape in shadowtime....Turn the wish to a vapour, the silhouette fades, eclipse your blue eyes & the outline remains, from the hell to the moon to the stars above, the lips that promise first sign of love, so begin the countdown, falling sky, a surface eye, it all begins beneath the skin, no-one is near (etc) ...oooh catching fire taking hold, all that glisters leaves you cold. (Siouxsie & the Banshees '91; recommend the eclipse mix) The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword (Aeg Wyrd Stark) Look Bran, or father will know (What is dead may never die, but rises again harder & stronger). Warp of fire & weft of ice; but never the same pair twice; Warp of snow and woof of flame, and never any two the same. If the show has left the water essentially under the sea, isn't that entirely in keeping with the spirit; I find that quite humourous. Beauty is a rare thing.

Hiding in daylight, biding its time, the monster that wakes in your sleeping mind. Inside of you, you leave it unseen, it's coming to life in your wildest dreams. It's the ground you stand on that's dissolving away, & the urges you countered that take you out of your way. Down to inside of you, where it all goes unseen, but coming to life in your wildest dreams. And no matter what colours & no matter how bright, I'll always want to take you down to my darker side. Chase that feeling for better or worse, it's all beyond the life that's just a matter of course. Inside of you, don't leave them unseen. Bring to life your wildest dreams. Come into my life. (The Sound '85)

Nature's immortality comes through more than the selfish genes alone, that's just a myth that suits the prevailing magic; it's also achieved through environmental & cultural transformation; there's something the fire can't touch that's eternal, but attachments & possessions don't come with you & you may have to change your name (unless it's Mary or Daeve, Aegon, or Nissa Nissa), but it's not as if you can do anything about immortality, it comes with inhabiting a living universe, or at least a living planet, so it's not like you have to work for it, everyone has loved, loves & will continue to love, but, when does the rectilinear monoculture become ugly on every level, heading for 10Billion & everyone wants more just to compete & indulge blood fueds based on a limited understanding of cooperative history, neglects to ritualise any of that & takes the martian impulse far too seriously when it would be better employed in recreation or taking the time to respect the other. And to say all that competitive macho oppositional bollocks is just human nature is a failure of imagination, or of memory, or of trust or simply of respect for the value of the other, in all its glorious diversity; it's missing the whole. We don't seriously want to have to take responsibility for consciously managing the mysterious operations of nature do we? As if we could. Out damned spot. O no I've got no issue; whatever will become of my point in this universe. Wot you egg. Flee fleance flee. Quick, mobilise the malathion (other OPs are available, sarin, for example), this is all mine, see I'm pissing on it. Lock up all the scary demented crones in the shame cube away from all the little righteously entitled angelic innocents & burn all the books & forms of communication other than for purposes of genetic reproduction & maybe that dark propaganda would have some merit, but that's hardly attainable, not even through catastrophic fire or ice. Only walt disney would try to patent water. That said, the egyptians took it very seriously, but those Ramseys (other pharaohs are avalaible) were crazed & inbred & fundamentally disrespectful to their nature. It's not actually like the traditional starks have been looking to recycle either have they? Pain or death, which is worse? That's an under the sea sort of question; & the limitations of exclusivist & dualistic logical abstraction. Descartes thought cogito ergo sum sounded neat, but that's what comes with exclusive belief in objective physical causality. The 2nd law of thermodynamics is only telling half the story & missing out the bit where life surfs the chaos cascade upstream; like we have never heard about salmon or trout. It's all in the organisation of the bubbles. Well, there's always the option of being motivated by the dark terror of the night if you want, but that's where the holistic sense comes into play to navigate that mystery. It's about discriminating projection & prejudice as aspects of perception; kill the waif, 10, & let the ASoWtf be born. A song of WTF indeed. Mamma Aveva Nyx; the phoenix itself survives any burning, given love, & Everyman always comes back to earth right on cue.

I'm not after generating any sort of conflict, but the hippocampus doesn't store memories either; that would be another materialist myth. but that's only in line with the almost exclusive majority of neuroscientists & most of humanity imagines the brain to be the anatomical location of the soul, disney & futurama again, like it never really questions it, least of all neuroscientists, who these days receive their funding on the basis of how well they can sell its necessity, that's MIC R&D; it's significance in resonating with memory & imagination & mapping time & space is undeniable & it certainly gives it all a touch of personality. Fundamentally though, the notion of memory & imagination having an anatomical location is like having a notion that music originates from the medium in which it is encoded, or what breathes life into a story is just the symbols laid down on the tablets, or that the internet is the actual medium for astral projection, rather than a metaphor, which I take as neglectful. GRRM has really challenged notions of materialist objectivity extremely well I think; his universe is rich, layered & complex enough for anyone to project their personal significance into the tale & take diverse resonances with it according to their perspective. It's a beautiful lesson in respect. I get the same essential synchronistic thread to the seahorses & seagoats (3 horns; 666) & rams & unicorns & kundalini though. It's on the way out now everyone's using GPS, but then here we all are, delegating our biological functions to some silicon based intelligence that wants to sell me call of duty with extra zombies whenever I follow that LML series. Keep feeding the seahorses, it's not all ghost grass, but the cuttlefish is straight out of tibet, like the horse of the wind; & Jacob's Ladder; you think they're out to get you, but what if the devils were angels; you're an angel Lui; that's what you call a well distributed mind. The nervous system is an essentially vegetative organ; nerve cells repair very slowly & only really replicate & proliferate in the very early stages of life; after that nerve cells don't tend to replace their dead, or extremely slowly if they do; it's all about sustainably diversifying interconnections rather than growth in a conventional sense, reaching out & making connections & relationships. What takes place in the hippocampus during its learning process is a phenomenon known as persistent synaptic plasticity or long term potentiation; certain connections & relationships are facilitated & refined, & made effectively stronger or weaker through a cooperative process of synchronised discrimination & positive reinforcement. It goes on continuously when awake, but never really rests except in slow wave sleep. The hippocampus is like an internalised pair of ram's horns in 3D, but they're really big in elephants & cetaceans; they map & discriminate the time space continuum & symbolise relationships taking place within that context, interpret imagination & memory according to personal mythos, but there are diverse connections to each other & inputs & outputs to a number of other centres. Like an under the sea version of the cochlea in the inner ear, which acts like a tuning organ to discriminate vibrations through resonance according to frequency & intensity, the hippocampus is like an evagination of those nautiloid horns & is more like a tuning structure for the mental resonance involved in memory & imagination. It's way under the sea though this one, all the way to the bottom, but as any neuroscientist will tell you, if you destroy it, mapping the mental universe of relationships across time & space no longer proceeds so well, but if you take the anatomical structure out of its living context there's not going to be any memory cells amongst the wreckage. Oliver Sack's the Man who mistook his wife for a hat, is a really warm collection of clinical studies that elucidate it by shadow method; what folks are like when bits aren't there. I could have gone down a long & terrible rabbithole zapping & drugging wedges of rat hippocampus & only escaped through the grace of political naievity & a self destructive insistence on honesty, but I'm younger than that now.

One of the most significant inputs arrives from the olfactory bulb, as a component of the underlying limbic (emotional or affective) parts of the brain. In primates this sense is often rendered more or less unconscious through reliance primarily on other sensory input, but in many animals, this forms their primary input to the hippocampus & their universes are more grounded on fragrance & scent, which are elves that communicate not only place & character, but also a sense of history & flux; it's the most fundamental & direct, non reconstructed sensory modality there is & that's what those big nosed familiars help with. Love your dragon btw Mal (I'd rather be in an apple tree than a naughty boy in perpetuity; queen of all that) & the arthurian poetry obviously, & the duck thing; if you haven't got a big moist nose, a nice whippy forked tongue does just as well for tuning.

The principle input is glutamate, the flavour enhancer, but in order for the particular input to take on any discriminate significance requires meaningful reinforcement from other sources around the same time. Alcohol tends to go over the top & wipe the slate totally clean given time. There's also specific & more diffuse influences from NO, THC & anandamides (endogenous analogues of cannabinoids, being a family of faeries capable of walking between the aqueous & lipid worlds & unique to one particular type of elf; hops & nettles don't come close). Cannabinoids are unique amongst phytochemicals in that they are derived by combination of sub-faeries derived from 3 relatively distinct synthetic paths; shikimate (for the aromatic ring), polyketide (an analogue of fatty acid synthesis) & terpenoid (for the aerial lipid component); there are nothing else like them on this planet. There are similarly significant serotinergic inputs from 5HT nuclei, relating something along the lines of relaxation, comfort & open mindedness, but the primary inputs relate to acetyl choline, in turn characteristic more of something relating to physical significance & passion; in order to learn something it helps for it to find reinforcement of connection through caring personally & enjoying the process.

Astrologically, it's more like see that arrow, it's going to take off kinetically from the 9th sign with an energy & trajectory dependent on passion (+/- poison, poisson or puissance) potential developed in the 8th & come down & take root, under the sea in the 10th. The flight of the arrow in the 9th involves attaining a view of the whole, but the downward arc disseminating any firework depends on gravity (thanks Pynchon, & NASA for the postcard). If the arrow must have 3 heads, dreamy 9 turns out to be 666; those are the swimming horses & they have an unconventional take on gender assignment. Jimi did one version, in reverse, but he won't mind me mentioning that the Banshees did an undersea version on Hyaena; not going to do the lyrics though; good grief. Quiet now Jimi, I know it's always a duel, but let's leave the cricket out of this one, only the empire really gets the 3 stump each end version of hunter plays hunted, throw, hit, catch ball, where the ground is kissed, it's leathered cork oak seeking ash defended or leathered by caerulean willow, 11 aside, a chain in length & the square cut out in an oval, & everyone gets to wear white under the sun & auspices of chronos & plumbum. Nor are we in Cincinntti now gamboling with royal Steve the kid, & you can be quiet too Carradine, this is certainly not kung fu with ping pong balls, no-one's blind here. Robin's version is more shrouded deep in the woods & down to earth than under the sea, but his arrow lands at the foot of a tree & that's where his legend is now grounded; the flight itself is imaginary. Arjuna is too huge to contemplate getting into, but he was the Panadava sun of Indra & Kunti & best mates with Krsna, who was born 9 months earlier & drove his chariot; his underseasaw being Karna, the illegitimate but unknowing firstborn sun of a shamed Kunti, aligned in direct opposition & is driven by Siva; there's an eclipse, but I won't spoil the story; it's the Mahabharata (there's a beautiful, multinationality almost no star cast (you might spot a young Mance) "short" english version by Peter Brooke, dating from late 80s; I've seen a fairly hd one on this medium; can't recommend it highly enough, but it warrants proper attention if a spare day presents itself). This starfall sows the seeds for the return from the underworld of the solar energy in the spring, but they may go dormant & mysterious, frozen in suspended animation until then, undergoing some sort of mythical trial while it's time for sugar & spice & all things nice. Frogs & snails & puppydog's tails; oils & fats vary naturally according to environment; the cooler the ambient temperature, the greater the need for PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) to keep the membranes fluid; analogously with the aqueous medium, there's a need for antifreezes like glycerol, to disrupt the ordered ice structure if you're up in the tundra. The best sources of PUFAs are seeds & nuts from cold latitudes or altitudes, including of course hemp (not just good for fibre & medicine, also nutritionally well balanced & an excellent fish or bird feed), otherwise ocean fish from cold seas (which have themselves fed on phytoplankton that synthesised those oils; animals can't make long chain pufas beyond about 18C long for themselves, so these are essential nutrients). Blackcurrant seed is even better, but you don't get a lot of it per fruit.

Astartefish usually get the blame for bringing the gift to the miserable corals, but who made the polyps so dolorous in the first place. They're going to get right up someone's rectum, mark my words. Haemorrhoids, my arse (of all the actors, I have to say RoryMcC is my favourite, but Maizey's doing bristol proud). Horse chestnuts or conkers (Aesculus hippocastanum) are classic for varicosities, also good are glycirrhiza glabra (liquorice; hairless sweetroot, kunyit manis), ginkgo biloba (leaves look like brains), Panax ginseng, Zingiber officinalis (ginger) & Curcuma longa (Turmeric; kunyit=yellow; rich man's saffron, another Zingiber & probably the most appropriate djinn); yellow is good if it relates to liver congestion, steroid or fat intolerance, biliousness & choler, check the whites of the eyes; if they look like Ben Johnson in Seoul, the liver is saturated with steroids; the traditional root brew in britain is primarily dandelion (Taraxecum officinalis) & a bit of burdock (Arctium lappa), more recently ginger beer has arrived, elsewhere it's more often based on sarsaparilla (Smilax) & it's traditional also to employ tannins, like oak or hammamelis (an unmentionable hazel, which is not a hazel), but if high blood pressure is an issue, watch out for the liquorice; seriously, consider the liver & the thistle family are excellent for that, so artichokes work, but the best of the lot is Mary thistle (Silybum marianum); I think it's ok to laugh; it's a bit John Cleese & Graham Chapman; beautifully gothic faery form; fresh leaves steamed with a bit of butter & pepper; eviscerate between the teeth; lovely; tincture out of season, but if alcohol is part of the issue, collect the seeds & grind them on food like pepper. Silybum is also about the best thing there is for amanitoid mushroom poisoning. We know who sells seashells & Puff the dragon loves playing by the seashore with the seahorses in the foam (he frolicked in the autumn mists in a land called homily, so he loves his sea urchins), but would someone please inform the californians, oregano jacks & washing tonys about detergents, trout & salmon; the 2nd law of thermodynamics was enshrined in law by a hubristic math head, not a dirty biologist; the foggy notion of energy being wasted is just not paying attention to the holiness of the egg. I'm so glad gbot is never going to figure out how to read between the lines; that & the fact it's all information overload; just so long as it doesn't cost the earth before everyone gets beyond being impressed by the cool dance moves in the matrix.

As for astartes teeth, they usually comes in 5s, as the whole body plan in echinoderms is pentadactyl & the many tube feet operate hydraulically; those starry eyes, those hot lips; ooo. There's really not as much oral as you might anticipate from the name of the story, but it's a matter of karma really whether those fangs come out. Foreplay is still recreation before entering the abyss. The major scapestarfish is the crown of thorns, whose body is rich in soapy saponins (Olenna; it's very similar in operation & pharmacology to Aconitum, Oleander, carries death in her middle under the sea, Leander is the prawn & as for the vine, that's in your face too, probably more familiar to the american continent though; see the monkshood a.k.a. Wolfsbane earlier) & parrotfish are also implicated in transforming coral into seashore & land; but what are parrotfish, what are parrotfish; toil & trouble by the sounds of it. Hello, I wish to register a complaint. Hello miss ....he'll replace your parrot for you. Bolton, eh? Alright. (Pet shop owner sends his regards) The principle nemesis of the crown of thorns is an atypically sexually distinct (not hermaphrodite) pouncing molluscan snail, Charonia, the triton's trumpet, who gives it a dose of its own medicine. You couldn't invent fiction like this. I really love that Tempest quote; it's gorgeous; Laurie Anderson does a great version on Blue Lagoon. Never took Jamie for a covert mollusc, but that's crypsis; mostly cephalopods like playing with crabs. The only kraken that really doesn't sow is the cuttlefish; we most definitely have one of those

This is the punchline; construct the joke as you like it. Hans that does dishes is as soft as Gervais, with wild, green, hairy lip squid. Might be another british humour only; I've no idea whether the stuff exists anywhere else by that name; it's about neither waiter nor porter having the heart to kill a condemned cephalopod from a tank in a restaurant.

Here's another; under the sea, a crab & a prawn fall passionately in love, but the king prawn is against the union, telling his daughter, you can't trust crabs because they walk sideways. When she tells her beloved this, the crab embraces her & replies, don't worry, I'll sort it out, just get us a meeting with your old man, & so princess prawn returns to her father to arrange it. Come the appointed hour, the crab turns up, slightly late, but not impolitely so, & he's walking forwards. The king prawn is impressed & the princess is astonished & asks the crab how he's managed it. Shhhhhhhhh! Says the crab, I'm pished.

And finally, why do marxists drink herbal tea?

Because proper tea is theft.

Game ova.

Crabs are crustaceans; soft on the inside, but hard on the outside; & have to shed their skins on a lunar basis to grow, because their chitin based exoskeletons become infused with hard & inflexible calcium carbonates & phosphates; they also have to do so in order to mate; a feature common in some or other analogue through the whole family of arthropods (crustaceans, arachnids, insects, centipedes & millipedes); each incarnation being termed by maesters an instar. No shit. Although their larvae are sent off on an epic adventure in the ocean as plankton, adult crabs typically inhabit the shallows or local land in the littoral (oh no oh no; it's getting esoteric on my arse) midsummer zone. Under the sea, on the complementary end of the seesaw to Cancer, whose adults mainly perform short distance adventures, Capricorn the seagoat & giant of the mountains covers the scope between the devil & the deep blue sea. Trees have an analogous relationship with regards their bark, woof woof, during growth; the living cells move outwards & their growth depends intimately on the water & mineral supply annually but the bark still represents a calcium deposit with no living cells outside them; the living part of a tree's trunk is just underneath the bark, but in most cases it doesn't need to be shed, although it may crack up a bit. Under the sea the children are often part of the pelagic plankton. The irony is that naturally crab childcare consists of walking the babes down to the seashore at the appropriate high tide, releasing the multifold embryonic larval forms into the care of the chaotic multicultural nursery of the oceans, waving goodbye vigorously with both claws as they do so; you have your keys & some yolk, you'll remember the way home. Now, job done, back to the cryptic beach cricket. If cuttlefish don't sow; crabs don't seem overly concerned with reaping.

I'm increasingly convinced these crustaceans are particular representations of the children, but there's a burning issue here, relating to whether these are genetically related children or with a view to seeing children as a whole. The 6 & the 9 are supposed to be in balance in the 4th sign, representing a safe harbour in a storm; that way it's mutual protection & mutually pleasing (that thing you do with your tongue; missandei & greyworm are children for sure, a butterfly & a nymph; newts & salamanders are capable of incredible regeneration, as are geckoes, many lizards & many vermin, cut off the tail & it grows back again, leaving the remainder behind wriggling away to distract whatever scary monster has caused the need for this trick; the more wyrmy the form, the easier this process is accomplished) . Catelyn (capital C) seemed to have messed the balance up a bit & lived a bit of the wicked stepmother myth, it helped keep the mystery in Jon's story though, so ultimately if it turns out well for him on that basis, she'll have played her part perfectly, albeit thanks only to the mystery (untimely rip'd, not of mortal woman born & such like, burning wood coming to the ant hill, there'll be crypsis; uh oh, as a result of prophesy (Stannis was not MacDuff, just a cheap tin imitation, or mimic), Euron=NK is Macbeth, norman no mates & his Lady M is Cersei, out out damn you bloody spotty witness o, I never meant to disrespect the areolae, now the ayes are everywhere, the things we do for that). LS (d) is resurrected in proper karmic retribution from the water & now the hard & the soft are inverted. This is the darker extreme of cancer & relates to the moon & the ancient fears of death & suffering. Taking the theme of a maternal cell seeking only to cater for the offspring of its own is symbolic; a clonal line of cells, seeking only to perpetuate themselves into immortality, competing on the basis of genetic relatedness & refusing to accept natural feedbacks & the value to the whole of their ultimate transformation (this is ambiguous, carcinoma cells are termed by maesters, transformed, but what they aren't doing is transforming in any way that assists the objectives & requirements of the whole. It's the heart in conflict with itself again). From the perspective of the whole, these cells seem fundamentally undisciplined, exploitative & parasitic but ultimately neither party is communicating properly, with respect or resonance or clarity or biochemical honesty. When the whole is too malnourished, stressed & exhausted, & overburdened by toxins & mutagens, & untempered proliferative & anabolic stimulants, the self sustaining fear of transformation may seem more understandable.

It's a delicate subject for everyone these days; everyone knows someone so it's a tricky one to be in any way dispassionate about, myself included, but the relationship between cancer the crab & the big C of the waning crescent moon is all about a failure of communication & respect for the whole. The human blastocyst seems particularly aggressive when implanting & developing the placenta; it involves a lot of energy & communication to reach a tolerable balance for both parties & the embryo is kicking out lots of zombie control faeries all the way through. I hope that's more a reflection of the times & mindset, not anything untransformable by nature; you'd hope a more symbiotic imagination would be achievable when conditions are more appropriate.

Getting C to develop generally involves a combination of 3 principle factors; a mutagen to alter the nucleic acid sequence, a promotor, some faery that gets those mutated sequences expressing themselves, & neglect on the part of the internal healing system. Maesters have focussed mainly on the physical mutagens & attempting to eradicate those from the universe, but that's a ludicrous call at this stage in the game; it's never going to happen & that's an unrealistic ambition in the first place; it goes on all the time & always has, just never before at such levels. There's a lot that relates to fallout from hydrocarbon alchemy that we could probably do something about, but demonising nicotiana or woodsmoke isn't going to solve anything. A certain amount of karmic backlash should be anticipated given how hard the virginians pushed those ships of the desert, yee har, but this is one of those where any sort of dampening of the eddies may prove tricky if not impossible; nicotiana is probably the most difficult of elves with which to develop a sustainable, balanced & respectful relationship; she's pretty black & white, all or nothing, no messing with mr inbetween. Mostly she seems black to the majority, but we'll see in the end who gets the neurodegenerative diseases; my sympathies are with the volcanoes but I was born that way; we're together till the time is right & it doesn't mean I don't respect the icebergs too; I often get sent outdoors into the cold to suffer for my loyalty.

It's a similar story with the proliferants & promoters; these abound in the environment; some of it relates to hydrocarbon alchemy, but internal growth & healing repair systems depend on these sorts of hormones to operate properly & on getting the opportunity to employ them; there's no healthy elimination of those either. Legumes & yams are particularly rich in phytosterols though, which may help modulate the extremes of unopposed anabolic steroids (oestrogens & androgens). There are some plants that generate latex containing diterpenoid botanical irritants known as phorbol esters; mainly these are in the euphorbiacaea, but there's also Daphne mezereum. E. resinifera works more like chilli & the heat is more readily reversible, but the others tend to evoke an effectively irreversible stimulus for cells to proliferate; took me about 2 decades for the skin on my right forearm to desensitise to wool again after I foolishly dipped the sleeve of my labcoat & jumper into a tiny pool of dilute solution spilled on a lab bench. These plants need to be handled with respect; I tend to pull these ones out when I see them, but Titania will keep sending them back; maybe time I got over myself about that one; they're pretty square & dull though those little green bells.

And then there's the stressed out immune function, suppressed by pituitary, adrenal & thyroid output daily or otherwise deliberately subverted pharmaceutically by many as part of intolerance to suffering or temporary incapacity. Best thing for this is ultimately balanced nutrition, recreation & sleep, & sleep most importantly, because that's the only time the suppressors are themselves suppressed, but that's easier said than done & who stands to make a profit out of that. It's the notion that maesters can meddle deliberately in these sorts of highly sophisticated elf communications evolved for that precise purpose, with traditions of guest rites & all of that, over the whole of natural history, that would be in some way better than nature itself that's the real hubris here; as if nanobots could do the job better. Read the signs. This is all about respect for the whole.

The attitude by which a man might adopt a militaristic state of mutual denial in their relationship to C or to death & transformation is not the way it is ever ultimately resolved. If the notion that titania's lungs, liver, bowels, womb & kidneys in the rainforests, woodlands, underworlds, reefs & lagoons should be saved on the basis that some magical anticancer medicine might be discovered, than fair enough, but really, that's the same old selfish bollocks assuming it's all just there for human exploitation; the honour due the egg is still not quite happening even if some sort of respectful process has been catalysed. In the current climate, anything like that's going to find itself destroyed in the wild, genomically sequenced & patented in sterile form by some multunational limited liability corporation whose only motive is sustaining public confidence & maintaining relationships of dependence, & profit & growth & dividends & all that. Ah materialism & trickle down, but it doesn't quite take into account the elements without a primate voice. If everything has rights, does thast mean everything has to have a name? That's going to make the lawyers very happy. Ok, that's enough cooking rat & ruin, how are crabs supposed to respond to the scary notion of being left vulnerable & having to suddenly operate independently; it's a bit of a shock irrespective of how smooth the transition when the tides are unpredictable, your home may be in jeopardy & your social status is harijan under the sea. There are 2 basic issues on the seesaw; exposure & resilience; isolation & hypersensitivity. Balanced nurture is not just about the latter & what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, as long as you're not taking on too much at once.

No idea how global a phenomenon this is, but one of the biggest selling commercial brands of meat pie were manufactured by the Bentos brotherhood, & exported from the land of silver typically in tins, if you can believe that. As for the walnut, this is a beautiful tree, whose fruits are rich in light PUFAs & lipophilic antioxidants. PUFAs are significant not only for their part in membrane phospholipids & their fluidity, but for the full diversity of signalling elves that may be generated from them, including prostaglandins, thromboxanes, leukotrienes, PAF (platelet activating factor) & the anadamides, zowie, not to mention the intracellular participants, namely arachidonic acid (the ground nut is named after the spiders & scorpions), its relatives & DAG (diacylglycerol; a derivative of glycerol, the triple headed antifreeze with its polar head removed, associated with a pair of fatty acids, characteristic of the PUFAs supplied in the diet, without all of which the local healing systems aren't using a full alphabet. So yes, hemp seeds provide the wherewithal to manufacture the endogenous substances which communicate using the same receptors as the medicinal cannabinoids. Belt & braces this C weed, & it obviously enjoys recreation with primates. Those netherland Braavosi do engineer some military grade material; ideal for helping end the dark ages.

Regarding tins, I sea that certain underworld clostridia are making a comeback. Clostridia are ancient obligate anaerobes, necessarily inhabiting an oxygen free environment &, O being toxic to them, have measures to ensure its exclusion, which maesters in turn term toxins. The more famous of these include C. tetanii, which may elicit lockjaw, or tetanus titania, with or without tinnitus (the bells, the bells), & C. perfringens, which produced a lot of gas gangrene in the WW1 trenches, but the one that best enjoys living inside tins of oceanic salmon & proliferating happily until someone lets the air in is C. botulinum, which generates botulism through the interactions of botulinum toxin, BTX or botox, about the most potent toxin known to maesters; mess with it at your peril. As with all clostridia, the response to O is one of knee jerk protective reflex, but to them it's a matter of life or death, the oxygenated blood supply to their locale must be abolished. With botulinum the strategy developed is to target the cholinergic nerve supply to the neuromuscular junctions of skeletal muscle, which employs acetyl choline (ACh) responsible for stimulating contraction. Botox enters the nerve terminals & interferes with the conveyor system which carries the bubbles of ACh to fuse with the synaptic membrane & thereby prevents the release of the communication elf into the matrix between nerve & muscle receptor. ACh is trapped inside the nerve terminal bubbles unable to get off its train & over the bridge, the tracks are demolished, frozen, or at least under the wrong sort of leaves, so the message never gets across & the muscles never receive the signal to contract, as if someone had shot down a raven. Or, by matronising her windswept sun as yet a child, made an untenable promise. The ultimate result is a floppy, flaccid type of paralysis. The most significant muscle in the terrestrial vertebrate is the diaphragm, responsible for gaseous inspiration, which enables O to associate & enter the bloodstream, so when this is paralysed, the C. botulinum can return to its ideal home state. Mostly botox is celebrated as a cosmetic agent, & although it doesn't always keep inside the outlines & play along, its use is intended to selectively paralyse certain facial muscles & glamour the appearance of youth through the elimination of any expression of history. Because, let's face it, crones are of no value when no-one is seeking wisdom & thinks the future is only about the children; whisht & out of the hive ugly ancient ones & stop trying to pretend you're innocent. More salmon mousse anyone? Collagen injections, silicon implants, surface depillation & mining; that's titania's body getting butchered, not to mention the foamy scum in the water, the bleaches & artificial tanning agents, never getting any sleep with all the noise & light pollution, the overwhelmingly powerful stench of displaced flower faeries & mustelid anal glands & who's that you're wearing? This issue of loyalty, trust & wolfless supeficiality underlies the essential tension between the stark girls; but they're getting more profoundly reacquainted now. May sound a bit mickey mouse, & the GRRM originals were timeless, if tragically stevia & maizey, but I have a far greater admiration for the Piskie incarnation; good job; you may not want to be a lady, but how about a starfall queen? Y knot? oops, getting a bit triskelion; dragonstone doesn't seem right though; nevermind, wherever she goes it'll be transformed & verdant.

And on the other hand we have silks & other pretty fibres. Silks in particular are smooth & strong & are generally manufactured by arthropods. The strongest in tension are variants of fibroin, stronger than steel for its mass & yet infinitely more flexible & woven by spiders. For them, the cryptic aspect of the web is all part of its function as a trap, although for other purposes, like parachuting in to pioneer colonisation of novel territories, wrapping its dance partner in a captive shroud or assisting in active ambushes, as with the more cryptic trapdoor or pouncing wolf spiders, the visibility of the silk is of lesser significance. Radical maesters have vectored spider fibroin genes into lactational contexts to transform goats to make silky goat's milk now; making spider-goats more acceptable at least, even if no-one's got the time to cherish a slightly more respectful natural way. Arachnid vision is essentially inconceivable to primates as they employ multiple pairs of eyes, normally with one pair larger & more dominant than the others, but each corresponds to different orientations & spectra; spiders have eyes covering virtually every natural dimension & which they are able to integrate. The silk may be coated with transparent adhesive, giving the spider time to envenomate the guest which may outsize her physically or otherwise escape. There do exist bird eating spiders, but they tend to be the bigger, hairier, more agile ones closely related to the wolf spiders. The black widow is the most famed of a family of Latrodectus spiders, like the buttons & redbacks, with a classic hourglass figure, an egg timer or just the prince of persia sands, who engage in a dance with their relatively diminutive male partner, & if the male doesn't synch in with her & get the dance steps executed properly, he doesn't get to mate with her, let alone get away with his life after the event. Tjhere's no penetration with arachnid sex; it's more a matter of manoeuvring a gentle spinning dance over the quantum emitted. Nevertheless & manifestly aware of what the stakes are, the male finds something impossible to resist about the black widow. Those that tune in with appropriate resonance & respect may find themselves involved in a loving, if transient tryst & if fortunate, may even escape to adventure & maybe return when the time is again appropriate. Black widow spider venom, although a complex blend of individual agents, operates in a manner complementary to botox & also targets the cholinergic terminals of the neuromuscular junction, except it's a bit less selective & affects autonomic, vegetative cholinergic terminals too. BWSV forms channels in the membrane of the pre-synaptic terminal allowing entry of positively charged cations, most significantly Ca, which serves as the signal for fusion of the ACh vesicle with the membrane of the terminal. All the stored ACh is released at once into the synapse & the neuron becomes instantly depleted of its transmitter. On the receiving side of the matrix, skeletal muscle goes into a state of spastic contraction, as do smooth muscles painfully more systemically, including those underlying the hairs in the skin, while glands increase mucous, salivary & sweat secretions. The extent & severity of effects depend on the amount of venom injected relative to the size of the bite victim, but it may take down relative giants, & on those nearer their own scale widows generally manage complete paralysis. She is then free to digest & consume or serve as pie to her children the fresh, suspended guest. Her weaving skills & tastes are only likely to become more sophisticated here on in.

Scorpions are close relatives of spiders & are almost equally well globally distributed & well suited to terrestrial life with limited water, where they do well in conditions that more water dependent types could not readily tolerate, a bit like Dorne, as well as relatively more modern ticks & lice, & the equally ancient horseshoe crab (fond of lunar orgies, once widespread but largely restricted now to certain north atlantic beaches). Female scorpions are extremely protective of their well nurtured children. Well, well, well. Ding dong dell; pussy's in the well, etc; Tam lin puts the Cat in there & a dog with a big snout pulls her out bitter with vengeance.

Scorpion venoms represent a diverse range of different elves, & as with many animal venoms, these are generally more defensive than offensive in relating to primates, albeit perfectly effective for predation at their own scale, their integuments often include biofluorecent pigmentation elves of a luciferic nature, who love to glow brightly under uv light, giving the game away somewhat to each other or those with appropriate visual acuity & maybe attracted to lunar flames like a moth. If the hunted is fast, cryptic or in short supply, it becomes ever more important that the venom is effective & rapid, but if the job can be done using the claws (chelae) the venom is preferentially reserved. What they generally have in common is a specificity of venom to the particular life forms being hunted, that said they typically contain elves that target special K channels & block them. Kali efflux from any excitable cell is necessary for its repolarisation & the maintenance of its electrical sensitivity, so scorpion venoms classically paralyse all muscles & nerves generally, albeit most typically localised to the site of the puncture in primates, most commonly that part of achilles not immersed in the styx (for fear of the chaos of full immersion) & funnily enough, the same site at which horny orion was scolded & chastised by titania & who may have absconded with her to the underworld overwhelmed by the passion of the sting at herne hill. At least the song made it out alive; & appears to have proliferated exponentially. O titania.

Our song sweet molly malone sells seashells by the seashore; oysters, clams & cockles, alive, alive, o. This one's a spine chiller, but love is not a ghost, it's alive o. In the british isles the old fishwive's wisdom is that shellfish should only be consumed when there is an R in the month; i.e., between September & April, but eschewed between May & August. In the summer months as the sun warms the oceans & its intensity increases, out in the middle of the seas of the northern hemisphere great blooms of ancient protozoan photosynthetic life begin to flourish, & do so generally for the duration of the summer. These enormous superorganisms are constituted from billions of ancient dinoflagellates, with terrifying gigeresque forms at their own scale, responsible for red tides & the output of significant quantities of a Na channel blocking neurotoxin known as saxitoxin (STX). Oysters, clams & cockles, in addition to operating as the vehicles for venus' birth from under the sea, or pearls born of irritation, are relatively sessile molluscs, which like mussels, may typically fix themselves into position, using networks of anchoring byssal threads & filter their food directly from what is presented in the oceanic currents. During the summer months, shellfish accumulate STX, alias Paralytic Shellfish toxin (PSTX), so it makes sense not to consume them during the proscribed season. Blocking sodium channels fundamentally prevents electrochemical transmission & signalling throughout the excitable cells of the body; it paralyses all muscle & nerve activity, sensory & motor.

Analogous to STX is tetrodotoxin (TTX), extracted from Tetraodontids, the puffer fish, alias, fugu; TTX was the original tool employed to elucidate sodium channels throughout living systems. Somewhere between TTX & datura we get proper haitian zombies.

Under the sea lives a snail with a cone shell, known as conus the cone shell & this snail catches fish, often far larger & always far faster than itself. To perform this amazing feat the cone snail employs a dart, fired under pressure & attached like a harpoon to a coiled retractable rope, containing a range of conotoxins. This type of hunting strategy is phylogenetically ancient in animals & can be seen diversely through different animal groups. In general terms, conotoxins block a variety of calcium channels, thereby preventing neurotransmission generally, & critically, stopping contraction & conduction in the heart. As with the majority of advances in human understanding of our own biology, the discriminatory tools employed to appreciate the diverse types of calcium channel operating throughout nature, came from nature.

Hemlock is Conium maculatum; it's lethal; generally best avoided along with any other photosenstising umbellifers like hogweed; umbellifer discrimination is tricky, but beware of the purple spots & foetid odour. Coniine is the principle alkaloidal elf responsible for muscular impotence blocking NMJ ACh receptors & effecting a relaxed state of floppy paralysis that proceeds from extremities to core, ultimately bringing the gift through paralysis of the diaphragm; Socrates is reputed to have thanked Asclepias (ancient greek medical godhead) for receiving it.

Singing nettles, urtica, grow particularly well on fertilised soil where they form strong, fibrous root networks & larval forms of biting insects like horseflies enjoy these plants as a nourishing starter, & they're a good source of vitamins, iron & minerals. Above ground their bodies are coated in tiny, hair like, silicaceous stinging cells. These are small sealed hypodermic needles, containing a cocktail of noxious amine & basic neurotransmitters, refined for communication with animals, & stored under pressure in glassy vesicles. As an animal brushes the plant breaking off the tip of the needle, the pressurised contents are introduced under the skin, where they typically elicit a shocked aversive reaction in the animal. Grasping the nettle generally results in lower vesicle evacuation than a gentle brush & nettle roots are effective in countering tendencies to prostatic hyperplasia. The stinging cells contain calcium ions & biological phosphates, ACh, 5HT & histamine, all of which combine to generate a painful & irritating inflammatory stimulus under the sea. Fortunately, where nettles like to grow, so do docks (Rumex), whose leaves contain plentiful organic acids, most notably acetate (ethanoate), alias vinegar, & the simple acid-base neutralisation ameliorates much of the distress.

Wasps, hornets, ants & bees are hymenopteran social insects, whose married wings are particularly fine, transparent & membrane like. They construct infinitely repeating structures typically founded on a simple hexagonal geometry; ants doing so classically under the earth which they mould & adapt to optimise the air conditioned environment of the chambers & generating characteristic ant hills (dunsinane), whilst the aerial forms tend more to fine, papery structures mounted overground, most naturally in trees, but adaptable to present environment. Socially, these are archetypally matriarchal organisations, expressed through a single dominant recreational queen, with individuation & diversity of roles determined chemically from the original clonal line, & the males are typically generated seasonally for recreational purposes around lughnasa full moon & to facilitate diversity & resilience in the wars to come. Don't burn the cakes olfred; if the winter stresses necessitate, or there's insufficient melezitose soup left to go around, the males often evacuate the hive & give themselves to the many faced god to transform for the overall good of the realm, having had their time in the sun. Communication is most fundamentally chemical, although the aerial forms also particularly enjoy employing visual modalities, including uv & polarisation, & dances, to a greater extent than those underground, to whom it remains more essentially about chemistry. Some ants enjoy squeezing virgin born aphids for nectar, others prefer farming fungi for food, but they generally base themselves around some or other plant life that they will defend from malevolent invasion. In ants the chemical arms are based on methanal (as found in onions just to make you cry) & methanoate; otherwise known as formaldehyde & formic acid; & the ants are known as formica; nasty stuff which avidly binds water & exerts a dehydrating irritation. With wasps it's more histamine based & developed to operate under the skin; essentially generating an itchy & irritating red & white wheal; wasps are attracted to sweet things especially & may get a wee bit drunk & unruly in the late harvest season when the fruit may be turning a bit boozy. With honeybees, apis mellifera, it's a serious matter of only death can pay for life; using their barbed weapons to protect the hive also almost invariably results in their own evisceration; but if it seems necessary, it's what they do & en masse in a chemical positive feedback frenzy. The venom features apamin & the stinging organ will continue to pump it under the skin after the rest of the body has detached. Apamin selectively targets a family of calcium ion activated potassium channels, Ca (K) or SK; these Kali channels are essential for repolarisation & regeneration of sensitivity in firing neurons & are only themselves activated following influx of Ca. Although initially painful, the effect is ultimately locally anaesthetic in small quantities, although a multitude of stings can easily prove enough to incapacitate giants, let alone actors on their own scale.

prey. . Suspended animation

Supernatural mandrakes. occult fertility, but also contains the tropane alkaloids

Kill the waif, 10, & let the ASoWtf be born.

The QoH, she baked some tarts, all on a summer's day; the KnoH, he stole those tarts & took them clean away. The KoH called for the tarts & beat the Kn full sore, so the KnoH brought back the tarts & vowed he'd steal no more. Singasonga sixpence a pocket full of rye; four & twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie. When the pie was opened the birds began to sing. Wasn't that a dainty dish to set before the K. The K was in his counting house, counting out his money; the Q was in the parlour, eating bread & honey; the maid was in the garden, hanging out the clothes, when down came a blackbird & pecked off her nose. Ks may beat Qs (although, under the sea, in spades & clubs, it's quite another matter, eh Kali & Helen; what do you reckon Yama/Mara & Valraven?) & both may beat Js, & the maiden Ps have been completely disappeared in septically transformed minor tarot (so what's new; always the maiden), but they all get beaten by the As. And if enough commotion is made, little Jenny Wren sews the nose back on again; Qyburn is such a goody two shoes, but what's a monster David? A monster is an imaginary animal compounded of incongruous elements...I wonder does it sound like anyone you know...we patched ours together from parts that don't matter...we made him live for someone to talk to...most like forever...signifies time...king of the land of the silence between us....the great white bear....moby bear, moby bear....he walks the winter lake, but a small fly in the ointment, he's got no heart... But for monster its always summertime; don't you see he doesn't see. The day a monster walks with you. Don't you see how big it is. When I'm gone, just don't say I never gave you anything. It's not so bad is it to be with ME. Under the moonlight a woman & her Bicycle; ahead of me they float, carefree & buoyant, balanced in the air; they drift between the curves of the quiet stream, between the banks of the slow, deep stream. Under the moonlight, the night breathes & it enfolds us, its scent of warm skin, fragrant & fine, it binds us together. Suspended in time we drift with the current of the slow, deep stream. Remember this moment, remember it for ever, remember it tomorrow, at the edge of the winterlake; say love out loud. Go on. Enough spontaneous similitude now Pere Ubu; thank you David.

Technical Supplement for All Hallows ; some are more strongly reinforced according to

Alba's colours are blue & white & their totem is the thistle; usually one with purple hair since all the wild haggis became extinct; cymru is about dragons, under the sea it sounds like large cetacea, the red one on white & green; kernow is a white cross on black, they like their piskies down there, but fish aren't always what they seem; to grab one it helps to scuttle swiftly & have very fast reflexes, non slip hands or claws, maybe some venom, & jet propulsion helps, although there's really nothing quite like some seductive crypsis. Jack Sprat would eat npo fat, his wife would eat no lean. Ans so between them both you see, they licked the platter clean. Hemp seeds manx; eire, compass triskelion; asshai tibet or indonesia Oedinburgh, Imber

Oedinburgh, arthur's seat; lion, picts painted blue with woad; don't think we've seen it, but it's where the lion sleeps & the capital of land of always winterMance as Wallace, great glen as the wall, hardhome as

skye as skagos, mull, rhum, egg as hardhome; one's got unicorns; ancient symbol of scots v lion; if Mance is wallace, sounds like Stannis is Ed longshanks

triskelion & manx, cornish rex

aperitifs, jaded with age, digestive stimulants via the wanderer vagus.

Starfish &

Dany in the house of the undying; Carousel Euron turning blue

Everyone who's ever seen one of walder's home movies will probably recognise Amanita muscaria, or if not it's probably been portrayed as a toadstool. Certain toads are bufo & contain bufoteneine in their skins, a serotonergic psychedelic, so if you kiss them, despite all the ugly wartiness, one day your prince might come; then again, frogs are renowned for their toxicity & are commonly employed in dart venoms to paralyse the hunted, although their warning is abundantly clear & the more scintillating & beautiful & unlike their environment the intense colours, the greater the potency of the venom & beware those golden shrouds. You don't want to be kissing these ones directly. Sansa, please take note of nature's signals; Cersei's got some transforming to do. Frog's toes are commonly rounded & flat but bulbous, spreading the pressure & adapted for adhesion on slippery surfaces; it may be their most characteristic feature & represents their essence, along with their riveting choral performances, charming tongue & big froggy eyes; it's what they dip onto the earth to move vertebrate life further out from under the sea, take off with & land with. One small step for a man. Newts & salamanders are the less terrestrial amphibians, retaining an essentially dragony body pattern, without the wings, but with brightly adorned tails, particularly in the males when displaying, more akin to a larger variant of the larval tadpole; the metamorphosis is less terrestrially developed than in the frogs & toads, but they nevertheless breathe in air & so long as they can exchange gases through maintaining the moisture on their skins can move substantial distances from watery origins to watery destination. Axolotls retain an even more vestigial juvenile form, keeping their external gills, as in the initial larval stages. Newts & salamanders are both regarded in superstition as having immunity to fire & as physical manifestations of the underworld, typically living in moist dark burrows or underwater; their eyes have those vertical convex slitted dark pupils, with firey irises radiating out on the sides.

The amanita family is one to be particularly wary of. A. pantherina (panther cap), A.virosa (destroying angel) & A. phalloides (death cap) have an history of use in regicide & against which the more wary emperors would take small precautionary doses to increase their tolerance. Amanita toxins generally target the liver, which ironically ultimately poisons itself through its incomplete attempts to detoxify the toxins, which classically interfere with genetic operations in the major protein synthesis department of the body, so death is generally slow but inexorable. Silybum marianum or other thistles may be worth a try, but generally these fungi are deadly serious.

The fly agaric fortunately advertises itself in no uncertain terms & although it contains small quantities of hepatotoxins, it also contains protective emetic muscarine & a couple of psychedelic faeries, in the form of muscimol & ibotenate. Processing through a reindeer can be employed to filter out the muscarine & amanita toxins, but we've been here before. It's also entirely possible to try half a cap to a cap & not die, although you should prepare for irresistible albeit not too unpleasant nausea & vomiting, & periods of absolute catatonia, with visions of golden underground networks & nexuses, along with the traditional berserker ecstasy in its wake. Muscarine is the real star in terms of physiological elucidation though. This quaternary alkaloid doesn't enter the bloodstream, but signals the chemosensory cells of the upper digestive system to evacuate contents forthwith, by which stage the ibotenate & muscimol are already on board, but the toxins less likely yet interacting with the liver. An entire discriminated system of cholinergic signalling is named in honour of muscarine, those being its metabotropic receptors, those that operate through a system of organic intracellular chemical messengers, rather than initially through direct gating of ion channels, defined in turn by their selectivity to nicotine rather than muscarine. Nicotinic & muscarinic receptors for ACh are present throughout the CNS; the nicotinic ones typically communicating a direct excitation in target cells, muscarinic ones playing a more subtle neuromodulatory role, altering or reinforcing rhythms of cyclic firing or relationships to other inputs. In the peripheral nervous system, these crucial faeries have discriminated the distinct roles of cholinergic transmission in autonomic & voluntary nervous signalling. The cholinergic supply to skeletal muscle simplifies to a single direct nerve releasing ACh to operate on specific neuromuscular junction (NMJ) receptors, a variety upon which, nicotine is relatively inactive in comparison to numerous other biological agents, but it analogously features a membrane protein which opens into a gaping channel allowing free entry of Na & Ca into the cell along their electrochemical gradients & rapidly initiating contraction within the target muscle cells. For obvious reasons, it is important that skeletal muscle cells should be able to respond as rapidly as possible to the arrival of the signal to do so. Nicotinic transmission is characteristic of the most rapidly responsive motor & sensory situations, & likewise, in order to maintain significance & sensitivity, also desensitises most rapidly & profoundly upon continuous or repeated exposure to its stimulus. The effects of ACh release are generally tempered & terminated by the presence of the hydrolytic enzyme, Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in the respective synapse or end plate; it is sufficiently important that ACh not operate generally by means of the bloodstream that there is also an analogous form of this enzyme, known as pseudocholinesterase, circulating to hasten the chemical breakdown of any similar signalling faeries of that type & ensuring ACh operates only as a neurotransmitter, at directed anatomical locations.

Anatoxins are small tropane alkaloids generated by photosynthetic cyanobacteria as blue/green blooms, which act as agonists at NMJ receptors, resist hydrolysis by cholinesterases & cause widespread contraction followed by rapid desensitisation of the muscles, classically producing very fast death through paralysis of the diaphragm & muscles of respiration..

A common feature of many snake venoms includes elves intent on subverting neuromuscular transmission, whilst one may typically target the nerve & its release of ACh, snake venoms also often include an agent which forms an increasingly strong & effectively irreversible bond with the NMJ receptor, the definitive classic in this case being the bungarotoxins from the taiwan banded krait, although similar functionality may be generalised to the operations of many snake venoms, including those of cobras, mambas & vipers. By blocking the NMJ of their hunted, snakes bring about a rapid paralysis ideally located not too far distant from the site of their strike, but otherwise incorporating a sensory tracking device which they can follow to where the hunted ultimately succumbs. The fillet & fenny aspects sure fire up the faeries, on thy belly shalt thou crawl & all that bollocks; f for vescence.

The NMJ receptors are also characteristically blocked by a south american vine extract from Chondrodendron tomentosum applied to darts & arrows, prepared in tubes & termed tubocurarine. A quaternary alkaloid, it is not absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive tract, so prey whose muscle has been paralysed using the poison remain safe for consumption, but if introduced directly there by means of dart, arrow or needle, will produce a relaxed paralysis of skeletal muscle generally; hence their clinical use as relaxants for easy manipulation of muscle during surgery.

Neuronal nicotinic receptors are relatively unaffected by snake venoms, anatoxins & tubocurarine & represent a distinct receptor type, more sensitive to nicotine itself (ultimately from nicotiana tabacum) or to lobeline, from lobelia inflata. While lobeline interacts with a sufficiently gentle agency on the nicotinic receptors to act as an ultimate stimulant there, nicotine itself operates with such potency that the receptors become rapidly & sustainably desensitised, thus making it effectively antagonistic to the transmission at those nerve junctions. The autonomic nervous system is characterised by the presence of two nerves between the CNS & target cell & for all of these the primary service for the intervening transmission involves ACh operating through nicotinic recptors, relatively close to the spine in the sympathetic system, but relatively close to the target in the parasympathetic system. In the operations of the sympathetic system, the ultimate signal is generally provided by adrenergic transmission, via bloodstream adrenaline or targeted neuronal noradrenaline; in the parasympathetic nervous system, the ultimate transmitter is ACh, but acting through muscarinic receptors. Muscarine acts as an agonist at these receptors, analogous to ACh, but the receptors are blocked by tropane alkaloids like atropine, hysoscyamine or hyoscine. Whereas the sympathetic system synergises the body with managing immediate physical animal challenge, the parasympathetic system synergises with vegetative activity & conserves & redirects resources away from skeletal muscle & towards smooth muscle activity & glandular secretion. Atropine is a racemic mixture of L (laevo) & D (dexter) alias S (sinister) & R (rectus) enantiomers or stereoisomers of the tropane alkaloid hysocyamine, of which the right form, L-hyoscyamine, is far more biologically active. An analogue with slightly different sensitivity is hyoscine, alias scopolamine. Hyoscyamine & hyoscine both act as antagonists at muscarinic ACh receptors, so they act characteristically to induce a twilight state of mediatory consciousness, dry secretions, relax contracted smooth muscles, enhance bloodflow to the skin & to oppose the retardation of tonic ACh delivery to the heart, thereby allowing it to increase its rate to its faster innate rhythm. They are principally found in solanaceous plants with characteristic pentadactyl symmetry, like atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade), hyoscyamus (henbane), datura & mandragora (mandrake). The mythical spookiness of these plants hardly needs bigging up, although they also have a wide range of clinical applications including use in acute asthma, drying excessive secretions or passing intractable gall or urinary stones. Belladonna takes its name from the practise of inserting drops in the eyes to produce dilatation of the pupils; expanding the aperture of the abyss enhances passionate attraction, but ironically, in the eye of the beholder vision is rendered blurred & dislocated. Just to clarify, there are two beholders & both are being deceived, lost in another's dream. Without getting into the superstitious associations with fertility, these elves have achieved deserved modern celebrity amongst all students of biological neuronal communication the planet over, but have been long known well as participants in flying ointments. These herbs are powerful & warrant all due respect; orally discriminating a therapeutic from a lethal dose is no small solanum tuberosum, particularly for the unwary, so such elves are more respectfully interacted with through inhalation or smoking, or through transmucosal modes of administration. A classical flying ointment comprises available relevant solanaceous shades, an alkali, such as derived from seashells or other ancient calcified skeletons & a source of lipid, in the form of an oil, fat or grease to assist transmembrane transport. Apply to broomstick & I'll safely leave the rest to the imagination. No wonder the romans were sufficiently freaked out to feel they had to build walls.

Muscarinic receptors in the CNS are widely distributed but are associated with significance & sublimation; they are key players in determining which information is attributed value & which is considered without value & unworthy of consideration. Blocking this discrimination yields the release of suppressed spirits & the abolition of discriminate temporal memory & imagination. Continue to remove masques to transform n n into y y; one can only imagine the veils coming off, eh., come fly with me. It's becoming increasingly less uncommon for primates to get a sense of the experience through senile dementia in later years, now more commonly known as the neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer's syndrome, characterised by degeneration of the cholinergic signalling systems in the CNS. A related neurodegenerative syndrome is associated with motor operations in the midbrain, involving relationships with dopaminergic transmission, in this case termed parkinson's. Tobacco use tends to reverse & protect against the development of these neurodegenerative conditions, so it's swings & roundabouts there, but if you're in an area that enjoys a history or culture of organophosphate pesticide or homicide use, it might just be worth your while taking up the dark weed. What OPs do is target AChE increasingly strongly & prevent it from inactivating ACh released by the neurons of the body. For skeletal muscle this involves paralysis through persistant activation followed by desensitisation; the key muscle here being the diaphragm; for the autonomic operations this generates profound slowing of the heart, intense contractions in smooth muscle & copious secretions from every conceivable gland; so, frothing at the mouth, violent explosion from every orifice, but while the bronchioles of the respiratory system are closed down, their secretory activity increases; overall the effect is to drown in secretions. Atropine can oppose the parasympathetic effects, & tubocurarine those of skeletal muscle, but ultimately it also requires something to offer itself sacrificially to the OPs in order to prevent an ever tighter bond forming between the OP & the enzyme, thereby reactivating AChE. Galantamine, a tertiary amine alkaloid from the snowdrop & related amaryllids, also inhibts AchE, but interacts reversibly, thereby competing with & ameliorating the influence of OPs in their irreversible binding. Only humans deliberately make the stuff that forms irreversible & incrementally strong bonds with the enzyme, but the calabar ordeal bean, physostigma venenosum, contains an alkaloid known as physostigmine, which has similar, albeit far more transient effects. Irony of ironies, calabar ordeal bean was generally used to try those accused of witchcraft; those able to consume the trial preparation & survive were deemed innocent & those that succumbed were evidently witches; consuming the drink slowly & with trepidation would enable sufficient to be absorbed to prove fatal, whereas a more confident consumption would lead invariably to a more rapid emesis & vomiting of the fatal brew. Any association between use of agricultural & domestic OPs & the incidence of prion diseases targeting cholinergic transmission, such as scrapie, bovine spongiform encephalopathy or cjd is obviously purely coincidental.

Dany in the house of the undying is passing beneath the shadow of asshai at halloween; it's effectively an eclipse & she's plunged headlong into the vortex, ultimately to be bought home again by the love of her dragons, who are, let's face it, not slaves.


Rosebud, forget-me-not, rosemary & ginkgo, O is watching & the polar heffalump remembers. This wheel's on fire. Please feel free to use or transform as pleases you; that's what it's all about, just, please respect the O; okey cokey? Back down to earth then, Woody nightshade is Solanum dulcamara, howzat for an ending?

Gunpowder, treason & plot, but if Cersei's Jimmy 1, Pycelle would be Cecil & it's all going in reverse; Gloriana was before him historically, hope Bran's not going to end up buried under some car park in Leicester. Charlie 2, Cromwell, Charlie 1, J

(Oedin's brrr, in alba, not Jarvik, nor the diminiutive black in the pale; the wall is not hadrian's or anthony's, but Gaia's; Laurentia meets Eurasia at the great glen, under the sea, so NQ's up in callanish or orkney or somewhere analogous, eastwatch may be inverness & NK's now riding nessie; cock yr head to one side, there you go; the highlands, everything else is the south, purple holy thistles, the only symbol left after all the unicorns & haggises were exterminated in the wild, pictish faces cryptically blue with woad, Ysatis tinctoria, a cruciferic mustard, glaze as Julius saw it, not to be confused with indigo, indigofera, a legume, folks have gone to war over that. Glasgae's Barrowton & TSq is maybe Stirling, Skagos, maybe Skye, or Rhum, Muck or Egg, flipped; analogously bear island is the holy island; lindisfarne, placing the ironborn in freisia, with the holsteins, not sowing, but they're also a bit like.; Andy after the fireworks, instead of Davy, Paddy or Georgie in the spring, & while you're colouring in the flag, look what's happening to the white.) or stagnating in the neck borders, Karhold flipped Carlisle, Cumberland, Cumbria, Northumbria, Durham (Connacht, Lakes, Grasmere, Scafell, Tweed, Weir, Tyne & Tees, those crannogs do just pop up everywhere), getting weaned puckishly into a falco columbaris in the Snowdonian, Cwbrian Eyrie, but Munster seems to be in there too (sisters maybe iona,

Pine forests, caledonians; irish hibernians, red squirrels

under the sea dogfish are sharks, but catfish have bigger vibrissae & don't like it so salty; fish perceive modalities like; seawolves sensory modalities; eletromagnetic vibrational, chemical vibrational, sonic vibrational, internal equilibrium & proprioception

Manx are in the i love faces, or dragonstone, with their triskeles & tailless cats; these interconnect through caves of dragonglass.


Dutch nederlanders