2012 FCL Week 14

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Saturday's report

MVP (Most Valuable Player):

This Week:

1st: Duncan Brewood 147 points

2nd: Rob Taylor 107 points

3rd: Old Ned 65 points


1st: Rob Taylor 417 points

2nd: Duncan Brewood 387 points

3rd: Ian Higgins 362 points

Quackers & Masochists of the Week:

1st: Matt Caven -5 points

2nd: Nelly Musgrave -5 points

3rd: Alex Hooper -3 points

(Matt beats Nelly as he costs more)

Golden Bob's Genuine Team of the Week:

Justin Avery 56 £11Bn

Simon Strange 53 £7Bn

Mark Wilkinson 63 £13Bn

Rob Taylor 107 £11Bn

Duncan Brewood 294* £10Bn

Steve Ormesher 65 £7Bn

Dave Littleton 51 £9Bn

James Tinkler 44 £6Bn

Angelo Bordi+ 38 £10Bn

Omar Miakhail 39 £9Bn

Dean Carter 25 £7Bn

Total: 835 £100Bn

Looks a bit like the heroic Sunday 1s, just with Strange Simon replacing Bolts, James Tinx & Dave L replacing Martin & Iggy, & Ang in for Jeff. However, despite the need for catching, Bolts (£11Bn) & Iggy (£10Bn) would still make the All Stars' 3-6-0-1, no keeper, one bowler formation; replacing Angelo & Dean, with their 52 & 56.33 respectively taking the total points to 880.33 & the team budget to £104Bn.

Old Ned regains gold in the best bargains on 47.4/£Bn, with his heroic bunting & running, but Matt Caven slips to silver on 42.2 after his duck, but suddenly entering the equation is Duncan in bronze on 38.7

Trophy Tracker:

League Standings:

1st: Voltan's Destroyers 5255 points

2nd: Hopeless Wonder 5198 points

3rd: Otis McGraw's Blue XI 5058 points