Tips and Tricks

It is a good idea to be connected with power cable using D520, running on battery the CPU will be slower. If you experience other strange behaviour it can also be the case if the battery is bad. I recommend removing it.

If you get Grub error message trying to boot AspireOS from optical drive write exit and you will in most cases come to Grub menu.

It might be that when you boot AspireOS for first time you will get some strange resolution. If so, go to screenmode.prefs and change it. Also remember to select to use it as standard, cause it is also possible to use screen scrolling with AspireOS. That means that you are able to use higher resolutions inside your native resolution. That can be handy if the Program demands it like AmiChess, where minimum resolution is 1024x768

If your cursor move slow you should try a program called FreeMouse. In the icon tooltype you can set speed. If you like to use it as standard just drag the icon to WB-Startup.

To cut,copy and paste, use the menu button, right Win. button or F12 key (depending on your keyboard layout). Hold the button key and press x,c or v

With left Amiga (win, home) key you can multitask beween screens. Hold Left Amiga and press m

Sometimes when turning off ACER aspire one with power button your are left with a messed up screen, just hold the power button down 3-4 sec.. and it will turn off. Kalamatee gave me a good explenation why this happen:

The power button on most modern PC hardware is software controlled via ACPI. To turn the PC off you will need to hold it down for 5 seconds. Pressing it less than this may have unexpected results because we do not have support for ACPI - some systems will not respond, others will try and go into a hibernation state (which we also dont support), while some will just shut down as expected.

If you like to use 2 joysticks, you will have to go to sys:prefs/trident and configure one of the joysticks manualy. This must be done by setting one of the joysticks to port 0. Not only that, but also configure all buttons and movements to port 0, for that joystick.

When the red lamp blink on your Aspire One it is time to insert the charger.