AspireOS v.1.9 codename:Apocalyse ready.

Post date: 31.mai.2012 22:07:06

One great supprise is that with this update you will get Cinnamon writer thx to Pascal. LoView is updated, Timidity midi instruments are ready for music in Duke Nukem and Hexen 2 (you would need the updated game files found in aros-archives to enjoy music in these games. The AspireOS games archive will get updated to latest versions but not yet) updated AROS system files from 31.05.12 and some other fixes to AspireOS and some of its programs. As always Shufflepuck have done new wallpapers and other gfx work to AspireOS. As you might know most commits from AROS core developers happen to ABI v.1 now, but it is far from ready. My plan is that AspireOS v.2 will use AROS ABI v.1