AspireOS codename:Xenon is here

Post date: 05.jul.2013 00:12:54

Last AspireOS ISO release was in Desember 2012 so it was about time for a full update. Last AspireOS version codename:Revelation had 6 updates in total.

It is good now to have included everything plus more. This release is the most stable version of AspireOS yet. I could have done an update to codename:Revelation, but felt that it would be best if AspireOS user could do a clean install with this one to leave out any possible problems. There is something going on in the background that will require a new ISO that will bring AspireOS into version 2.0 and require a completly new install, but as that might bring in some challenges stablity vice, I tought it was a good idea to do this version.

Not to much new software but for first time you can use YAM 2.8 thanks to Neil for that one, I have replaced the clock with a digital one in the title bar. Thx to mmartinka for making that possible. Guitar tuner and wookiechat are also updated.

We also had a wallpaper compo going on that brough some nice new wallpapers. Some of them can be seen on the homepage. Thx to all that contributed.