AspireOS takes a break

Post date: 08.mai.2013 11:29:49

To put a long story short I have lost interest in AspireOS or AROS for that matter. I for sure continue to follow the progress of AROS, but don't expect much from me in the near future regarding AspireOS or anything AROS related. The reasons are many. I just name a few.

1. Wireless connection disconnects quite often, at least if I push the line.

2. Odyssey web-browser is not as stable as I wish and I'm tired of rebooting. We realy need a more stable browser or some kind of memory protection.

3. The lack of general interest in AROS and AspireOS.

I want to thank AROS and all the people I know that are related to AROS for many nice years where a hell of a lot happened. Most of all I feel I learned a lot from AROS and it is so sad that we got so good but still most did not care. I wish all the best for AROS and maybe one day in the future we get to a point where we are so good that people real start to take notice. Even if this sounds like a good bye letter it is not entirely the case. I will follow the progress and hope to give you some updates to AspireOS in the future.