AspireOS 1.2 codename "High Voltage"

Post date: 30.aug.2011 13:43:53

End of september I will bring another update to AspireOS.

This update will include for first time JanusUAE where you can use AROS 68k rom. This means you don't need to buy AmigaOS roms to use Amiga 68k emulation.

I'm also happy to bring you a new program called SnapShoter. This program is fantastic.

If we are lucky BoingIkonBar 1.0 will also be included. Hope Tomek manage to port it fast ;)

The one and only MMartinka have compiled latest Milkytracker. It is working like a dream and will for sure be included in High Voltage :D

From this picture you can see what might be the AspireOS Logo. It started with some pixeling in AROS with

GrafX2, then I took it to Gimp and added some effects.