AspireOS update v.1 ready

It is just as small update with a new Odyssey web-browser build.

Faster and more stable than before.

AspireOS for arm and Pi

Little exited now. Mschulz are a long way of porting AROS to Raspberry Pi.

It would be the perfect little thing for AspireOS.

AspireOS v.2.22 "Obitus"

Now ata.device is working as it should.

Configuration update for DOpus4. Updated GrafX2 version. There are some files, small programs, icons, included in 2.20 that should not have been there. Thx to "Caveman" for pointing out. They are gone now.

I plan to use the installer for updates after v.2.22. This means that you will only download the files to update. No need for a clean install. The installer will guide you through the installation of files to update or not.

AspireOS v.2.2 codename "Obitus" is out.

After some bug reports to Neil "AROS Developer" he fixed 2 important things.

1. There been some problems with ata.device. First of all the optical drive on DELL D520 could behave

strange. From debug I could see some error messaging about dma error. Not only that, but after boot there was this CD2:bad icon on workbench. It is now gone and everthing is working good. Huge thanks to Neil.

2. After configuring USB devices like joysticks, the configurations where not loaded at startup. It is now working.

Odyssey web-browser got some bug fixes and first of all a new version of SSL (Secure sockets layer). This means that much more web-pages are working again, like G-mail. Video streaming is not working, but never worked any good anyway. Don't try to play video. It will crash the browser. It is being looked at by our developers.

I added WHD-Menu ready configured. It is now for you to add Your WHD games to the games folder, inside whdmenu folder and you are ready to play any classic 68k game. I used a lot of time with the Amiga 68k configuration file and should now work as good as possible.

ZuneView got updated. Now much more easy to scale images.

We now have the "Installer". That makes it more easy to install programs that make use of it. Maybe future updates to AspireOS codename "Obitus" will be done that way.

I added the Playstation 1 Emulator. It is working real good with AspireOS. Also configured by me for best possible experience.

There been some reports about the AspireOS archive being corruped. It realy was not, but you needed a recent version of rar archiver that supports rar4. I then decided to not pack With rar4 anymore to prevent that problem from happening.

DELL Latitude D520 upgrade

Funny little thing this laptop. I found out it is possible to upgrade the CPU.

It came with 3 different CPU configurations when sold. I have upgraded first to 1,83GHz from 1,6GHz only

slightly faster. Around 3-4%. The T7200 2GHz version, that also got bigger cache than 1,6 and 1,8 the difference

where quite noticable. Specialy with task heavy software like web-browser and 3D games. In GPmark the results where around 15% faster than the 1,6GHz CPU.

CPU for this socket is easy, and cheap to find on ebay. Also easy to change. The fastest CPU for this socket is

T7600 2,33GHz. This laptop where not delivered with that CPU but I'm almost certain that it will work.

AspireOS now only targeting special hardware

As mentioned I went back to the roots. I'm not interested in supporting other than dedicated hardware. For that use Icaros Desktop. For hardware supported, look at hardware page. There are lot's of hardware to be found with the Intel 950 or 945 gfx acceleration chipset. Often found together with the atom and core2duo CPUs.

The custom version of AspireOS ready

I kind of went back to the roots of why AspireOS where created. Targeting special hardware for the best possible experience.

It is now ready to download and I'm very happy about it. There is even 68k Amiga emulation using AROS 68k as replacement. That means no need for Amiga 68k roms or Amiga workbench running your favorite Amiga games and software.

There will be update to the normal AspireOS version as well. It is just not my focus right now.

Videos of how to set up your hardware and install

In the media page I added some videos to show how to set up DELL Latitiude D520 to be used with AspireOS.

I also made a video of how to install AspireOS to your internal disk drive after you have it booting from optical

disk. Read more about it in the installation page.

You can contact me if it is difficult for you to burn the ISO and I send you AspireOS CD for free to boot from optical drive. You only pay for the shiping.

AspireOS 2.1 Codename: Worthy

There will be a new release where I will inculde very little software. The software you want you can download yourself from the software page. The software that will be linked to are software that I recommend and are well tested. Most other software can be found at the aros archives.

AspireOS abi v.1

There been talks about this for some time and I don't like to bother and can not even

explain the technical view of the abi change.

Been years in development and will not be ready for at least 1 year.

When ready AspireOS go abi v1 and you must do a clean install.

There is in my plans to include a packet manager. This will make everything

more easy for the user as you don't need to worry about what will work or not.

Older software will not work after this change without a recompile.

Good news is that we have the source code for most of our games and programs.