AROS abi v.1

There been talks about this for some time and I don't like to bother, and can not even
explain myself the technical view of the abi change.
The thing now is that it is planed to be ready by end of this year.
When ready AspireOS goes abi v.1 and you must do a clean install.
There is in my plans to include a packet manager. This will make everything
more easy for the user as you don't need to worry about what will work or not.
Older software will not work after this change without a recompile.
Good news is that we have sources for most of our games and programs
so by time most will work again after the change.

AspireOS 2.0 Codename: Titan

Released 12.02.18. Go to the AspireOS page for download link.

One small problem is that I had to include DOpus 5 as archive. It is just a matter
of unpacking it yourself and place it wherever you like. The archive is in Extras: 
Just double click on the archive icon.

AspireOS 2.0

I'm working for the final release of AspireOS abi v.0 codename:Titan

I'm very happy about it. Will be more clean than ever with only good working
software. Lot's of stuff been backported from abi v.1 by Deadwood so it is quite a huge
update from the last AspireOS release.

AROS 64-bit smp

Great work been done on bringing AROS to 64-bit. On top of that we are now smp ready.
As Icaros Desktop are the main AROS distribution I think AspireOS could become the first distro to
focus on the AROS 64-bit SMP version. This is for sure Alpha state by now so we will wait and see
when it is in a shape where I think it is ready for AspireOS release.

Symmetric multiprocessing
(SMP) involves a multiprocessor computer hardware and software architecture where two or more identical processors are connected to a single, shared main memory, have full access to all I/O devices, and are controlled by a single operating system instance that treats all processors equally, reserving none for special purposes. Most multiprocessor systems today use an SMP architecture. In the case of multi-core processors, the SMP architecture applies to the cores, treating them as separate processors.

Some changes to codename: Titan

Lots of good things are happening now. 2013 started a little slow but by the end of the year there was many things happening. The port of DOpus Megellan is now quite mature. Works for most operations. AROS abi v.1 as I talked about it last post is progressing quite slow. This made Deadwood backport everything to AROS abi. v.0. This still means that with next AspireOS version (Titan) you have to do a clean install, but we are still not moving to abi v.1. The good thing is that all old programs will work. Another good news is that with a bounty we have made Fab open his sources to the latest version of his web-browser Odyssey. This will include html 5 video player etc. There are still not known who will port it to AROS, but I pray for Deadwood to do it.

Happy new year. This will for sure be a great year for AROS.

Codename: Titan

Next and last AspireOS for ABI v.0 will have codename: Titan and will be version 2.0 of AspireOS.

After that we move to ABI v.1 That means we will get DOpus 5 Megallan, but there will also be many problems to solve since every program and game has to be recompiled to work.
What I can tell you is that ABI v.1 will run faster in many situations than ABI v.0. It will also be more advanced and more compatible with original AmigaOS 3.1

Release Codename: Titan will be sometime before new year.

AspireOS codename:Xenon is here

posted Jul 4, 2013, 5:12 PM by nikosidis   [ updated Sep 22, 2013, 12:51 AM ]

Last AspireOS ISO release was in Desember 2012 so it was about time for a full update. Last AspireOS version codename:Revelation had 6 updates in total.
It is good now to have included everything plus more. This release is the most stable version of AspireOS yet. I could have done an update to codename:Revelation, but felt that it would be best if AspireOS user could do a clean install with this one to leave out any possible problems. There is something going on in the background that will require a new ISO that will bring AspireOS into version 2.0 and require a completly new install, but as that might bring in some challenges stablity vice, I tought it was a good idea to do this version.
Not to much new software but for first time you can use YAM 2.8 thanks to Neil for that one, I have replaced the clock with a digital one in the title bar. Thx to mmartinka for making that possible. Guitar tuner and wookiechat are also updated. 
We also had a wallpaper compo going on that brough some nice new wallpapers. Some of them can be seen on the homepage. Thx to all that contributed.



Wallpaper Compo. for codename: Xenon

posted Jun 20, 2013, 2:30 PM by nikosidis   [ updated Jun 20, 2013, 2:30 PM ]

So we have this wallpaper competition at
We already have serk and lellanpoli doing some promessing wallpapers. I actualy did a few myself today. Got realy inspired ;)

All the same, I will include wallpapers from all that contribute. The one I like best will be default. Keep them comming :D

I'm kinda back

posted Jun 19, 2013, 7:47 AM by nikosidis   [ updated Jun 19, 2013, 8:23 AM ]

It was a good 2 months not thinking about AROS or AspireOS, but strange as it might might seam I got some motivation back :P Mostly because there are more interest at than in long time and it seams like AROS most important developers, Neil and Deadwood have started doing some serious work again. I will do an update to AspireOS in the near future codenamed: Xenon.

AspireOS takes a break

posted May 8, 2013, 4:29 AM by nikosidis

To put a long story short I have lost interest in AspireOS or AROS for that matter. I for sure continue to follow the progress of AROS, but don't expect much from me in the near future regarding AspireOS or anything AROS related. The reasons are many. I just name a few.

1. Wireless connection disconnects quite often, at least if I push the line.
2. Odyssey web-browser is not as stable as I wish and I'm tired of rebooting. We realy need a more stable browser or some kind of memory protection.
3. The lack of general interest in AROS and AspireOS.

I want to thank AROS and all the people I know that are related to AROS for many nice years where a hell of a lot happened. Most of all I feel I learned a lot from AROS and it is so sad that we got so good but still most did not care. I wish all the best for AROS and maybe one day in the future we get to a point where we are so good that people real start to take notice. Even if this sounds like a good bye letter it is not entirely the case. I will follow the progress and hope to give you some updates to AspireOS in the future.

AspireOS update 5 ready

posted Apr 3, 2013, 12:07 PM by nikosidis

First of all it got this fix from Neil:

The native/VGA mode crash is fixed in the 2013-04-02 build.

It was a problem with ATA DMA. The DMA descriptor list coincidentally crossed a 4kB boundary when native mode was selected, which VirtualBox doesn't allow (even though AFAICT it's allowed by real hardware).

AspireOS Codename: Revelation update v.4

posted Mar 19, 2013, 12:46 PM by nikosidis   [ updated Apr 2, 2013, 8:46 AM ]

Here we go again. Another update to aspireos revelation. Deadwood did some changes to kernel that should speed up some GFX operations. Nvidia problems with corruption going fullscreen should now be fixed. ESI Juli@ soundcard driver is now included. CLI icon is now in System: so shell can be started from there. Help is now in Utilities: 
System files are updated to 19.03.13 night build. Enjoy

AspireOS update

posted Feb 6, 2013, 4:48 AM by nikosidis   [ updated Feb 6, 2013, 4:50 AM ]

Another update to AspireOS codename "Revelation" is ready from the download page. Some small fixes. Yasu have agreed to beta test for AspireOS something that is very appreciated.

Next AspireOS version 1.98 will have codename: Xenon

posted Jan 25, 2013, 5:32 AM by nikosidis   [ updated Apr 26, 2013, 2:06 AM ]

I have no idea when it will be released, but the codename is ready :)
Not that much happening in AROS land at the moment, but lets hope development will speed up again soon. It is simply no point doing a new version unless there are something new.  

If there are something you would like to see in AspireOS you can always start a bounty to get it done, or support exsisting bountys. Have a look at this page:

AspireOS codename "Revelation" update 2 released

posted Jan 17, 2013, 2:29 PM by nikosidis

Thanks to all the reported problems with AspireOS codename "Revelation" I have added another update that I hope will fix those problems.

So it is here. AspireOS "Revelation"

posted Dec 25, 2012, 4:26 PM by nikosidis   [ updated Dec 26, 2012, 4:30 AM ]

As always Deadwood and Neil have do some masterfull work to AROS kernel and the system. This means again that you have to do a clean install. Sorry about that, no update for exsisting installations. I tried to get in touch with my favorite gfx designer Shufflepuck, but had no luck. I therefore have not changed default wallpaper, that is from last version codename "timekeepers" I have still done a wallpaper (made with aspireos) for codename "revelation" Just change it yourself if you like it.
Theme is little different now. I did some small customations to an exsisting theme that I played with before. This new kernel is a backport from abi v.1. This kernel will boot even faster than before and will run some operations faster, but first of all is more stable that ever. My favorite GFX program GrafX2 is updated by Fishy and also my favorite tracker "Milkytracker" comes with many fixes from Serk thx a lot for bringing them to this great state. Youtube links will work again. Ball000 did some nice work with BoingIconBar. It is now possible to add programs draging them to the Bar. Hold CTRL and drag them to the bar and save if you want them to stay there. Ball000 also did a nice updater for me for future updates. Latest development files from 25th des.. is included. I also included XAMOS in Extas:Development. This ISO will also boot with more hardware than before. Have a nice christmas..

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