No update this month, but tell you about some plans for codename "Let there be rock MK2"

Post date: 14.feb.2012 23:09:06

Seams like Printing will be a reality quite soon. Pretty sure it will be ready for next AspireOS release codename "Let there be rock mk2"

There is a secret project going on that for sure will make some blast. I'm currenty beta-testing for that project and I'm very very happy about it.

I will for sure tell you about it when I can and would supprise me if it would no be included in next update.

Audio Evolution v.4 is now freeware and source code will follow. Should be included in next AspireOS release. That is a damed good multitrack recording, editing program that will be a nice addiction to AspireOS. FPSE (Playstation 1) Emulator is now being updated. I will for sure inculde it with next update.

As always Have fun!