AspireOS "Let there be rock"

Post date: 25.jan.2012 23:29:39

This weened it will be out and it will be a new ISO. I will not release any update this time. Exsisting AspireOS users would have to either take backup of old installation and install from scratch or copy files from CD over old installation.

AspireOS "Let there be rock" will be more global. I have included all drivers found in other distributions or AROS night build. Developer files are also included so you now have the choice to install it from the installer. New with the release is that Games are not included, it will come in a sepperate archive. This is to save space. I like AspireOS to be in AROS archives and on Aminet where files size are limited.

Anyway. This is by far the most complete AspireOS release ever. With the work from our great Developers and first of all the great papercuts project, we now have a much better user interface where all normal file operations work as expected. We can now even iconify programs that supports it.