Revelation not before christmas, but at least very soon.

Post date: 23.des.2012 21:07:47

Please have some patience. I planed to do codename: revelation before christmas, but there are some important stuff that have to be included. This is first and foremost the backport of AROS v.1 kernel. This unfortunaly means that you must install AspireOS all over again. It is simply not possible to just do an update. Sorry about that, but I know that you will be very happy when you first have done the clean install. Mouse pointer hanging at system boot will simply not happen anymore thanks to this new kernel and bug fixes. Big thx to Deadwood for again doing some important stuff to AROS to bring it to a more bugfree and stable enviroment than ever. We are getting very close to a AspireOS v.2 release. All I can tell you is that AspireOS codename: Revelation simply lives up to its name :) Have a good christmas and watch out for next AspireOS release. It will be something special. I hope you got yourself a compatible ACER aspire one under the christmas tree if you don't already have one ;)