Some progress to Timekeepers

Post date: 19.sep.2012 21:41:19

For codename "Timekeepers" I have updated Odyssey web browser so youtube videos can be downloaded from the number links under the videos.

This been broken for some time now, since youtube change how this can be done from time to time. Thx to Fab for updating the script.

Annotate is now included. You can find it in system tools.

Latest version of Wookiechat is included. Fishy had it lying around, so thx to him for that.

It will be easy to find wireless networks now thx to the nice wireless manager tool from Neil. The Wireless manager will always be shown on WorkBench.

You must still use network.prefs to save your wi-fi setup.

I went back to classic theme, since the decoration slows down some stuff. Other reason is that I like the nostalgic look of it. If you still want decoration you can download other startup-sequence from my download page and replace it.

Updated system and development files. I keep you posted.