For Dell Latitiude D520, Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 or ACER Aspire 110, 150 (also called zg5) and possibly other hardware with Intel GMA 950, 945 Graphics Accelerator.

The programs and games that I recommend and are working well with AspireOS you can be downloaded from the Software page

There are lots of other programs and games in the aros archives


Don't forget to have a look at the tips and tricks page click here

Application list AspireOS v.2.1 "Worthy"

I desided that it is best to keep the files size of system to the minimal. Whatever software you like to install you choose yourself from the software page or from the AROS archives.

Emulation - Janus-UAE - classic 68k Amiga emulator using the free AROS 68k roms ready with AROS 68k system and work partitions.

File management - Directory DOpus 4 (Classic file manager that most Amiga users know well.)

GFX - GrafX2 (DPaint clone with layers support) - LodePaint (picture manipulation program, require 3D hardware)

Game - Hurrican - Platform game (require 3D hardware) 
Mulitimedia - MPlayer (Plays almost all known audio and video formats: mp3, flac, wav, mp4, avi, mov etc.)  - ZuneView (picture viewer with thumbnail support, editing and effects.)
Networking - Odyssey (web browser)

Text - AROSPDF (PDF reader)