I want the installation process and the download time to be as fast as possible. Therefore games are in a separate archive. 
There are lots of programs and games that are not included in AspireOS. 
Most of them can be found here: aros archives


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Application list AspireOS v.1.98 "Xenon"
* with games package v.1.1
Audio - Audio Evolution (advanced hard-disk recording and editing program), MilkyTracker, Mp3play, PxDrum, QuickCDRipper, SimpleModPlayer

Development - Xamos

Emulation - DosBox (PC Emulator) FPSE (Playstation 1) Fuse (Spectrum 48k) Janus-UAE (Amiga 68k) MAME (Muliti arcade machine emulator)  ScummVM (Classic adventure games) Zsnes (Super nintendo)

File Management - Directory Opus
* Games - AMIChess, Anagramarama, Barrage, Beret, BlockRage, Bomber, BubbleTrain, CXHextris, Duke Nukem 3D (need data files), Flashback (need data files) Giannas return, GLQuake, Hexen 2 (need data files) Jooleem, Lazymines, LBreakout2, LMarbles, LPairs, MUIMine, Open Tyrian, Quake 3 (need data files) Rise of the triad, PrimatePlunge, Return to castle wolfenstein (need data files) Rott, Roadfigher, SDLroids, Soliton, Spout, Sqrxz, Sqrxz2, Sqrxz3, Suduku, SuperTransball, TriMines, Vodovod, XInvaders3D, XRick dangerous
GFX - AmiFIG-suite, GraphX2 (DPaint clone with Layers) LodePaint (Many tools and filters), XaoS (Fractals)
Mulitimedia - ArosPDF, LoVIew (Picture viewer with thumbnail support) MPlayer (Plays almost all known Audio and Video format: mp3, flac, wav, mp4, avi, mov) MysticView (Picture viewer) Snapshoter (Select whatever you see on sceen, save, edit it) 
Networking -  JabberWookie (jabber client) MarranoFTP, Odessey (Web browser), VNC Client, Wookiechat (IRC-client) YAM (E-mail program) WWWFetch, WGet

Utilities - Free Mouse

Tools - Annotate