There are not many games included in the main installation. If you like more games I made this package.

There are lots of other programs and games in the the aros archives


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Application list AspireOS v.2.0 "Titan"

Audio - 4klive (software synthesizer), ArModPlugPlayer (moduleplayer for most formats, Audio Evolution (advanced hard-disk recording and editing program), Protracker (tracker prog.), Protrekkr (advanced tracker prog.) QuickCDRipper (rip audioCD to different formats like MP3)

Emulation - MAME (muliti arcade machine emulator) Janus-UAE (classic 68k Amiga emulator)  ScummVM (classic adventure game emulator) 

File Management - Directory Opus 5.91 Megellan II (This is included as an archive in Extras: Double click on it and unpack it to wherever you want.)
Games - Fruit'Y, GianasReturn, Hermes, LBreakout2, LTris, Sqrxz4, Voxel Bird (require supported 3D hardware)
GFX - GrafX2 (DPaint clone with layers support), LodePaint (picture manipulation program, require supported 3D hardware), ZunePaint (paint, image manipulation program. Snapshoter (snapshot whatever you see on screen and manipulate it)
Mulitimedia - LoVIew (Picture viewer with thumbnail support) MPlayer (Plays almost all known audio and video formats: mp3, flac, wav, mp4, avi, mov etc.)  
Networking -  Odyssey (web browser)

Text - AROSPDF (PDF reader)