AspireOS history

Post date: 23.feb.2012 17:13:08

I must admit I'm little bored sitting here at work, with very little to do ;)

I just looked that AspireOS history and was kind of amazed that first AspireOS version "Back in Black" where released 15th July last year.

That is not very long time. Around 7 months. My god lot's happened since then. With this development speed we be OS nr. 1 in no time :P

Jokes aside, I know you will be very pleased about what is coming to AROS pretty soon. When AspireOS is 1 year old (15th July 2012) I will try my best to bring you AspireOS v.2

Only problem is that it is the middle of my summer holidays, so I'm not sure it would be possible.

Sometime AspireOS must got with AROS abi v.1, but that is way to early. It is almost impossible to say when, but lets say in 1 year from now.

It is always exiting to be with AROS. Lot's happen all the time. Let's hope it will stay this way.