So it is here. AspireOS "Revelation"

Post date: 26.des.2012 00:26:36

As always Deadwood and Neil have do some masterfull work to AROS kernel and the system. This means again that you have to do a clean install. Sorry about that, no update for exsisting installations. I tried to get in touch with my favorite gfx designer Shufflepuck, but had no luck. I therefore have not changed default wallpaper, that is from last version codename "timekeepers" I have still done a wallpaper (made with aspireos) for codename "revelation" Just change it yourself if you like it.

Theme is little different now. I did some small customations to an exsisting theme that I played with before. This new kernel is a backport from abi v.1. This kernel will boot even faster than before and will run some operations faster, but first of all is more stable that ever. My favorite GFX program GrafX2 is updated by Fishy and also my favorite tracker "Milkytracker" comes with many fixes from Serk thx a lot for bringing them to this great state. Youtube links will work again. Ball000 did some nice work with BoingIconBar. It is now possible to add programs draging them to the Bar. Hold CTRL and drag them to the bar and save if you want them to stay there. Ball000 also did a nice updater for me for future updates. Latest development files from 25th des.. is included. I also included XAMOS in Extas:Development. This ISO will also boot with more hardware than before. Have a nice christmas..